Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Momma decided to go shopping today without me and I was very upset.   She knows that PetSmart is my store yet she hopped in the car and drove away while I was left home with Daddy.  Hmph!  I was not too happy about that until she arrived back home with presents for me.  Sweet!

I liked most of my presents but some of them are going back because I don't like them.  I know, I know, I should just smile and tell Momma that I love all of them but I cannot lie.  I can't pretend to like something that I don't.  I'm just wired that way.  Momma thinks it has to do with something that happened in my past but my lips are sealed. 

Out to the backyard we went after Momma put this new cute jacket on me.  It was a little too warm to be wearing a jacket but I loved the color so I wore it.  It was really comfortable and I proved this by zooming all over the yard.  My favorite pee spot today has been the bird bath.  Momma is none too happy about this since she thinks it will keep the birdies away.  What?  I told her that the birdies will fly in from all over the world because the bath smells like me.  She wasn't buying it.

We are getting ready for warm weather to arrive so we can do some gardening.  I saw we because Momma has informed me that I am her gardening assistant.  When I asked how much it paid she told me that my new jacket was my pre-payment.  This confused me so I headed to the little garden by the birdhouse.  There are so many good smells in this garden and Momma said that it might smell like Stubby because it was his garden.  I knew there was a reason I liked it!  Momma hung this sweet little flag in the garden on Monday because she said it the garden needed some sprucing up.  Now all we need are the flowers to bloom!

While I was outside I heard some barking.  I looked this way and that but couldn't see the source of the barking.  Now I know that my eyes aren't great but I thought I would be able to see a barking dog.  Nope.  Not a chance.  Momma had to practically lead me to the source of the barking and her name is Brandy.  I'm not sure what breed of dog Brandy is but she's not a pug.  Momma tells me that Brandy didn't like Stubby for some reason.  Maybe Brandy didn't like the fact that Stubby was here first and that she wasn't top dog.  Whatever the reason, I invited Brandy over to the fence so that I could say hello and you'll never guess what she did.  Are you sitting down?  She growled at me!  No one growls at Tiffy!

Momma said that maybe Brandy didn't like my Texas accent.  Um, okay.  I think that Brandy was growling at Momma and not at me.  I will try to talk to Brandy again tomorrow when Momma's not around, that is if Momma lets me in the backyard by myself.  She said the yard is not Tiffy-proof yet and that I must be supervised when I'm out there.  I think all that shopping caused her to lose her senses because there is nothing wrong with me or the backyard.   

I've been so excited every time I leave the house that I've failed to notice this pug flag until today.  Momma hung it on Monday to welcome me home.  I love how everyone will know that a pug lives here.  All of my hard work is paying off.  Momma is finally starting to heal.


  1. Don't you worry about that Brandy, Tiffy. Some dogs aren't lucky enough to be pugs and they are just being nasty about it. She's jealous.

    And don't worry about not liking some of your gifts. You and your parents are getting to know one another. Do you know how many toys and stuffies mom has bought us that we won't even touch? BAGS of them. Mom donates the ones we don't like.

  2. Tiffy
    I have that SAME jacket only SUNSHINE the CAT stole it!!!!
    I think your Momma has been Tiffy-fied.
    Love Noodles

  3. Tiffy,
    Looking good in the new jacket...I know you will handle the Brandy so don't worry...
    I agree with Noodles your Momma has been Tiffy-fied.
    Love ya!!!

  4. Hi Tiffy! Wesa new followers of yous. We just loved your angel brudder Stubby and now we loves you too! How great that you have a fabulous pink jacket for your most fabulous self-um's. You must join the Sunflower Sister's club. Please e-mail Ms. Wilma 'bouts it.
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi :)

  5. That Brandy thing is probably jealous of your beautiful face and cute new jacket! Just turn your cute little Pug butt her way and have fun running and sniffing. I am pretty sure Angel Stubby is VERY happy not to worry about his mama's broken heart anymore!

  6. Tiff, this Brandy gal didn't like Stubman, an' she growled at YOU?!?!

    I'm thinkin' that gal's elevator don't go all the way to the top!

    Anyhoo, glad yer new home is workin' out fer ya!

  7. Just remember - what Tiffy wants, Tiffy gets. I love your jacket. Very springlike.

    Gracie the agility pug

  8. Hi Tiffy
    I came running to see what you have been up to.
    What did you and your dad do while your mamma went to Pet Smart? Did he give you some secret treats? Maybe next time your mamma will take you,, but I got to thinking maybe your mamma had some other shopping to do at other stores,,,
    I love your new jacket ... it is so pretty on you. You remind me of a spring blossom, the kinds that will coming up all over your yard.
    I think butterflys will be landing on you,, wanting to kiss you.
    I cannot wait to see everythinh that you will plant in your garden. I think you will be a perfect assistant. You will need to get yourself a little bucket and a little shovel.
    That silly Brandy,,, I agree, I think there is some jealousy. Brandy can learn so much from you because you are not cranky like Brandy. Maybe Brandy never learned how to love. But I also agree,,, probly because of your southern accent- some jealousy there.
    I was looking at the pug flag your mamma put up.
    It tells a story,,,, it talks about happiness and smiles...
    In time you and your momma and dad will learn more and more about each other...
    I cannot wait to hear all about it.
    Nitry nite

  9. Tiffy you look great in your new jacket. I just love clothes too. Maybe Brandy just is a grumpy old lady!


  10. hi tiffy!
    oh you all had such a wonderful day!
    i love your new things!
    your momma and dad love you more than words can say!
    i cannot imagine brandy does not like you or sweet stubby. i think she may be speaking a foreign language.
    since we do not know what breed(s) she is,we should look up what dialect she is speaking in.
    she probably feels very misunderstood. :)

  11. Hey Tiffy!

    I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you are your own dog! Your mom and dad are so happy to have you, and they want you to be safe, so let them supervise you for a little while. I love that they are flying a flag for you!!

    I love your new jacket too. I wish my puppies would wear clothes. They don't like them. Brandy is probably like Trixie - she likes to be an "only" dog, even tho she isn't.

    I know that you are very loved. I hope someday you will feel safe enough to tell mom all your secrets!!

    Have fun exploring!!


  12. Hello Tiffy!!! I'm so happy to hear that you got a forever home with like the most awesome people in the whole freakin' universe. You've totally got to come hang with us California girls. You'd love all the sunshine, plus we've got some hot pug men.
    Um, so about this sweater...see I refuse to wear clothes, and I think you should too. Enjoy your nakedness!! Let it all hang out and wiggle that jiggle. He he he. Oh man Tif, we're so gonna be best buds.

  13. Hi Tiffy!!! I'm so sorry that my secretary (mom) hasn't commented sooner...but she's been away (and following you on her phone!). I am SO SO SO excited to meet you in pugson! Your late brother (Stubby) and I were super buds and he taught me a ton of cool stuff. I miss him a lot but I'm SO happy that your Momma and Dad have YOU now to help them heal. My mom says we're going to come up and visit you very soon. You and I will have the best time checking out your wardrobe and being fabulous together while the moms can gab and be silly.

    We're SO happy that you're here and know that you're going to have the BEST LIFE EVER with your new family....even with those BIG shoes to fill sista!!!!