Friday, November 11, 2011

Cold Weather Woes

Suddenly, like overnight, the weather has turned cold.  Cold as in the low 30s with a wind chill.  Brrr!  This is definitely not Tiffy weather.

I hate the cold but luckily Momma has bought me some winter coats to keep me nice and warm.  I generally run out to the yard, do what I have to do, and than run back in the house but  if I have a coat on I will fully patrol the yard.  Today Momma came home with this coat and let me tell you I hardly felt the cold while I was outside.  

I was fine until the wind picked up and then I ran like crazy back to the door. 

I just don't think I'm cut out for Chicago winters so I think I'm going to head back to Texas for the winter.  I'll be having a garage sale soon since I won't be needing all these warm weather clothes.  

I know, I know, Momma will miss me but it will give her an excuse to get out of the cold to come visit me.  Plus, Howie needs me.  He is constantly calling and texting me begging me to come back to Texas.  What's a girl to do?


  1. Tiffy! That coat is super cute and looks fabulous on you! But you are right, style is not a good enough reason to suffer through the cold weather. Have a fun weekend!

  2. Tiffy Twinner!
    I think you should come here to Okie-homa! It is so WARM. Momma just keeps complaining because, believe it or not, she LOVES winter!

    I have an idea, I will send my momma up there to live with your family. And then you can come here and live with me and we will have no supervision! We will just party and shop and eat snacks all day long!!!!


  3. Pug o Pug Tiffy, we hear you on not wanting to be cold. Scarlet LOVES her cuddly sweater and puts paws up to get them on. She's not fond of her jacket though; she knows if the jacket comes out then it's probably raining & she does not like getting her little toes wet!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. Hi Tiffy
    You can't leave your Momma!!! What would she do without all you love and hugs and good advice? And those nice coats. . . I love in CA where "COLD" is 60 degrees.
    On the bright side, I find I am allowed more UNDER the covers than I was before.
    Love Noodles

  5. Hi Tiffy, I just gotta say that coat looks smashing on you. It is getting chilly up heres too, but I am fine with the cold (Mum says I have Yukon bloods in me). Mum bought me a coats once and when I wore it outside I gots too hot mum had to takes it off me!!

    Anyways I like that your coat says "princess" on it but I was thinkings...... maybe is should say "security" on it insteads?

    Keep on patrolling!

    Winston WIlbur

  6. Aunt V is helping us with our commenting today, and she says she pawsitively LOVES your winter coat (not the furry one). If we were girls, she'd make us wear something like that.

    We've asked Mom to bring out our sleeping bags already. If u don't have one.. xmas gift?? Stay warm Tiff.

    Lots of licks,
    Oakley and Swisher

  7. Tiffy, I had heard your momma went shopping and got some new Tiffy things! That Princess coat is adorable and you are indeed a princess! That said, I do think your momma would miss you so very much if you went to Texas for the winter. Maybe a couple extra blankies and some extra treats might convince you to stay?

  8. Yes ... it is cold in Illinois ... and we're not liking it, either. We have warm coats, too, but yours sure is pretty - but then it's always the pug that makes the clothes, right!?! Pug Hugs, Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

  9. Tiffy
    I just love you new coat! Its so pretty on you.
    Tiffy, I cannoy even IMAGINE you leaving your momma. No way! I know your just pulling my tail.
    Now you need a scarf to bundle around your neck... and you will be just fine.

  10. You look sweet in the coat, look at winter as something to dress for

  11. Tiffy i love that sweater! You always have the best clothes...I have my snuggie on right now its pretty cold here too snow in the hills behind out house already brr. You will get used to the cold, but when it snows that's when you should head south.

    Tuni Woons

  12. 70 degrees! That is the only acceptable low tempature anyone should have to deal with!! Having said that, you sure do look nice in that coat!


  13. Does your coat say "Princess"??? Of course it does. You're right, it gets COLD up here in IL. Make Momma get your a (faux) fur coat, for crying out loud!

  14. TiffyGirl...tell your Momma to FEED YOU SOME NOMMABLES for crap's sake! You need to build up a bit of insulation to help you keep warm for the Chicago winter!

    If you're having a garage sale....will you hold that "Princess" coat for me? I need to wear it to Walgreens late at night to keep warm!


  15. Hi Tiffy!

    We love your coat! Don't worry, this cold weather
    will be over before you know it.

    We hope you stay warm this week!

    -Dana, Daisy and Bruce

  16. Hi Tiffy,
    If you come to Texas we should try to meet in person! I don't see how you do it in the winter? Do you hibernate?


  17. hi tiffy!
    oh you look so cute in yoru new winter coat!
    your mom loves you just a little bit i think!
    you are just too cute for words!
    a & m