Saturday, January 7, 2012


Momma said that today is a special day.  The day didn't feel all that special to me when I woke up but as soon as Momma sat me down in the family room I knew something was up.

Momma explained to me that it was one year ago today that Stubby died.  She always talks about Stubby but she never really sat me down and talked to me about him until today.  

I know that some of you knew Stubby and that some of you even met him in the fur.  Lucky you.  I never met but I just know that we would have been best friends if we had met.  He seems like the kind of guy that would do anything for you.  And that's exactly what Momma said.  She told me he was generous, kind, and very loving.  He was green, too, and it still makes Momma smile when she thinks of all the people he inspired to adopt more eco-friendly habits.

There is a pseudo shrine in the family room devoted to Stubby.  I think it's pretty cool that everyone who comes over can check it out because it's like Stubby lives on.

The top of the urn says "Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge".  Momma says that one day, a long time from now, I will meet Stubby there and we will run and play forever.

This was Stubby's special collar that he only wore on special occasions.  I once heard Daddy ask Momma if I could wear it and she could hardly answer no.  I understand why Momma doesn't want me to wear it so I don't ever bring it up.

Everyone is always amazed at how much this portrait looks just like Stubby.  My Auntie Nancy painted it for Momma and Daddy and lucky for me it's big enough that I can almost make out the whiskers on his face.  Momma talks to the portrait sometimes and smiles at it often.

Daddy gave this to Momma on her birthday last year, just a few days after Stubby died.  Puglet's human took this picture when Stubby was in San Francisco on his road trip.  

Do you see a little something above the first word?  That's a whisker that Momma found in a chair the day after Stubby died.  She scooped it up and held it in her hand for a very long time as if she were cradling lost treasure.  She knew she had to keep it so she taped it to the tile.  

Momma hardly ever cries anymore when she talks about Stubby.  The only time she does is when she remembers how she couldn't ease his pain and that's when I remind her that no one could.  She used to cry all the time, even after I arrived, but now mostly happy thoughts fill her mind as she remembers the 13 1/2 years she spent with Stubby right by her side.  

I am going to spend the day holding Momma close while she shows me all the pictures of Stubby.  She is going to tell me all about him and then I am going to go outside, look up at the moon and smile.  Stubby is up there, smiling down on all of us, always.


  1. Tiffy that was a beautiful post to remember your Stubby! He was a very handsome boy.

  2. Oh Tiffy, my Mom was just thinking about Stubby the other day. She remembers him very fondly. It was a sad day when the world had to say goodbye to Stubby. He was a good friend. But we are all happy he is pain free, waiting to show us around at the rainbow bridge. Give your Momma extra kisses from us Tiffy. You are a very good girl, and I am happy your Momma has you.

  3. Stubby was an awesome boy. I can't believe it's been a whole year! I am very glad that you are there to help Mommy get through these anniversaries, Tiffy. I'm sure you help a lot!

  4. Tiffy, I was fortunate enough to meet Stubby in the fur, and he was indeed a very special boy. But whenever I read about something good for the environment, whenever I see somebody enjoying the great outdoors, I think of Stubby, for he was a very eco-friendly pug. I know you'll be there for your Momma, Tiffy, so she doesn't get too sad. It's good to remember (we sure wouldn't want to forget him!) but it's also good not to be too sad and you'll help your Momma with that a whole lot!

  5. Tiffy, your momma has a part of her heart put aside just for Stubby and that part will only beat for him until the day she sees him again across the Rainbow Bridge. Both Stubby and your momma are so lucky to have that happen in a human. Now a special part of her heart has your name on it and it will only grow bigger with each day that you love each other. God bless Stubby, your momma and you.


  6. You are such a sweet girl to take care of your Momma. We know that it is an important job. We lost our Yoda on January 4th, two years ago & on that day we have to take extra care to make sure she feels our love. She says it is the medicine that dulls the ache in her heart. We were so lucky to have met Stubby and he carved a special place in our hearts as well. We may not be able to fill the collars of such wonderful pugs like Stubby & Yoda but we can do everything we can to take care of the humans who love them.

    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  7. Stubby was definitely a special little guy who was full of wise words. I was lucky enough to meet him in the fur before and I won't ever forget him. Please keep your mommy close and give her and your daddy lots of love. We will be thinking of you and them during this time of remembrance.

  8. A very lovely post about Stubby. Last winter was really hard on the blog world, losing Stubby and Emmitt. We lost our Quincy on January 23 last year, too. It's so sad when they leave us. Mom was grateful that she had the three of us to comfort her. We are so glad that you are with your family to help them laugh and love again.

  9. what a great post. i cried while i read it thinking about my pug rose that i lost a little over a year ago. we will never forget those special pug friends, and thankfully your mama has you, and i have my two girls, to help ease that pain. Stubby is seriously cute and I know he is smiling down at you. my senior girl priscilla sits just like he is in that first picture. what a sweet heart.

  10. Hi Tiffy, Mum is crying right now. Thinking of Stubby makes her eyes weepy. We really miss him but we know he is never far from all of our hearts. We can't believe it has been a year already!


  11. Tiffy tell your Momma that we send sweet Stubby hugs to her on this special day. Maybe a run to Popeye's is in order for a yummy tribute.

    the girls

  12. Tiffy, my dear.....this is a bittersweet post.

    Stubby is dearly missed but it makes us happy to hear that your momma now thinks of him with smiles and happiness.

    We're so glad you came along to help mend your momma's heart. Her heart needs to stay strong 'cause part of it will always belong to Stubby - and you.

    Love -

    Sarah and Hank

  13. Dear Tiffy: This is your snugbuddy Howie- I met your big brother once and admired him so much- the whole time he was at my house he just watched Aunty Michelle and looked so happy to be near her. I am pretty sure my sis Winnie is washin his face right now, making sure no Popeyes chicken crumbies go unattended. Please give your mommy love-kisses from me today and save a few for you,too.

  14. I remembered that today was "the special day" when Stubby was freed from all his pain- and was able to run with all his friends at the Bridge.
    I never met Stubby, but we were soul mates and had a special connection with each other that I cannot discribe. You know my secret that I sometimes see Stubby on those "very special occasions when the moon is just right in the sky. He is not far from us- he is in our hearts.
    I am so thankful that Stubby guided your momma and daddy to find you, Tiffy- to help heal their hearts. You have done such a good job.
    And even though your momma and daddy still love Stubby and always will- their heart has grown big enough to love you too, Tiffy!
    I am thankful for your Auntie Nancy too- who helped bring you all together,

  15. Yes,, I see that "special hair"
    I see it!

  16. This post made us leaky, but this leaky is a good one. Stubby was handsome. Tiffy, it is your turn to make your momma happy.

    Lovies to everyone

    Sammy (and Neko)

  17. Tiffy, this made Mom and me cry. Mom kisses Nicki's urn every night and thanks her for being our angel and asks her to watch over me.

    I never met Nicki but sometimes I feel her walking around the house making sure everything is OK. Mom says she was a very sweet and calm doggie ~ sometimes I think she puts her big Lab paw on my shoulder when I'm a little too Pugged out to help me relax.

    We're so lucky that we have our angels Stubby and Nicki, I know they love taking care of us and our parents.


  18. Lots of kisses and pug hugs to your family today...what a lovely tribute to sweet Stubby!
    Eddie the Pug

  19. Hi Tiffy! I didnt know Stubby but I have heard such wonderful things about him! I am glad that this post is so positive and that you remember him each day! I really love the way that you are remembering him, I love that he has a special shrine in the family room devoted to him! Stubby lives on in every heart that he touched. I love the "Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge" its beautiful! I hope that we all can find peace over the rainbow bridge when our time comes! Love and BIG PUG HUGS for today! Love Frank xxxxxx

  20. Oh Tiffy Twinner,
    My momma leaked through this whole post. How has it been a year? We met Stubby in the fur and he was just the sweetest thing.

    As much as anniversaries like this are hard, it's so good to sit down and reflect. A year of missing Stubby. A year of remembering him. We miss him with you guys.

    Love, Pearl

  21. STubby was a beautiful little guy I am so glad that he had 13 and 1/2 happy years and that you get to hear about him

    I remember reading about Stubby when I started my blog last March, you could tell me was an amazing dog

  22. Tiffy, we are trying to catch up reading blogs. This was such a nice post and it got mom all leaky thinking about sweet Stubby. Brutus & I were lucky enough to have met Stubby in the fur. We miss him and his warm smile.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  23. Tiffy,
    I think you know that I never met Stubby either. I wish I had, but sometimes I feel like I did because his spirit is so vibrant still and he inspired so many things. And you know, I don't think that we ever talked about how he brought us together. That's right. My mom and I read about Stubby on the Daily Puglet when he passed. We read his blog and felt an instant connection to your peeps. Then we found your blog and the rest is history! Love you Tiffy, and your momma and daddy too!

  24. I left an award for you on my page because your an awesome blogger!