Friday, April 1, 2011

I Learned From The Best!

Momma is a little mad at me today.  I gave her my best Tiffy tooth grin but not even that changed her mood.  I'll tell you what she's mad about later but for now I have to tell you what I got to eat today. 

Have you guys ever had one of these yellow things?  Momma called it a banana but I call it yummy.  I had no idea what it tasted like but when Momma asked me if I wanted some I did my very best pug dance.  I was starving and was getting weak in the knees.  I knew if I didn't eat soon I was going to pass out so I took a chance with this banana thing and now I'm hooked!

Momma was very slow to open the banana despite my crying.  Why is she so slow? 

Nom, nom, nom!  Pure heaven!  Total bliss!  More please!  Momma only gave me a little bit of the banana because she wanted to save some for later.  What?  I don't believe in saving food for later because Momma can always go to the store and get me more.  That's what Mommas are for, right?

The banana made me tired for some strange reason.   Does that ever happen to you?  Maybe it has special sleeping medicine in it.  I like to tuck my tippy toes under my body and curl up in a little ball when I sleep.  Momma says I look like a kitty.  I've never seen a sleeping kitty but I do know that this style of sleeping is very comfy.

But soon it's time to stretch out and then I look like bat girl.  Hey, where's my cape, Momma?  

So I mentioned that Momma was mad at me but I'm still not sure why.  You see, when I was at my foster house I participated in the Howie PeePants boot camp indoor peeing program.  Howie is the best teacher ever and I totally aced the program.  I have been using what I learned around the house today but for some reason Momma doesn't appreciate my efforts.  I worked very hard at the boot camp and all for nothing.  Howie told me that Momma would really appreciate me peeing on the carpet but maybe he meant that his momma would appreciate it, not mine. 

I'm so confused and in big trouble.  I sure hope Momma doesn't ship me back to Texas because I really like it here.  Momma is slowly getting back to normal with all the healing I've been doing and if I leave now she will suffer a huge setback.  Maybe I should just forget everything I learned from Howie.  What do you guys think I should do?


  1. Tiffy, Tiffy, Tiffy...I don't know if it is a good idea to be listening to the master of badness Mr. Howard P. Pugpants. What did sweet little Miss Annie Belly try to teach you?? I would stick with Miss Annie Belly. Better safe than sorry, ya know....I'm just sayin'...
    Pug Hugs,
    Little Janie Poo
    It sure makes it difficult...what's a girl to do when Howie is SO darn's a dilemma that for sure.

  2. Hi Tiffy,
    That banana looks taaaasty! I like to sleep the same way. Very comfy.
    As far as the pee thing goes. I don't think there is anything you could do that would make your Momma give up on you, but you may want to cut her some slack. See, if she has to spend money on stuff to clean pee and new rugs and stuff, that means less toys and treats for you. Leave the peeing inside to the boys. That's what I do.

  3. Hola Tiffy!!!
    Oh we agree with Wilma, she is very Wise!! Toys and treats are more important!!
    Spongy & Licky

  4. Oh Tiffy, Howie played a joke on you! Don't pee in the house - you need money for toys, not pee cleaning!

    Ask for a trade. More bananas, less peeing.

  5. Tiffy, I don't think your momma would ship you back to Texas. You're doing such a good job of healing her up that a little pee cleaning is a small price to pay. But, maybe, just to be sure, try to do that pee stuff outside, in that huge backyard you have! You are so adorable curled up sleeping! I'm glad you liked the banana -- they are quite tasty, aren't they? :)

  6. Tiffy oh girl you need to forgets what Howie told you. That is only allowed in Texas I thinks. Sequoia just tried this yesterday in the kitchens (tile) and oh our Mom was mad. I totally get it (it was rainy outside). Anyways you look super cutes as bat puggy sleeping!

    Tuni Woons (Triple T's unite!)

  7. oh Tiffy
    what a Tiffy to do?
    Tell mamma that you need treats everytime you go outside to go pee pee.. that is what i do- i tell moms the rules.!
    Your so cute in your little bed,,, you look like a little deer!
    Hey Tiffy- I love nannans too!
    nitey nite

  8. Bananas are yummy. We get to share with my mom when she has one. My Boxer sister, Snap, whines and moans because she loves bananas so much.

    Don't worry about the peeing. You'll get the hang of it. Well, your new mamma will - she'll have to learn the "look".


  9. Oh, GAWD, batgirl....bananers are the BEST!

    Um....I sure hope ya git yer money back from Howie Peepants Boot Camp Indoor Peeing Program!

  10. Hi Tiffy. I LOVES LOVES LOVES bananas! I get some in my breakfast all the time. Mommy said it is healthy for me. As for peeing in the house. . . We all have accidents now and then. If I am mad at my Mommys for some reason (like they left me home when they had fun somewhere else) I MIGHT accidentally pee pee in the house. But now that I am a mature 20 months old, I don't have too many accidents anymore. You are still learning your Momma's rules. I am sure she understands.
    Love Noodles

  11. Dear Tiffs, this here is Howie. Please turn on yer decoder thingy, so our maws can't read this. WUTT? SHE DONT LIKE THA PEEIN? BUT WE SPENT SO MUCH TIME ON THAT!!! I think yer maw needs to rip out all the carpet and invest in Bounty, like my maw did. Sheesh, really, if a puggy things in practical terms, it's all jest so easy. Jest yesterday while I maw was cleanin my puddle in the dining room and yellin at me (yes, she yells all the time, tell Aunty Michelle, k, so she will let me move in) but anyway, jest as she was yellin at me, I walked over right in fronta her and peed on the leather ottoman. HAWWWW. *howie holds sides laffin*
    Pee Ess, where is this store with all tha food? I need the address pronto!!!
    Your best pal,
    Foster bruther Howie Pee

  12. Oh my goodness. Tiffy - you leave that peeing stuff to the boys. Girls can only get away with that if you back up to something to make it look like the boys did it so you can just deny away because the humans will never be able to figure it out for sure who did it! I just made myself dizzy 'splainin' that. Xena lifts her leg like a boy sometimes. I would never! But everypuggy is right...less peeing means more treats and toys and clothes!!!

    Angel Bailey, Diva extraordinaire <3

  13. hi tiffy!
    oh nanas are yummy!
    did you know that is one of tweedles favorite foods?
    we love seeing you all comfy in your bed.
    i can tell that is a super happy pug sleep!
    a & m