Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi New Friends!

I'm so happy you've all decided to be my friend!  I am so lucky to have so many friends after one day here.  I read how all of you knew and loved Stubby.  He sounds like he was the most amazing pug ever.  I hope I can be half as great as he was. 

So just in case you were wondering, my new home is awesome.  Did I mention that I'm already spoiled?  Yep, it's true.  I have my new parents wrapped around my little tippy toes!  They love it and so do I.

This picture was taken before I went outside this morning.  I had to put on one of my sweaters because it's so cold up here.  I wish it were warm like it was in Texas but I've heard it will warm up soon.

I have a huge backyard just waiting to be explored.  I think I mentioned that I have some health issues and one of them has to do with my eyes.  The doctors down in Texas told my foster mom that I have 70% vision loss.  My eyes aren't really that bad and I can see lots of things but don't tell anyone.  It will be our secret because having a vision problem means lots of special attention and treats.

I have explored almost every inch of my backyard and I even know where the gates are.  I'm not trying to escape I'm just finding the exit doors in case of an emergency.  I heard that one time in a movie and just couldn't wait to use it!

Many of you have asked how old I am.  The doctors think I'm about 5ish but they are so wrong.  I'm not going to correct them because a lady never reveals her true age.  Let them think what that will because it doesn't bother one little tippy bit!

There is one thing I'm a little confused about - what do I call my foster mom?  Mom?  Mommy?  Momma (mama)?  Maw (like my hero Howie does)?  What do you call your mom(s) if you have one?  This has me very puzzled so I'd appreciate any help you can give me.  I don't want to hurt her feelings by calling her the wrong thing because I already love her so much.


  1. Hi Tiffy! Oh, your new backyard is wonderful! So safe for you to explore and have fun in!

    I am pretty sure you can call your mama/mom/maw anything you want and she'll come running!

  2. OMG Tiffy, you are the cutest little thing out exploring your new yard!

    Did you know that I am 5 too? And did you know that my eye doctor says I have about 60% vision loss?! WE ARE TWINNERS!!!! wheeeee!!

    I call my momma 'momma'... but I think that no matter what you call Auntie Michele she will just love it. Your angel brother Stubby opened and expanded their hearts. And even though there is some pain there right now, there is so much room for you! The heart is a muscle, ya know!? The more you use it... the stronger it is. They are going to love you and spoil you forever and ever!!!!!

  3. Hi Tiffy
    I call both of my Mommys Mommy. Since there are 2 (mother and daughter) I have Mommy #1 and Mommy #2. They are both so special to me. Then I have my Birth Mom and my First Mom (Birth Mom's human). From there it gets so confusing.
    Nice yard. We don't have anything like that in San Jose California. But I have a nice somewhat-more-diminutive-than-yours yard.
    Love Noodles

  4. Tiffy you are cute in your sweater in your new yard. We love your big brown eyes.

    Sequoia and Tuni

  5. Tiffy! You're gonna have a lot of fun exploring your yard! And I just loves your pink sweater! Don't worry about measuring up to Angel Stubby, because I'm sure he's sending down messages all the time to you on where all the good sniffing places are (and directions to all the local Popeye's!), and he'll always be there for you! Can't wait to meet you!

  6. Hi Tiffy!
    Congratulations on your new beautiful and loving forever home!! What a cute name for your blog: "It's Tiffy Time!!".
    Have a fun day.
    Joan & Little Janie

  7. Tiffy,
    So glad to meet you and congratulations on your new forever home. Your are beautifullllll.
    Love and Kisses

  8. Hola Tiffy!!
    Love your great garden!! We call our first Mom "Mami Cecy" our forever Mom "La Mamma" but you can call whatever's she know you love them Both!
    Spongy & Licky

  9. Oh Tiffy, we are so happy to meet!! We hope you like being a part of our blogger family! We are so excited to have you!!

    I call her the momma, but I think whatever you decide to call Miss Michele will be fine!! It sometimes takes us a little time to find just the right name, but you'll know it when you say it!!

    Can't wait to get to know you!!



  10. Hi Tiffy
    Oh my gosh,,, you are marching around in your big yard and you do not even have a leash on. Your free! You are so cute looking through the fence. What did you see?
    I just love your baby pink sweater... what a sweet baby girl you are!
    You are going to have som much fun in your new home and angel Stubby will watch out for you.
    Do you know that he helped to choose you?
    And I am so glad that Stubby led you and your mom and dad to each other...
    In answer to your question, well.. I have 2 moms... i think I forgot to tell you cause I was so excited last night, but I call one of my moms - mommy and the other mom is mama.
    I wonder what you will decide on.... I think you will know when you find the answer.
    Don't worry Tiffy... I will not tell anyone that your eye site is perfect. Life is all about treats.
    You have the nicest home and you have the most wonderful parents,,,, you are going to be soooo spoiled.... just like me.
    I just want to say one more time.

  11. Hi Tiffy!
    Don't let that so called vision loss hold you back. They claim I am virtually blind in my right eye, and the left about 30%. hasn't affected my life negatively in one way. In fact, all my other senses like hearing and smell, are sharp as tacks!
    You look so sweet and polite waiting to go outside.
    I like Maw, like howie pee pants says, or auntie. You'll know when you know.

  12. Hello Tiffy! So glad that you have a forever home with Stubby's mom and dad. They loved him a lot, and we know they love you, too. It takes very special people to adopt very special pugs. Sounds like you have landed in the very perfect spot.

    That whole eyesight thing is overrated anyway. Quincy, our foster brother who passed, was blind. He got carried everywhere and rode in a stroller. It didn't slow him down either! He swam and wandered around in the yard and followed his nose to every treat. Milk it for all it's worth!

  13. hi tiffy!
    oh what a wonderful day you had exploring!
    you are so beeeeeutiful!
    do you have a favorite accent? that would be fun to think about if one name rolls off your tongue easier than another.
    i always loved seeing the name mum instead of mom.
    that is a fun question you raised.
    i will have to think about that one too!
    i am so glad we were both adopted on the same day to our forever families!
    luv u!

  14. Hi Tiffy,

    Super cute in that sweater! Yup, I thinks you are right..... one spoiled girl in her forever home!

    Now I call my Mum...... Mum. We spells it the British ways as my Mum has Scottish roots. Hmmmm for yous I likes "Mom" or "Momma". I thinks that "Mah" is not feminine enoughs for a pretty girl likes yous.

    You are lucky to haves that big yard to explores. I can't wait to hear of more of your adventures.

    WInston Wilburs

  15. Dear Tiffy:
    This here is your foster bruther Howie. Here is what I called my maw yesterday:
    etc etc
    I think there were a few more, and I'll send you those later via peemail.
    H. Pee

  16. Dearest Tiffy,

    First off, Winston wants to let you know that he is smitten by your good looks and pink sweater.
    Secondly, Clementine wants you to know there are other cute pugs around the block SO DON'T GET ANY IDEAS. Ahem.

    Finally, they both want to let you know that they call us Mami and Papi. It is our little nod to the French. But I bet your new pawrents will be happy with whatever you choose!

  17. Tiffy,

    You do not have to measure up to Stubby, because you are Tiffy and you will do your own great things!

    I love your clothes. Who is your designer?