Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Momma decided to go shopping today without me and I was very upset.   She knows that PetSmart is my store yet she hopped in the car and drove away while I was left home with Daddy.  Hmph!  I was not too happy about that until she arrived back home with presents for me.  Sweet!

I liked most of my presents but some of them are going back because I don't like them.  I know, I know, I should just smile and tell Momma that I love all of them but I cannot lie.  I can't pretend to like something that I don't.  I'm just wired that way.  Momma thinks it has to do with something that happened in my past but my lips are sealed. 

Out to the backyard we went after Momma put this new cute jacket on me.  It was a little too warm to be wearing a jacket but I loved the color so I wore it.  It was really comfortable and I proved this by zooming all over the yard.  My favorite pee spot today has been the bird bath.  Momma is none too happy about this since she thinks it will keep the birdies away.  What?  I told her that the birdies will fly in from all over the world because the bath smells like me.  She wasn't buying it.

We are getting ready for warm weather to arrive so we can do some gardening.  I saw we because Momma has informed me that I am her gardening assistant.  When I asked how much it paid she told me that my new jacket was my pre-payment.  This confused me so I headed to the little garden by the birdhouse.  There are so many good smells in this garden and Momma said that it might smell like Stubby because it was his garden.  I knew there was a reason I liked it!  Momma hung this sweet little flag in the garden on Monday because she said it the garden needed some sprucing up.  Now all we need are the flowers to bloom!

While I was outside I heard some barking.  I looked this way and that but couldn't see the source of the barking.  Now I know that my eyes aren't great but I thought I would be able to see a barking dog.  Nope.  Not a chance.  Momma had to practically lead me to the source of the barking and her name is Brandy.  I'm not sure what breed of dog Brandy is but she's not a pug.  Momma tells me that Brandy didn't like Stubby for some reason.  Maybe Brandy didn't like the fact that Stubby was here first and that she wasn't top dog.  Whatever the reason, I invited Brandy over to the fence so that I could say hello and you'll never guess what she did.  Are you sitting down?  She growled at me!  No one growls at Tiffy!

Momma said that maybe Brandy didn't like my Texas accent.  Um, okay.  I think that Brandy was growling at Momma and not at me.  I will try to talk to Brandy again tomorrow when Momma's not around, that is if Momma lets me in the backyard by myself.  She said the yard is not Tiffy-proof yet and that I must be supervised when I'm out there.  I think all that shopping caused her to lose her senses because there is nothing wrong with me or the backyard.   

I've been so excited every time I leave the house that I've failed to notice this pug flag until today.  Momma hung it on Monday to welcome me home.  I love how everyone will know that a pug lives here.  All of my hard work is paying off.  Momma is finally starting to heal.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Outing!

Thanks for all your suggestions on what I should call my mom.  I think I'm going to call her Momma because that's what my new friend Pearl calls her mom and she's from the south just like I am.  In fact, we're twinners because we are both the same age and have similar vision loss.  Weeeee!

I didn't know what the plan was for today when I woke up but I soon found out.  Momma said I had a vet appointment at 12:30 and I came this close to telling her to go without me because that time is smack dab in the middle of my lunch hour.  I decided to just go along and pout if things got bad but I had such a great time. 

This car ride I got to sit shot-gun where I belong.  No more of this back seat business for me.  Nope.  Tiffy rides in the front seat or Tiffy stays home.  Momma knows I mean business so she better not try to pull one over on me again.

We arrived at March Animal Hospital way early because Momma thought we were going to have to fill out paperwork.  Silly Momma!  She gave them all the info on me over the phone the other day so I just hung out in the waiting room looking cute and checking things out.  And guess what?  There was another pug there!  He was a cute little black pug named Duke.  He told me that he had a fawn pug sister at home and when Momma heard this she just about fainted because Duke's Momma had a little human baby and a 3 year old human sister.  Wow!  That Momma must really be tired!

I wasn't afraid to be in the examining room but it was a little too confining for me.  I wanted to run and play with all the dogs I heard barking but Momma wanted me to calm down and act like a lady.  Of course I listened to Momma because I don't want to get a bad reputation.  Did I mention that Dad was on the phone while I was whining and trying to scratch my way out of the examining room?  Oops!

I wasn't even scared when Dr. Lisa came in the room because Momma had already told me all about her.  Stubby used to see Dr. Lisa back in the day but then Dr. Lisa moved away and that made Momma sad because she was the best vet ever.  Dr. Lisa remembered Momma and Dad and they told her about Stubby and how she was the only vet that really cared about him.  Soon everyone was leaky and there was a big group hug.  And then the fun began.

Dr. Lisa examined me from my cute little nose to my cute little tail.  She looked deep into my eyes and said that I was beautiful.  Awwww.  I love her already!  She told Momma that I don't have any peripheral vision and that my eyes are always going to need drops.  She also said there's probably nothing surgically that can be done to repair them so I will always have vision loss.  This news didn't bother me one bit because I get around just fine with my cute brown eyes.  And I don't mind the drops because I get little kisses on my head while the drops work their magic. 

After a mostly clean bill of health - typical pug ear infections - Momma and I headed straight for the door so Dad could pay the bill.   Momma told me she always leaves right before the bill arrives so that she doesn't have to pay.  I told her that a lady never pays and she just smiled.

I knew I wasn't going to pay the bill but that's not why I rushed out the door.  I needed to pick up some pee mail and then leave some for my friends.  I didn't want to be rude and not let them know that I had visited so a quick stop to do what needed to be done and back in the car I went.

Did I mention that I whined in the car all the way to the vet's office?  You would think after a 15 hour car ride that I would be used to being in the car but this car was different from the one that picked me up in Texas.  I couldn't really see out the window and it was loud.  Momma tried to calm me down my taking my picture but she's not a good photographer.  Somehow she managed to get a picture of my brand new tag that Dad bought me yesterday.  I feel so loved! 

All that activity really pooped me out.  I was in Dad's office when we first got home but then I climbed the stairs to Momma's office where I curled up in bed and slept.  I was dreaming about shopping and about running.  I think I was dreaming about running to PetSmart!

I was so tired that I slept right through dinner.  The next thing I knew Momma got up from her computer and I jumped up.  She told me it was 6:30 and asked me if I was hungry.  Hello?  I'm starving!  I told her to not let me miss dinner again because I might waste away to nothing.  Did I mention that I weigh 15.5 lbs and that the doctor says I'm perfect?  I need to keep my girly figure and that means eating all my meals even when someone forgets to wake me for dinner.  Thanks Momma!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi New Friends!

I'm so happy you've all decided to be my friend!  I am so lucky to have so many friends after one day here.  I read how all of you knew and loved Stubby.  He sounds like he was the most amazing pug ever.  I hope I can be half as great as he was. 

So just in case you were wondering, my new home is awesome.  Did I mention that I'm already spoiled?  Yep, it's true.  I have my new parents wrapped around my little tippy toes!  They love it and so do I.

This picture was taken before I went outside this morning.  I had to put on one of my sweaters because it's so cold up here.  I wish it were warm like it was in Texas but I've heard it will warm up soon.

I have a huge backyard just waiting to be explored.  I think I mentioned that I have some health issues and one of them has to do with my eyes.  The doctors down in Texas told my foster mom that I have 70% vision loss.  My eyes aren't really that bad and I can see lots of things but don't tell anyone.  It will be our secret because having a vision problem means lots of special attention and treats.

I have explored almost every inch of my backyard and I even know where the gates are.  I'm not trying to escape I'm just finding the exit doors in case of an emergency.  I heard that one time in a movie and just couldn't wait to use it!

Many of you have asked how old I am.  The doctors think I'm about 5ish but they are so wrong.  I'm not going to correct them because a lady never reveals her true age.  Let them think what that will because it doesn't bother one little tippy bit!

There is one thing I'm a little confused about - what do I call my foster mom?  Mom?  Mommy?  Momma (mama)?  Maw (like my hero Howie does)?  What do you call your mom(s) if you have one?  This has me very puzzled so I'd appreciate any help you can give me.  I don't want to hurt her feelings by calling her the wrong thing because I already love her so much.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi There!

Photo courtesy of DFW Pug Rescue

Do you know me?  Do I look familiar to you?   I did a photo shoot a couple of months ago because I was in the care of DFW Pug Rescue and they wanted me to look extra, super cute so someone would want to adopt me.  My picture graced the pages of Facebook, Twitter, and even right here on Blogger.  Everyone who saw my picture loved me.  I was a big hit in circles all around the blogsphere.  Who knew?

I've spent the last 5 weeks or so at the Medina Home for Wayward Pugs.  I loved it there!  My foster brother Howie PeePants taught me all his bad habits, not that he has any.  And my foster sister AnnieBelly BossyBritches taught me how to be a diva, which I am slowly becoming.  My other foster brother Java CheesyBritches taught me that it's fun to play but it's even better to nap.  I even worked as a studio assistant in my foster mom Auntie Nancy's studio. 

As you can see, I learned a lot at the Home but Auntie Nancy said that I couldn't stay there forever.  She just knew that someone would see my picture and want to adopt me.  Every night before bedtime she would tell me that someone would adopt me and love me forever.  She said I would have a forever home where I would be pampered and spoiled, where my every whim would be taken care of, and where I would never want to leave.   And it happened!

Two wonderful people drove all the way to the Home in Flower Mound, TX - 15 hours - to meet me on Friday.  They walked in and ran right over to me.  As soon as they talked I noticed that they didn't sound like me.  They didn't have the cute, southern twang to their voices but I won't hold that against them.  They sat down to pet me and we spent the next day and a half getting to know one another.  They even took me to a cool store where I got to pick stuff out.  Do you guys know about this store?  It's called PetSmart and I want to go there every day!

I wasn't sure if the people would want to adopt me because I'm not perfect like a lot of other pugs.  I have some medical issues, some insecurity issues, and some food issues.  Wait - the food issues aren't really issues because I'm a pug!  I love to eat, eat, eat!

But the people decided that they wanted to adopt me, issues and all, so they signed the paperwork, handed over the greenbacks, and whisked me away to the car to begin the journey to my forever home.  How lucky am I?

I can't wait to meet all of you!  I sure hope we can be friends.  My new mom has been telling me all about you guys.  She told me that she's even met some of you in person.  I will be visiting your blogs over the next few days so look for me.  My name is Tiffy, but some people call me Tiffy, Tiffy, Tippy Toes! 

Oh, I forgot to tell you something.  A lot of you know my new parents because you know the pug who used to live with them.  His name was Stubby and he went to the Bridge earlier this year.  Everybody loved Stubby and my new parents still miss him a lot.  So that's why I'm here.  To heal them.  To make them whole again.  You see, even though they rescued me, I really rescued them.