Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting Ready

Momma has been acting very strange lately.  I don't know what is going on because I'm always the last to know.

Today, Momma told me that I needed to pack a travel bag.  A travel bag?

"Do I need my airplane carrier, Momma?  Am I finally going on an airplane?"  

Momma told me that I didn't need my airplane carrier because I'm not going on an airplane.  That could only mean one thing - ROAD TRIP!

I love road trips!  Now that I kind of know what is going on, I need to get ready to roll.  Momma said we are "hitting the road" tomorrow for an unknown destination.  Unknown to me anyway because Momma said it is a surprise.  Oh, I love surprises!  

The first thing I had to pack was my favorite blanket and my pink pillow.  I cannot be without these items because they comfort me.

I grabbed my tutu because you just never know when you might need to wear one.  Momma just laughed at me when I put it in my bag but I'll show her.  I will find an excuse to wear it every day if I have to.

My Aunt Colleen gave me this cute little bunny the other day.  Immediately upon meeting him he told me he wanted an adventure so he's coming with.

Even though I have no idea where we are going, Momma told me that I didn't need to pack any cold weather clothes.  Hmmm.  That wasn't a very good hint, was it?

I picked out a couple outfits plus my jammies.  Do you think I need to pack more clothes?

And then Momma told me the bad news.  She told me it's suppose to rain where we are headed.  YUCK!  I hate the rain because I hate being wet.  I decided to sit on my rain jacket in protest before throwing it my bag.

I better not have to wear this thing!

 Once I was packed, I decided I was going to unpack until Momma told me where we are going.

"Tell me now or I'm emptying this bag!  Tiffy is not leaving until Tiffy knows where she is headed.  Period!"

Momma was none too happy with all the attitude I was giving her so you do know what she did?  She gave me a bath!  UGH! 

So now I am clean, packed, and ready to go.  Next stop?  It's anyone's guess.


  1. Sounds like you are heading SOUTH, Tiffy! Maybe Texas????
    Love Noodles

  2. I know where you're going, Tiffy, and I think it's going to be a wonderful surprise!! Safe travels!

  3. Oh man...I wonder who you are visiting, Tiffy!

  4. We think maybe you are going to see Puglet ... we get to meet him in Milwaukee, WI in May - hopefully!!! Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  5. Have fun on your unknown destination adventure Tiffy. And we expect a few tutu pictures on the trip!!

    The Girls

  6. Hi Tiffy
    I think you have plenty of clothes packed. And if it rains, then maybe it will be warm rain- not cold icky rain.
    That little green bunny will be the perfect friend to take.
    Be sure to take some carrots for him.
    Hummm,I wonder where you are going?
    Have a good time- where ever it is.

  7. Hi Tiffy,
    Besides rain gear, you might want to pack winter gear, just in case.


  8. I love this blog! Good luck, Tiffy!

  9. It is our philosophy that a girl can never pack too many clothes. We must be prepared for anything especially when we don't know where we're going. Have a great time! Safe travels.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  10. Oh Tiffy I can't waits to hear where you are headed! Wherever it is ... Mum says that a girl can NEVER pack too many clothes!


  11. Maybe to your picture taken, but i agree no pug (boy or girl) can have to many clothes

    urban hounds

  12. You are a girl Tiffy and girls need like everything when they're going to travel. Stay safe and maybe you and your mum go to Texas?? We know one Pug that's going to Texas too :) hugs PT

  13. Travel safe. And keep us posted on your adventure.

  14. Good luck! Enjoy the surprise!

  15. We have a feeling we know where you're going and we know you're going to love it! Have fun Miss Sweet Tiffy :~3

    Meredith & Scarlet

  16. Hey, Tiffy, don't you read DP? LOL.
    Have fun, you pretty girl~~~

  17. Tiffy, that first picture of you is my new all-time favorite! You look so pretty! Seems to me that you did an excellent job of packing and raising a stink about being in the dark. Sheesh! Why do our peeps always keep secrets from us?!? I bet you are going to have a great time where ever you end up!

  18. i hope it doesn't rain on you tiffy! my girls have to get walked up under the umbrella to the dry spot under our cedar tree when it rains. such divas!

  19. We can't wait to hear about your adventure! And we totally think that you should pack more clothes. We had two suitcases of clothes for three pugs. That was not including toys, treats, food, etc. Or blankets and beds. You need at least one more bag.
    Good luck on your trip and hope you behave yourself!

  20. oh how exciting tiffy!
    we cannot wait to hear where you are going on your road trip!

    I hope it veeeeers WEST!

    We cannot wait to meet you in person one day!

    archie and melissy

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  22. The pic with her head in the bag is so cute! LOL