Friday, January 27, 2012

More Pink Madness

I was sitting by the door this afternoon soaking up some much needed sunshine.  I'm so happy the sun is back because it brought warm temperatures to melt all the yucky snow.  I am already so sick of the snow and it's only January!

I begged Momma to let me go outside to get the mail because I just knew the mailman had delivered something for me, but she refused to let me out of the house.  The nerve of Momma!  Anyway, I was not surprise when she came back in the house and announced that a package had been delivered from my good friends Zoey & Phoebe.  YAY!

Momma spent a morning last month visiting with Zoey & Phoebe when she went to visit Puglet.  Even Stubby met Zoey & Phoebe when he was on his road trip.  Daddy has even met them but not me, not yet.  I am working on a plan to take a trip out there to meet all my Bay Area friends really soon.  Shhhh.  Don't tell Momma.

Okay, back to my package.  I didn't know what was in the package but the envelope felt squishy so I knew it wasn't food.  I was so surprised when Momma ripped open the envelope to reveal this:

 A pink tutu!  A totally Tiffy pink tutu!  It is perfect!  Thank you, Zoey & Phoebe!

Of course, I had to try the tutu on right away.  It fit like a glove!  And it was so comfortable.  

I twirled this way and that, modeling the tutu from all angles.

"How does my backside look, Momma?"

It was very hard for Momma to get me to sit still because I wanted to dance.  I felt like a pink ballerina!

"Hurry up with the pictures, Momma.  The music is starting!"

 Thank you again, Zoey & Phoebe!  The tutu is the perfect gift and I will wear it every time I dance!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Year Ago Today

Thanks for walking down Stubby memory lane last week.  Momma loved reading all the sweet comments everyone had to say about Stubby.  It's good to know that he lives on in everyone's hearts.

One year ago today, I was picked up on the streets of Grand Prairie, TX.  Animal services found me as I was chasing after cars.  I don't like to talk about my past that much because it's taken me a while to forget about it but I thought I would mention it today because it was the turning point in my life.  My new life began one year ago today.

Animal services contacted the wonderful people of DFW Pug Rescue who came, swooped me up, and help me close, telling me everything would be okay.  I was frightened, cold, and hungry.  

The next thing I knew I was getting examined at the vet and then taken to a wonderful foster home where I lived with three awesome pugs and two amazing humans.  The rest, as they say, is history.

My life is so different today than it was one year ago today.  I've never let the past dictate my future and I never will.  I look back today only to remind myself how lucky I am to be where I am today.  I have the greatest parents any pug could ever want, a loving home where my every whim is taken care of, and the best friends a girl could ever have - you.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Momma said that today is a special day.  The day didn't feel all that special to me when I woke up but as soon as Momma sat me down in the family room I knew something was up.

Momma explained to me that it was one year ago today that Stubby died.  She always talks about Stubby but she never really sat me down and talked to me about him until today.  

I know that some of you knew Stubby and that some of you even met him in the fur.  Lucky you.  I never met but I just know that we would have been best friends if we had met.  He seems like the kind of guy that would do anything for you.  And that's exactly what Momma said.  She told me he was generous, kind, and very loving.  He was green, too, and it still makes Momma smile when she thinks of all the people he inspired to adopt more eco-friendly habits.

There is a pseudo shrine in the family room devoted to Stubby.  I think it's pretty cool that everyone who comes over can check it out because it's like Stubby lives on.

The top of the urn says "Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge".  Momma says that one day, a long time from now, I will meet Stubby there and we will run and play forever.

This was Stubby's special collar that he only wore on special occasions.  I once heard Daddy ask Momma if I could wear it and she could hardly answer no.  I understand why Momma doesn't want me to wear it so I don't ever bring it up.

Everyone is always amazed at how much this portrait looks just like Stubby.  My Auntie Nancy painted it for Momma and Daddy and lucky for me it's big enough that I can almost make out the whiskers on his face.  Momma talks to the portrait sometimes and smiles at it often.

Daddy gave this to Momma on her birthday last year, just a few days after Stubby died.  Puglet's human took this picture when Stubby was in San Francisco on his road trip.  

Do you see a little something above the first word?  That's a whisker that Momma found in a chair the day after Stubby died.  She scooped it up and held it in her hand for a very long time as if she were cradling lost treasure.  She knew she had to keep it so she taped it to the tile.  

Momma hardly ever cries anymore when she talks about Stubby.  The only time she does is when she remembers how she couldn't ease his pain and that's when I remind her that no one could.  She used to cry all the time, even after I arrived, but now mostly happy thoughts fill her mind as she remembers the 13 1/2 years she spent with Stubby right by her side.  

I am going to spend the day holding Momma close while she shows me all the pictures of Stubby.  She is going to tell me all about him and then I am going to go outside, look up at the moon and smile.  Stubby is up there, smiling down on all of us, always.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - I'm Still Here!

Momma has been crazy busy, as usual, so I haven't been able to post in a while.  I just wanted to let all of you know that I'm still here and that I read your blogs almost daily.  

Hopefully, I will be back to blogging and commenting soon.  I have so much to tell you about, including my amazing holiday season, so stay tuned!