Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Scream, You Scream

I've had this day marked on the calendar for quite some time but I guess I lost my mind this morning and didn't remember that today was the day when I woke up.  Duh!  Today is the day of Page's Healthy Paws ice cream social!

I wanted to wear a pretty dress to the social but Momma said it was too hot out for a dress.  Bummer!  So off I went, naked as a jay bird, to get some ice cream and other treats!

We live pretty close to Page's and Momma and I stopped in there the other day to talk to Jody, the owner, about my licking issues.  Jody wasn't there but we were told she would be there today.

A nice lady gave me an ice cream and I immediately went to town eating it.  Daddy thought he had to hold it but I told him I could eat it on my own.

"It's okay, Daddy.  Put the ice cream down.  I can handle it, trust me."

Nom, nom, nom!

I devoured my ice cream while patriotic Snoopy looked on.

After I finished my ice cream we went into the store.  This big, huge great dane puppy was in there and he totally wanted to play with me.  I introduced myself and then the puppy took off to do a little self shopping.  Oops!

All that ice cream wore me out so I took a little nap on the way home.

Jody told Momma and Daddy to put me on a raw diet to see if it helps.  Raw?  I'm not really sure what that means except that the food isn't cooked.  Are any of you on a raw diet?  Is the food good?  I'm a little worried but I told Momma that I would try it for a few days.  

Jody gave me a sample bag of food that will last for two days so I'm going to start on it tomorrow.  While we were checking out a vendor gave me an oral stick which smelled delicious.   As we headed toward the door a nice lady vendor gave me a Stella and Chewy's raw treat and it tasted pretty good.  She also gave me a free sample to take home.  

I love going to Page's because everyone there is so awesome.  The service is outstanding and Jody and her staff really understand dogs and their issues.  Momma loves going there for those reasons too, plus the fact that she loves to support local businesses. 

I will update you on the raw diet next week.  If it works than Momma has a decision to make -  does she buy my food or make it?  


  1. Tiffy, I'm so jealous! What a fun day! I just love ice cream! Maybe you can take me there next time I'm in Chicago? If the raw diet doesn't work or it's just too much of a change, try the dehydrated food that I'm on. It's Honest Kitchen and came highly recommended. It's supposed to have a lot of the same benefits of raw, but, well, it's not raw.

  2. Tiffy you were nakeds oh my I am sure some peoples were looking at you in the buff eating icecreams :) Hope all works out with the diet...Im on the "it smells and grosses out Mom" diet I loves it!!!


  3. hi tiffy!
    oh what a yummy day you had!
    i am still on 100% puppy food until i am 1, but mom said she had emmitt on raw food for one meal (sojos + 1 nature's variety meat medallion & veggies) and avoderm dry for one meal for years and he really did well on it.
    she said that is her plan for me too when i am old enough. :)
    archie poo

  4. Hi Tiffy
    What a fun day you had!
    That ice cream that you were eating looked so yummy. I wish I could have some too.
    I don't have that kind of diet Tiffy.. but many doggies do. It is so nice that the peoples at that shop care so much about helping furries.

    We must find something to help your itchies

  5. Tiffy, that ice cream social looked like a lot of fun!! We hope you get your diet worked out!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Elie

  6. that ice cream looks so good.

    Tubby eats raw food (natures variety) and he loves it. We also eat honest kitchen freeze dried raw sometimes, Ping likes that. Unfortunately it costs too much to feed the big guys the pre made raw

  7. Check out aunt Jennies home made raw food

  8. Tiffy, that ice cream looked delish! Mom makes ours for us. 32 oz plain, fat free yogurt, 1 mashed banana (overripe is perfect), 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of honey. Run through the blender, pour into cups (the paper kind that people use in the bathroom work well) and freeze. If you might be allergic to peanut butter, soy butter or almond butter works, too.

    We have some frozen raw food as back up food when mom can't make ours. We've used Stella and Chewy's and Primal. Honestly, we eat anything.

    If your mom is not a fan of meat in general, the frozen kind might work better for her. There are places like Aunt Jeni's that will even ship your food to you!

    Good luck! We are doing so well on our hormone balancing treatment that we don't have itchies from food anymore.

  9. Klausie eats the Nature's Variety raw, and he loooooves it! He's been on it since he transitioned from puppy food and he's done really well on it. Natty eats kibble b/c she's on a limited ingredient diet, but we may try it for her too someday. :)