Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Public Enemy #1

I have just about had it.  First the chipmunks were eating my strawberries and now I have a critter on the loose who is ruining my yard.  Sheesh!  What's a Tiffy got to do to secure her castle?  

Would you look at all the holes surrounding me?  Something has been digging huge holes everywhere in my yard.  Some of the holes are so big that I have fallen into them.  As if!

What a mess!  Daddy isn't very happy about this because he prides himself on having a nice yard.  I'm not too happy about it because I get dirty walking in all the holes and you guys know how I feel about having dirty toes - HATE IT!

What on Earth would do such a thing?  The yard is ruined, I tell you. 

I even think the critter is responsible for exploding the mum.  Momma was none too happy when she saw this.  

I've stepped up my patrol.  I will work day and night to catch this critter.

I'm hot on his trail already and I will not sleep until he is removed.

"I'm coming to get you, you crazy critter!  No one ruins Tiffy's yard.  No one!"

"What's that, Momma?  Time for dinner?  
I will be back, critter, so you better watch out!"


  1. Tiffy, we love your mad face in the 1st picture! When we 1st moved into this house, before Mack and I were born, 28 years ago, hu-mom said there were critters in the yard like you have. We had an outside kitty and guess what? He took care of the critters in a couple of months! We don't have outside kitties anymore but it sure did work. Good luck in your hunt.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Hey Tiffy! We are in total agreement with Minnie and Mack...that first picture of you is priceless! I have no doubt you are gonna get that thing! After dinner, of course!

  3. Tiffy, I'm sure your stepped up patrol will catch and dispatch the critter in no time! But, of course, as Payton said.... after dinner!!

  4. Hi Tiffy,
    Good luck on your patrols. With your determination, the creature will be gone in no time.


  5. Hi Tiffy
    You look like you mean serious business! If that critter is smart, he will get the hint by looking at your face!
    I know you will solve the mystery. A full tummy always helps

  6. That first picture makes you look like an angry prairie dog! Tee hee!
    We have some critters that have moved in to the room where our furnace lives. Mom is still trying to figure out a way to make them leave that doesn't involve anything icky. She's hoping to reason with them first. Good luck to your family on their quest to evict the varmint!

  7. Git 'em, Tiff! GET 'EM!!!

    PEE S: My mom has resorted tuh sprinklin' cayenne pepper on 'er flowers. Seems tuh help!

  8. Did my arch nemesis Gracie the cat move to your yard??? Good you can have her! Patrolling ones own yard is a very hard job and you're doing it very well. Go to it Tiffy!!!

  9. OMG Tiffy! What kind of jackassery is going on in your yard??? Did a HONEY BADGER move in on your turf?????

    Mom LOL'D at the "assploded mum"! HAHAHAAAA!

    Tell dad to stick the hose down one of the holes and flush out the critter, then smack him over the head with a shovel when he comes up. That's what Mom said her dad used to do (she is still traumatized...but the yard always looked nice!)

    Good luck!


  10. Hi Tiffy!!

    Maybe when Stubby comes back on Day of the Dead he can scare the critter out of your yard! Better leave EXTRA pujas out for him, I know he wouldn't want your Mamma upset.

    Maybe you should make cardboard cut outs of you in the first picture and put them all over the yard so that nasty critter knows you. mean. bizness!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  11. Tiffy, how dare any creature invade and destroy your yard!! I hope you and your daddy catch him and give him what for!! If we need to, we'll put together a Princess Patrol to make sure this comes to an end!!



  12. Oww Tiffy what creepy critter could be lurking in your back yard?? I think you need to do some sniffing around to investigate the situation! I know you will get to the bottom of it all and catch those garden wrecking pests! I love all of the photos of you, you are such a cutie at all times but I love the first photo of you and your gorgeous Pug eyes! Love, Licks and pHUGS Frank x x x x x x

  13. If you need help, let us know. I will go anywhere to get away from this stupid snow!


  14. Have your mom and dad ever seen "Caddyshack"?? I think you have gophers...

  15. hi tiffy!
    no worries at all!
    that critter does not have a chance with you on duty!