Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Happened to May?

Hi friends.  I can't believe the whole month of May has flown by.  Momma has been so super busy that there hasn't been one minute when I could blog.  So please forgive my absence since it's not really my fault.

The beginning of May started off very strange.  This sign appeared out of nowhere one day in our front yard.  I wasn't consulted about this but was told that we are moving.  And soon.  More details to come.

And then these guys showed up.  It's hard to see but this is a momma goose with her gosling.  I thought maybe they were buying the house but Momma told me that I was being silly.

As then if things weren't crazy enough, Momma left town with Puglet and his human to go on the 1000 Pugs tour.  Their first stop was Minneapolis where they met this guy.

You will never in a million years guess what his name was.  It was Stubby!  And he did his photo shoot on May 20 which would have been Momma's Stubby's 15th birthday.  How ironic!

 This guy's name was Acer and he is famous.  He got hit by a car a few years ago, and his person turned to Facebook to raise money for his surgeries.  He's a miracle pug, and you would never know that he had been broken.

Puglet loved Minneapolis.  He also loved meeting with his fans.

This guy's name was Charlie.  He was cute but crazy! 

And Momma said this girl had the best BTOT ever.  Whatever! 

*BTOT = Black tip of tail

Momma fell in love with this little old lady.  Her name was Gypsy.  She's 16 and used a wheel cart but she walked over to Momma on her own.  Momma wanted to scoop her up and take her home but of course Gypsy's mom wouldn't part with her. 

Momma also wanted to take this little cutie home because she reminded her of my foster sister AnnieBelly.

A Minneapolis news crew even came to a photo shoot to interview Puglet and his human.  You can watch the video here.

 When everyone finally came back home we had a party.  A pug party.  Puglet and I played for hours in my backyard, we went hiking, and of course ate lots of delicious food.  

I was sad when Puglet and his human left to go back to San Francisco but I was so glad to have Momma back to myself.  She told me she has finished touring with 1000 Pugs, at least for now.

So here I wait wondering when we are moving and to where.  I've already started packing but I am worried that I might get packed in a bag myself.  Have any of you ever moved before?