Friday, July 22, 2011

Public Enemy Number One!

It decided to curl up in a blanket this morning because it was pouring down rain.  We really needed the rain because the rain barrel was almost empty.  Even the loud thunder didn't disturb my sleep.  I was tired, tired, tired!  Why so tired you ask?  I have been busy trying to rid my life and my backyard of public enemy number one.  He's still lurking out there somewhere but I'm hoping he got washed away with today's rain.

All the trouble started earlier this week.  Momma and I went out to water the strawberry plants and some of the berries were missing.  "What's that, Momma?  The berries are gone?  Who would take my berries?  WAAAAAAHHHH!"

"You think you know who did it, Momma?  Where is he?  I need to talk to him asap!"

Momma explained that the enemy is very sneaky.  He moves fast and it's very hard to catch him.  And, he fights back when attacked.  Eek!  What am I going to do?

If you see this guy please proceed with caution.  He's armed and dangerous, should not be trusted, and is known all over the county as public enemy number one.  If he should cross your path please be warned that a black cat crossing would be safer.  I'm just saying.

Momma has spent the last few evenings moving the strawberry plants all over the yard.  Tonight they will spend the night by the swing.   Please keep your paws crossed that all the berries will be there in the morning.

Just look at all those empty stems!  Grrrrrr!

So instead of doing this tonight I will be drafting a counter terror attack plan.  Come tomorrow morning, the plan will be in place.  Look out chipmunk!

And if you're reading this Mr. Chipmunk, I'm making plans to take you down.  Momma will be putting the plans into place tomorrow so be warned.  I have some important business to attend to this weekend out of town but that doesn't me I'm not watching you.  I've got my eyes on you, even though I can't see.  I will win this war because no one eats Tiffy's strawberries but Tiffy.  No one!


  1. That dirty little berry-stealing vermin! I'm not a huge fruit fan, but I'd be super P-O'd if some critter was stealing my eatables. Go get 'em Tiffinator!!!

  2. Better watch out for those pesky animals! I can't believe he stole your stuff! The nerve of some people!
    Glad you found a good place to curl up!

    Minnie Moo

  3. Tiffy
    You caught that little guy with the berry right in his little paws! There is no escaping for him now!
    If I was him,, I would be very afraid!
    And he should get very dizzy tonight, if he goes looking for the basket,, because it will be gone to a new spot on your patio.
    I hope you catch the little chipy.
    No wonder you are exhaugsted!
    You go get em Tiffy!

  4. I think that chipmunk is pretty cute, but none of that matters if he is stealing your food...and berries are yummy! Go get 'em Tiffy! And with that tough look you are giving the camera in that last photo, I bet that furry thing is shaking in his boots!

  5. That chipmunk doesn't know who he is messing with!! Go get 'em Tiffy!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  6. Oh my goodness--the chipmunk is so cute!

    Also mom saw your message about the herbs on our blog. Basically we do google search or talk to our vet to dosages. Mom did find this product

    at only natural pet store. She has never given us Echnicia. Mom usually buys us human herbs but thats because with all of us its less expensive then buying doggie tonics. Also its important to find out if too much of a substance is bad. Probably you could talk to the vet about that

  7. Let us know if you need reinforcements. My big brother, Puck, is a master squirrel chaser. I'm sure his skill is easily transferred to chipmunks.

    Nobody messes with Tiffy's berries!

  8. TIffy if you need back up I can send Emma and Sequoia their to help out. Mr. C is no match for you Tiffy!!!!


  9. Tiff, honey....this chipmunk terrorism is widespread I tell ya what. We got a couple of 'em that make my mom crazy.

    Too bad I'm too dang lazy tuh chase 'em.

  10. OMP terribles just terribles. Tiffy, that chipmunk better watch outs if he knows what is good for him. Mum puts most of our veggies in the front near the door. The only thing out back is beans and peas. You know whats? My enemy is SLUGS! Mum found out that they just started to attack the lower branches of the peas. Mum is ticked with a capital T. The stuff in the front is so fars so goods but Mum is worried abouts the birds eating our strawberries when they bloom. Our weather has been so wet and colds Mum is wondering if our berries will bloom at all! Our cucumbers is doing great!!!!! Must be cuz of all the rain!


  11. oh my gosh tiffy!

    this is war!

    i have my strawberry sweater vest and hat (er um) i mean strawberry armour and helmet on and i am coming right over to help fight off that sticky sweet full of tiffy's strawberries chippy!

    archie poo

  12. Uh oh! Mess with a woman's food and you will find yourself in trouble. Chipmunk buttkicking is about to go down.
    We have your back Tiffy. Um..if you have a minute, could you come over and take care of the bird that taunts us? Thanks.

    Kitty and Coco