Friday, December 9, 2011

I Think There's Been a Mistake!

I may not look too perturbed in this photo but I really am.  

Apparently, Momma read an article on the Huffington Post this morning about the top 25 dog names of 2011 and my name wasn't on the list.  As if!  Don't the experts know that Tiffy Tippy Toes was THE most popular name this past year?  What type of so called journalism is this?  While I understand that the list is courtesy of the Banfield Pet Hospital, the editors at the Huffington Post need not look any further than all of us here on blogger for the most popular dogs names.

I'm thinking about writing a letter to the Huffington Post so let me know if your name failed to make the list and we can start a letter writing campaign!


  1. Count me in Tiffy, in fact, let's get Wilma on that list too! Pfffft!

  2. Chin up Tiffy - Noodles wasn't on the list either! WTD is going on anyhoo????
    Was the list made by CATS?
    Love Noodles

  3. Oh my stars and gravy, Scarlet was not on there either. And you know what girls? Wonderful! Obviously we are far more creative and thoughtful in giving you: Tiffy Tippy Toes, Wilma, Noodles, and Scarlet beautiful & unique names to match your very, very special pawsonalities.

    Mama Meredith

  4. The nerve! My name was mysteriously absent too! We have to take action, Tiffy! Let me know how I can help.

  5. We couldn't find any of our names on that list, either! But mama told us that we don't want the same name as everyone else ... so I guess that is a good thing? But she also said that no one called and asked about our names so just who did they ask??? Looks like there is cause for an investigation! Hugs from Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

  6. The article is about names of dog, not popular dogs... so we all are ok our names are not on the article.



  7. I am on the list! Mom isn't very original. I happen to love your name Tiffy Tippy Toes!

  8. You were robbed!
    Maddy and Owen

  9. Personally, we are glad our names aren't on that list. Can you imagine, hearing fifty moms yelling Tiffy at the dog park? It would be too confusing! Besides, pugs are pretty unique. We deserve unique names. In fact, Isabelle is kinda peeved that her name is number 1. She was Isabelle LONG before that book came out. All those dogs are copying off of her!

  10. I think your name is very special, Tiffy, and that's why it wasn't on the list -- they do ordinary, not special!

    Btw, do we get to see the contents of that mystery box? Do we, huh? :)

  11. Oh Tiffy
    After reading all the comments, I agree with everyone- that your name is special, and there can only be one "Tiffy Tippy Toes". You are the only one ! And so, I am sure it is that way with all of us.
    So don't worry - little Tiffy---your unique!

  12. Tiffy this is just terribles. You aren't alone though... my name isn't there eithers! PFT imagine thats!


  13. Dear Tiffsee Tiffsee Tippy Toes - this here is your sissypug AnnieBee. I am appalled that your name is not on the top of the list. But we are pretty sure that it could be because there is only one special Tiffy in all the world.
    love, Bee and her Mama

  14. Tiffy we hear ya! We thought since there is 3 of us we might have a better chance of one of us being on the list...hrmph. Nope. We will join in the letter campaign.

  15. Hi Tiffy! My name isn't on the list, to me that's crazy, I was named after the Pug from the movie "Men in Black" so thought that my name would have made the list for sure! Guess we all have such wonderfully original names, I also agree with everyone in here that your name isn't on the list because its so beautifully unique! We all should be proud our names are not on there and deffo make a complaint to the person who wrote that list! Love, Licks and PHUGS Frank x x x x x

  16. Tiff, honey.....who the HAIL wants tuh be on a list o' commoners?!

    Sined -

    Hanklin Delano Roosevelt Rutherford Strain

  17. Neither Poppy nor I made the list. I don't feel to badly about it. How many Bella's do you see at your local dog park or meet-up? At least when MY name is called, I know the caller is looking for ME.