Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I know I'm almost a week late in posting pictures from my very first Halloween but don't blame me.  Momma has been crazy busy with this and that so there's been no Tiffy time.  WAH!

I also just realized I am missing the Spooky Sunflower Soiree over at Wilma's house!  Please forgive me, Sunflower Girls, for having a slacker mom. 

Momma bought me several Halloween costumes, one of which I sent to my good friend Payton because it was too big for me.  I thought maybe I was out of the woods until Momma came home with this crazy costume.  I wouldn't even hold still so Momma could take my picture.

"Even though there's pink on this costume, I do not want to be a unicorn.  Take this crazy thing off me!"

Momma thought I would make a good witch but I wasn't having any of that hat stuff.  Nope.  Nothing on my head but kisses, thank you.

I really love my fairy wings but they're not a costume.  I don't have a pretty dress that goes along with them like my bff Tweedles does.

I tried to fly away from costumeland but my attempt was unsuccessful.  

And then it happened.  I saw this thing


"Momma, why is this baby gate blocking the door?  What's that?  It's for my safety?"

"I don't understand, Momma.  Why can't I run outside to greet the trick-or-treaters?  I promise not to run in the street and get hit by a car."

 Momma was having none of that 'I promise' stuff.  She doesn't trust me at all.  I admit that I like to chase people and cars but that doesn't mean I am going to play in traffic.  As if!  I used to live on the streets and I survived. 

"Don't make me put Gloria Gaynor on the iPad and sing at the top of my lungs!"

Even this ghost couldn't talk Momma into removing the gate.  Sigh. I was upset but knew that I had to get my act together because the trick-or-treaters would soon be arriving.  I checked the costume pile one last time and decided that I would dress down this year. 

That's right, folks.  I decided to divide my football allegiance in order to maintain peace in the house.  So a Bears cheerleader I was, even though not many trick-or-treaters could see me in my cute costume.  Maybe next year I will send Momma away on Halloween so that I can give out candy without wearing a costume and without being confined to the house by a baby gate.  


  1. Hi Tiffy!! So many costumes! And I think you look great in all of them! But I see the disgust on your face in the first flying unicorn picture. I guess these mommas of our can be crazy sometimes, huh? My mom says that the baby gate is a really good idea and we're going to do that next year. Which is better than dad holding me while all of these strangers come and steal our food! At least this way I can be up close to all the action. Oh, and your decorations are really cool too! I hope you had a good Halloween anyway, despite all the costume changes and gate.

  2. I love the wings. You need a dress to match, and that will be the best one, I think.

  3. OMG had more wardrobe changes in a day than I do in most weeks!!! That unicorn costume was FABULOUS!!!!

    Did you get a lot of trick or treaters?


  4. Hi Tiffy! No worries on the party, you were there in spirit. In fact, you were even ther in costume, but with all the no power crazy weather business, Mom didn't have the time to help me with all my fabulous friends and their costumes. Besides, we got ourselves in a heap of trouble that it's gonna take a while to talk ourselves out of.
    We were at my Grammy and Grampy's for Halloween, and I know they were wishing for a gate at the door. I think that may have been one of the times they were praying for us to get our power back ASAP! We were kinda jerky. Especially Sluggo.

    We will have another Sunflower event soon, so let's start planning soon!

  5. I admire you Tiffy, I would never have tolerated all those changes. I was a little nasty this year and refused to wear ANY costume. I liked your wings! I must teach you how to jump over those baby gates, Mom hasn't found one yet I can't jump over or head butt my way through. It's a talent.

  6. Tiffy, you look cute in your unicorn and witch outfits, but those wings are just adorable on you! And of course the Bears cheerleader, too! And what's up with the baby gate?? I hope you got a little Halloween treat for putting up with all that!

  7. Tiffy oh that unicorn costume is too much! We love the cheerleader one the best!

    The Girls

  8. Tiffy you were so cute in all the costumes! I had wings on mine, I was Tinkerbell! We aren't crazy about baby gates either, but there are a few up at our house to keep peace between kitties. We love the decorations at your house!
    Mack and I did not get any candy on Halloween. None of the trick or treaters dropped any but we ran out and greeted them and were right they waiting for one to drop!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. Tiffy! But you look so CUTE in a costume!!!

    Come on, give 'em a try. ;)

    Hugs -


  10. What is it about humans dressing up pugs? It seems that your momma has as many outfits for you as ours does for us. We went to several Halloween parties this year and she made us wear a different costume to each one. However we don't think we looked as cute as you did in all of yours. We hate to say it, seeing how miserable you were with it on but the unicorn was quite cute. Next year maybe you can talk you momma into being a streaker for Halloween-they're naked and they run on football could work.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  11. Hi Tiffy
    To tell you the honest truth, you did look cute in all those costumes. That unicorn was so funny! And the witch- how adorable a face!
    Your a cute cheer leader. That costume was perfect for you.
    But now, I just got to thinking something.
    With those beautiful wings,, well you and me could fly anywhere we want to be,,, just as simple as 1,2,3 !!
    I loved all your decorations. And as far as the baby gates,, well,, my moms seem to have a thing for them, because they are everywhere at my house.
    I loved your halloween. Thanks for sharing with usm my BFF!!

  12. Tiffy this here is your snugbuddy Cowboy Howie. I am sorry yew got throwed in the slammer fur Halloween, especially cuz you had sixteen hunnert costume changes at the tips of your cute lil paws. I am gonna get on my horse and come rescue yew. If you find that critter in your yard and decide to have a BBQ, call me! *makes call me sign by his ear*
    xoxox PeeMan

  13. Awww Tiffy what a Halloween you had! It seemed to be all tricks and no treats for you! I love all your decorations in the house and I really love all your very cute Halloween costumes! You look spooktacular as a witch and you look so wonderful in pink wings! Don’t worry Thanksgiving and Christmas is next and that means loads of food for you! Love and Licks and big Phugs Frank xxxxx

  14. hi tiffy!

    oh that looks like the best halloween ever!

    i think your mom loves you just a little bit. :)

    we love you too!