Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Heart Day

I  had a fabulous Valentine's Day.  I got all dressed up, went shopping for gifts for Momma, and spent the rest of the day admiring all the beautiful cards I received from my friends.
I'm so glad Winston asked me to participate in his card exchange.   Each day I would run to the mailbox, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cards from old friends and new ones.  It was like getting presents every day.

Momma has just about everything, but I still had to get her some gifts.  I bought her a pug plaque, a box of chocolates, and a very appropriate card.  

Isn't it cute?  

It made Momma giggle!

Look at all my cards!  I even received cards from friends who didn't participate in the card exchange. 

I received a lot of photo cards.  I love seeing my friends pose for pictures.  They all looked so pretty.

I even received a card from my BFF Tweedles that used tree seed pods (helicopters) as insect wings.  How creative!

There were so many handmade cards.  I am amazed at how creative all my friends are.

And of course all the cards smelled just like my friends.

"Is that the mailman, Momma?  I bet he is delivering more cards!   Open the door because I'm running out to get them!"

Thank you again friends, for making my first official Valentine's Day the best day ever.  


  1. Your card was pretty cute too Tiffy! We love that Valentine's card you got your Momma.

    The Girls

  2. Tiffy, I'm not surprised that you were showered with tons of Valentine's Day cards. And you are so sweet to get your momma such great gifts. I hope you got a few hundred treats because of your thoughtfulness!

  3. Hi Tiffy
    Oh my gosh- look at all the valentines that you got!
    And look at how pretty you are in pink!
    All the cards are so pretty.
    So many love you Tiffy! I am so happy that your very first valentines was so specials.
    And I think it was extra special of you to get that sweet card and gifts for your momma!
    I so much love the card you sent me Tiffy!

  4. Tiffy! I knew you were loved but WOW!

    And you're adorable in your coat!

    Hugs -

    Sarah (and Hank!)

  5. So many pretty cards! And we totally <3 your pink coat!

  6. Oh my, I LOVE the blog card. Next year if Winston has this we will have to sign up!

  7. You are so special to everyone.

    Hugs all the way~

  8. We loved all the Valentine's too Miss Tiffy! Every evening Scarlet kissed and licked each new envelope of love.

    Thanks Winston!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  9. how fun! i'm jealous of all your cards!

  10. We have an award for Tiffy on either Tucker or Lola's blog today.