Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do Not Disturb

I'm taking advantage of the extra day this year to catch up on my sleep.  Momma knows better than to bother me so I don't need to put up my "Do Not Disturb" sign.

I hope to be well rested after today so that I can tell you about all the exciting awards I have received and the visitors I have entertained.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Heart Day

I  had a fabulous Valentine's Day.  I got all dressed up, went shopping for gifts for Momma, and spent the rest of the day admiring all the beautiful cards I received from my friends.
I'm so glad Winston asked me to participate in his card exchange.   Each day I would run to the mailbox, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cards from old friends and new ones.  It was like getting presents every day.

Momma has just about everything, but I still had to get her some gifts.  I bought her a pug plaque, a box of chocolates, and a very appropriate card.  

Isn't it cute?  

It made Momma giggle!

Look at all my cards!  I even received cards from friends who didn't participate in the card exchange. 

I received a lot of photo cards.  I love seeing my friends pose for pictures.  They all looked so pretty.

I even received a card from my BFF Tweedles that used tree seed pods (helicopters) as insect wings.  How creative!

There were so many handmade cards.  I am amazed at how creative all my friends are.

And of course all the cards smelled just like my friends.

"Is that the mailman, Momma?  I bet he is delivering more cards!   Open the door because I'm running out to get them!"

Thank you again friends, for making my first official Valentine's Day the best day ever.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vet Woes

I had to go to the vet on Friday.  I didn't go because I had the sickies but to get some shots.  I wasn't very happy about going so I decided to act crazy in the car.  I know I don't look crazy in this photo but I was.  

Momma was getting very mad at me because I wouldn't stop crying.  I wanted her to put my window down but she kept saying something about it only being 15 degrees outside.  Whatever!  

So I cried and cried all the way to the vet.  I was a super spaz so I doubt I will be taking any car rides anytime soon.

The first thing I did when we arrived was check for mail.  I checked and checked but couldn't find any.  What the heck?  Didn't they know I was coming?

I asked this guy where all the mail was but he was absolutely no help.  I think they should fire him because he is a terrible doorman.

Since there wasn't any mail for me, I decided to be polite and leave some for the next dog.  

"I'm here! Can I have a treat, please?"

Momma said no treats until after my appointment.  She is no fun at all.  Next time I am going to have Daddy bring me.

Doesn't this look like a totally random picture?  It kind of is.  Before Momma took this picture, she was talking to this lady.  The lady asked if she could pet me because she has a pug.  I don't know why the lady was there without the pug but she was very nice.  And Momma loved her hair.  I told Momma to take a picture but Momma was way too embarrassed, so she waited until the lady wasn't facing us and she snapped away.  You may have to bigify the photo but it won't really do the do justice.  Suffice it to say, Momma would wear her hair like this if her hair would do this, if she had a cute face like this lady, and if she were 50 pounds lighter.  

One reason I wasn't looking forward to going to the vet was because my favorite doctor, Dr. Lisa, left the practice.  I couldn't believe it and neither could Momma.  Momma just found Dr. Lisa again after many years and now she's lost her again.

But March Animal Hospital has all my info and I needed my shots so we decided to go there.  

"Why are we being kept waiting, Momma?  Dr. Lisa never made us wait.  I'm going home.  I will live without my shots!"

And that's when I heard them.  All the doggies behind this door barking at me.  They were telling me that this new doctor, Dr. Beloiu,  was very nice and that she would take good care of me.  Of course, I had to translate all this to Momma since she doesn't speak dog, and once I did, she was relieved.

Since I had Momma in a good mood, I figured it was the perfect time to point out the huge treat jar within reach.  Unfortunately, she wasn't in that good of a mood.  She ignored my begging and picked me up to show me this:

I had to point out that the doggies on the poster were labs, not pugs.  Labs have weight problems so that's why they are on posters.  If pugs had weight problems, they would be on posters but there wasn't one single poster with a pug on it. 

I never did get a treat even though I was a total angel for Dr. Beloiu.  I was so mad about the treat situation that I decided to take matters into my own paws.  I decided I would do something so embarrassing that Momma would have to give in to my demands.  So I pooped in the lobby while Momma was handing over lots of green papers.  My twinner Pearl would have been so proud of me!

Too bad my little plan backfired.  Momma was more mad than embarrassed as she swore up and down that I wouldn't get any treats until spring.  Oh, woe is me.