Friday, June 24, 2011


Momma has been acting funny all week.  She's been putting clothes in the dining room, stacking books next to the clothes, and getting lots of flashlights and batteries out of the cabinets. Yesterday, she brought up a big bag from the basement and when I finally asked what was going on she told me she was going on a trip.  Without me.  Waaahhhhh!

When I asked why I couldn't go on the trip with her, Momma told me she was going to visit the turtles.  Oh, turtles!  I've got lots of those.  So I gathered up all my turtles thinking that Momma would stay home with me and play with my turtles instead of flying off to Savannah to play with those turtles.

"What's that, Momma?  You're not going to Savannah to play with the turtles?  Great!  So you'll be staying home with me and playing with my turtles?  No?  Why not?"  

Momma finally explained to me that she doesn't play with the turtles in Savannah.  Apparently, she goes down there every summer to work with the Caretta Research Project and no dogs are allowed, not even pugs.  Sheesh!

I did some digging around on Stubby's blog and found this blog post from 2009 that he did about Momma's turtle trip.  Stubby was used to Momma leaving him for a week every summer but I am new to Momma and I'm such a Momma's girl that I don't know what I'm going to do without her.

No Momma means no blogging so I'm just going to stay in this spot and pout until Momma returns.  I may even go on a hunger strike.  That will show Momma, won't it?  

On second thought, maybe I will take a little trip myself.  Momma won't miss me since she'll be gone and Daddy is so busy working he won't even realize I've left the house until I return.  Where should I go?  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taco Day

Yesterday may have been Father's Day but at our house it was also Taco Day, Taco as in the dog, not the food.  When I found out a dog named Taco was coming to visit I was excited but cautious.  Momma said Taco was puppy and I know how puppies can be.

When Taco first walked into the my house he growled at me.  I tried to be nice and not get mad at him but he was in MY house growling at me!  What kind of dog does that?  Taco's mom kept him on a short lease because he kept growling at me.  I thought maybe he would just hit the road but Momma suggested we go in the yard.

I think Taco just needed some fresh air because once we got outside he was pretty cool.  He ran around like he had forgotten to take his medicine and soon wore himself out.  I took this opportunity to check him out and figure out what the deal was with him.

Taco soon found some energy and decided to check me out while I was checking him out.  Copycat!  

Momma doesn't have any pictures of us playing because we were running too fast for the camera.  Zoom!  That Taco sure can haul butt!  I chased him for a bit but he really wanted to chase me so being the nice hostess I let him.

He chased me and chased me until I ran and hid under the table.  Taco apparently couldn't figure out that I can't see because just when I thought he was done chasing me he would come flying across the yard and run head first into me.  BAM!   He knocked me over again and again until I finally had to put him in his place.

"Chill dude!  I cannot see you coming and you are going to give me brain damage!"

"Yes, I accept your apology but only because you are my guest.  Please don't run into me again or else I'm going to go poodle on you.  Capice?"

Taco tried to make up for his rude behavior by letting me eat his dinner.  I could tell he wasn't a pug from a mile away because he wasn't interested in eating dinner.  WHAT?  What is wrong with this dog?  So while Momma was in the house eating her non-bbq food, I was in the yard eating Taco's dinner.  I had almost finished it all when all of a sudden - busted!  The food police showed up and the kibble party was over.  

I decided that I liked Taco but I don't think he'll be coming back.  I think this was a one time deal and I'm okay with that.  I'm still tired from all the playing because I guess I'm getting old. Maybe I need to take some vitamins.  Geritol, anyone?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Farmer Tiffy

This is how I like to spend my time outside.  I am an expert at relaxing and letting the troubles of the world fly by.  I am not concerned about what is going on anywhere except in my own little piece of the world.  The weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders when I came to live with Momma and Daddy, or so I thought.

What's that, Momma? You want me to help in the garden? I'm not a farmer, Momma!  I'm busy being cute and I cannot get my tippy toes dirty.  Come again?  Help or else?  Momma!

Sheesh!  I guess I have to help or else none of the foodables in the garden will make their way into my belly.  Not that I'm interested in most of them, especially these beans. For those of you that were so excited when I posted pictures of the beans a couple of weeks ago, you will be very disappointed to learn that Momma plans on letting most of the beans dry on the vines. Don't ask me - I just work here.

These are the only beets that have sprouted thus far.  Momma has no idea what happened to the other million so after this picture was taken she dug around in the square and found all the beet seeds missing in action.  Hmmm.  I wonder who or what got to them. 

Not to be deterred, Momma planted more beet seeds but this time she didn't plant them as deep.  Keep your paws crossed that the beets will sprout or Momma is going to be very mad. 

The broccoli is growing like crazy.  Momma is so excited because she loves broccoli so much that she would eat it every day if she could.  My friend Roxy is always talking about how much she loves broccoli so I can't wait to taste it if Momma will share some with me.

This is the biggest pepper in the garden and even though it's green right now it will be purple when it is fully ripe.  I'm not so sure what Momma is going to do with all the peppers but my bowl is always open, waiting for foodables.

The dwarf corn is still small but that's to be expected.  The kernels are going to be blue and figure into my future in about 60 days, give or take.

I think the onions look the same as they did when Momma planted them but she swears they have grown.  I'm not interested in onions since I cannot eat them.  

All the herbs are growing like weeds.   The heirloom tomatoes are doing good, too, much better than the conventional ones.  

Each flower will fruit and viola - a tomato will appear.  I'm not so sure how I feel about tomatoes but I guess I'll try them.

I'm very interested in the strawberries but so are the chipmunks.  They've eaten most of the berries on all six of the plants so Momma has resorted to moving the containers all around the yard.  I sure hope the chipmunks leave them alone because I am definitely interested in some strawberry shortcake.

Two different varieties of hot peppers are growing in these containers.  I don't like hot peppers so Momma will be eating these all by herself.

The stevia plant appears to have grown a little since Momma bought it a couple of weeks ago.  The plan is to dry out the leaves and then use them in place of sugar.  I'm thinking we could harvest a few leaves right now and begin the drying process but Momma says we have to wait  a little while longer.  

Our poor butterfly bushes are being ravaged by some pests.  We haven't figured out who it is yet but I am stepping up my patrols to catch the perpetrators.  If the butterfly bushes don't flower than the butterflies will go elsewhere to feed.  It's just not summer without butterflies.

The mock orange bushes are blooming and are so beautiful.  I wish they bloomed for more than 2 weeks but I am enjoying them so much while they are in bloom.

If you've never smelled a mock orange than you are really missing out.  They really smell like oranges!  Some vendors at the farmers' market even had them in mixed bouquets today.

Stubby's shrub is done blooming for the year but I still water it every day.  Momma is thinking about getting a plaque to rest at the base of the shrub but she's afraid I'll pee on it.

I know this plant doesn't look very interesting but Momma wanted me to post it.  It's a wood poppy and it's native to our area.  It loves the shade and even blooms beautiful yellow flowers.    It's already grown a bunch since Momma planted it last month so hopefully it will spread and fill up this entire corner.

These pretty pink flowers are some of my favorites but Momma said they are practically weeds.  A neighbor gave Momma one plant years ago and now they are everywhere.  I don't care if they are weeds because they are pink.

Momma keeps me so busy in the garden, watching out for pests, keeping an eye on the foodables, and guarding the yard.  It's a lot of work for my tippy toes to do but I do it because I love Momma.

And when all of my hard work is done I am rewarded with a bully stick.  There's nothing better than laying in the grass chewing your worries away.

What's that, Momma?  You bought more plants?  Oh no!  A Tiffy's work is never done!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Beachy

When Momma told me we were going to the beach this past Saturday I thought she was joking.  The weather was less than perfect and the beach we were going to was far away.  But go to the beach we did and what a great time I had.  

I couldn't get enough of the sand.  I loved running in it and feeling its coolness between my toes.   And there were so many dogs at the beach including my new friend Apollo.

Apollo was in town from Indiana for the week.  His mom has super important work business but she decided to let him tag along.  His mom called Momma and invited us to meet up at the beach.

 Apollo and I hit it off right away.  I let him chase me and then I chased him.  He has been to this beach several times so he showed me around.  His mom even brought treats to the beach so I had to sit pretty in order to get some.

It was a little cold at the beach so between running and playing I would hang out with Daddy who would pet me and warm me up.  I didn't go in the water because Momma said I would surely freeze.  Apollo went in the water but only to get a drink.

All that playing at the beach made my ears go all crazy.  Some people think I have big ears but others think I have a small head.  My head and my ears are just perfect, thank you, even if they are a little crazy.  

After spending time at the beach we headed over to a restaurant to have lunch.  Momma didn't take any pictures at lunch because I was a little out of control.  She also didn't order me any food unlike Apollo's mom who ordered him oatmeal with granola and fruit.  Lucky for me, Apollo's mom felt sorry for me and gave me some banana.

I'm so glad to have made a new friend.  I sure hope I can see Apollo again soon.  Since he lives in Indiana I think I should plan a road trip there.  Does anypug want to join me?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out and About in Minneapolis

I had a great time in Minneapolis!  Momma took me with her Wednesday when she went to lunch with her cousin.  They picked an outdoor cafe so that I could join them but unfortunately I didn't get to have any food.  I sat on Momma's lap while she ate and surprisingly or not, I was a good girl, only barking occasionally when dogs and people walked by.

After lunch we walked around and even into some shops.  There were several shops that had the "Dogs Welcome" sign so in I walked, accepting the welcome and looking for treats.

This nice shop owner gave me several treats.  I had to sit to get them but I was happy to do so.

I didn't get any of these dog bone treats at the bakery I got kicked out of but that was okay because I had a great time hanging out with Momma and her cousin.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Momma's cousin who rode away on her cool trike.  I asked for a ride on it but Momma said maybe another time.  I thinks that means I will be going back to Minneapolis!

I was so tired from lunching and shopping that I fell asleep in the strangest position.  It didn't matter because I can sleep anytime and anywhere.

I needed to take a nap when we got back to the hotel because Momma told me I was going to dinner with her and Daddy.  This was where I did my daytime sleeping while at the hotel.  I slept with my head on Momma's dirty t-shirt on the arm of the chair because it helped me calmed down.  

This is my sleepy face.  Nap time!

Momma woke me up a couple of hours later and soon we were all in the car on our way to dinner.  The original plan was to eat at an Italian restaurant but then Momma's cousin called to say she wanted to go to a restaurant with an outdoor patio so I could join them.  Yay!

I was kind of a spaz at the restaurant so Momma put me in my own chair.  It didn't really help so Daddy pulled out the big guns.

This was the first time I'd ever had tater tots but it won't be the last.  I loved these things!  Momma thought they were a little greasy (right!) but that was okay with me.  

Yummy!  Feed me more!

Thursday was very uneventful for me except that I got to go in a grocery store.  I also went into a CVS on Wednesday.  Momma said that I am becoming like Puglet, going into stores until told to leave.  Luckily, I didn't get kicked out of the grocery store because we were there to buy lunch.  Did I mention I got lots of pets in the stores?  The people of Minneapolis loved me!

I couldn't go to the Twins baseball game Thursday night so Momma turned on the tv and left me at the hotel to watch whatever I wanted.  I didn't really have a great time but I did catch up on my sleep.

As much as I loved Minneapolis I was happy to go home.  I slept almost the whole 6 hour car ride home which made Momma happy because she was tired.

I am looking forward to my next road trip.  I wonder where I will go.