Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi friends!  I thought Momma would never get back from her trips.  She was gone for so long that I almost forgot what she looked like when she picked me up a couple of days ago from the poodle's house.  Bad Momma!  After 13 days away from me, Momma is trying hard to make up for lost time.

I'm still tired from hanging out with the poodles but I'm so glad to be back home.  Momma had a great time with the turtles and can't wait to go back again next year.  I was Daddy's girl while Momma was gone and then all of a sudden he took me to the poodle's house.  I had only been there one other time for a few hours so I really didn't know what to expect.  And I wondered why I was even there.  Where was Daddy going?

It turns out that after Daddy dropped me off at the poodle's house he went to the airport to pick up Momma.  Momma was home for a few hours before her and Daddy went back to the airport to get on a plane headed for San Francisco.  They went out there to attend a wedding but they also met up with some of my friends.

Momma and Daddy spent the 4th of July with my good friends Spencer, Bellatrix, Puglet, Dutch, Phoebe, and Zoey.  I so wish I could have been there but Momma says I'm too spazzy to fly.  Lucky for me, my friends gave Momma gifts to bring home to me.

The only treat Momma has given me so far is the flossie that Spencer gave me.   How did Spencer know that I love flossies? 

I hate posing for pictures with treats so as soon as Momma wasn't looking I grabbed the flossie.  

The flossie was so delicious and didn't last for long.  Yummy!

All that flossie eating made me sleepy.  While I was sleeping I dreamt about eating all the other treats that Spencer gave me and playing with the stuffies Spencer, Zoe, and Phoebe gave me.  Thanks again for the great gifts!

It was hard not to think about what had happened over the past two weeks while I was sleeping.  While I was having fun with Daddy and the poodles some of my friends left to go to the Bridge.  I'm saddened by this as I know all of you are.  I never got to meet Molly and Lilo in person but Stubby did.  Momma told me that Molly was old just like Stubby and that both of them liked to watch old tv shows and go to the early bird specials at the buffet.  She also told me that Lilo was a true diva who had a pretty dress for every occasion.  

I know that Molly and Lilo are with Stubby and all the others having a great time at the Bridge. Maybe they were called to the Bridge because someone up there needed them even though they were needed here on Earth.  They touched so many lives in the short time they were here.  I know I will meet them in person one day but in the meantime I am going to meet their parents later this year. 


  1. Tiffy!! Glad to have you back! I'm glad you're happy at home now. We too, were saddened by the losses, but it's happy girls like you who heal hearts!

  2. We've missed you so much, Tiffy! Thanks for all these pictures to remind us about how cute you are! Glad you are back blogging and your mom (and then mom and dad) had a safe trip. I hope those poodles were nice to you! What a great stash of presents you got...such generous friends!

  3. It's just not the same when your not around Tiffy.. We all missed you.
    And now were happy that your family is back together again.
    What you said about Omolly and Lilo.. I know is so true,, they must have been needed at the Rainbow Bridge,,,and so they were called.
    Thank you for helping us understand.

  4. Welcome back Tiffy!! Oh we missed ya so much and your sweet face. Look at all those sweet pressie's you received from SF. You are one loved lucky puggy.

    We agree with you about how some friends have left us...Mom is very very sad about this...I think its because I am getting old too. I told her I am doing fine and plan on making her wait on me hand and foot for a very long time to come!

    Tuni Woons

  5. Welcome back Tiffy. We really missed you.

  6. Tiffy!! We missed you!! Those treats look delicious :)

    We are very sad about Molly & Lilo too... We like your thought that maybe someone up on the bridge needed them.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  7. Hi, Tiff! We missed you (and your mommy)!

    We're glad your mommy is home safe and sound.

    It makes us giggle to think of Stubby and O'Mally enjoying the early buffet over The Bridge. :)

  8. YAY! We missed you Miss Tiffy! So nice to see your cute face.

    Tiffy, in our house we like to think Stubby, Nicki & Emmitt in Colorado went to the Bridge because some very special puggies, you, Scarlet, & Archie, needed loving homes.

    Lots of love you!
    Meredith & Scarlet

  9. Hey Tiffy,
    I totally borrowed your 'rents while they were in town. We had a lot of fun, but don't worry. Your 'rents love you so much, they told me all about you! I told them we need to hang out, it sounds like we'd be besties for sure. I think you should ORB your dad (he seems like the push over) into taking your out to the west coast for a pug partay!! I have all these hunky pug (and dalmation) mean around me, what's a girl to do? Share with you!! Come join the harem Tiffy!!!

  10. Squeeeee Yeah you are backs! Oh Tiffy we missed yous!

    We are super sads about the passing of our friends. I never gots to meet them in pugson but I am so sad abouts the loss.

    Luv the flossie!


  11. hi tiffy!
    welcome back!
    we were thinking of your mom and the turtles and we cannot wait to hear about her adventures!
    how fun that then mom and dad got to go to CA for the 4th of July Holiday!
    you are the coolest family ever!

  12. Tiffsey, This here is your foster brother Howie Pee. Rember me? Do you miss me? Do you miss me enough to share that flossie? Maw has not breshed or flosst my teeth in years. I'm gonna report her to the Dental HiGene Board soon. I'm glad your maw made it home. Did she bring you a turtle?

  13. Tiffy, it sure is nice to see your pretty face! Sending big hugs your way, little twinner!!!!!