Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm kind of bummed out today.  I was suppose to be going on an adventure today but something came up and now I'm stuck here.  

I was going to go on one of these 

Heading to here

To visit this guy.  

Yep, it's true.  Puglet called a couple of weeks ago and asked me to come out to his place.  I was actually going to meet him, Dutch, and their human.   But Pug got the Cough and then Dutch got the Cough and since Momma didn't want me to get the Cough, we decided it would be better if we didn't go.  WAH!

Momma even bought me this cool carrier.  It didn't come in pink so I got a silver one.  Momma has promised to decorate it with pink ribbons so everyone knows it's mine.

"What's that, Momma?  Show everyone how I go in the carrier without being coaxed, offered food, or by brute force?  No one wants to see that!"

I'm not real keen on going in the carrier but Momma has been working with me.  We practiced every day for almost a week before the trip was called off.  I don't really like my whole body to be in the carrier but Momma said that's the only way they will let me on the plane.

The top of the carrier comes unzipped and than it's not so scary.  It doesn't look like I fit in it but I do.  It's designed for dogs up to 15 pounds which is why Momma doesn't give me any treats.  I'm tipping the scales right around 14.5 pounds so every morsel that goes in my mouth means there's less chance I will be doing any traveling.

Momma is much too slow to zip the carrier up when it's fully open.  I know this so I tip-toe in to get the treats she throws in there knowing I won't be trapped.

"Are you sure we can't go, Momma?  I promise not to get the Cough!"

Since I'm stuck at home now I'm looking for stuff to do.  My trip was packed with fun filled adventures so now I have to create my own fun.  Maybe my stuffies want to play.

"I'm bored, Momma.  Let's go somewhere and do something.  I know it's only 39 degrees out but I already have cabin fever."

Maybe I should carve my pumpkin.  Halloween was only 18 days ago and here my pumpkin sits, rotting in front of my eyes.

 "Silly old pumpkin.  What am I going to do with you?  Maybe I can eat you!  How many calories do you contain?"

Maybe if I sit in the carrier Momma will have second thoughts about the trip.  It's not too late to catch a flight today.



  1. tiffy your carrier is way better than my ugly brown one I had to fly in. Looks like your 'windows' are nicer too. Maybe when they are healthy you can visit Pug and Dutch. Mom and I practiced too in my carrier for a few weeks before i flew. We would sit on the couch watching TV while I lay in the carrier. Good luck and hope you get to travel soon.


  2. Aww, Tiffy, I'm sorry your didn't get to go on your adventure. Maybe you'll be able to go at another time when Puglet isn't honking, and Dutch isn't honking (and your momma won't be afraid that you'll start honking). You'll find an adventure at home, I just know you will. That carrier is real cool, and you'll get to use it...just keep practicing (and get a couple of little treats, too)!

  3. Hi Tiffy. I am sorry you don't get to go on the trip but happy you won't get the COUGH. Did you know that I wouldn't fit in the carrier? All 18 pounds of me, besides mom would never take me on a plane. I would figure how to get out of the carrier and investigate all the passengers. lol


  4. Hi Tiffy
    I know your soooooo upset that you did not get to fly in the big bird! But, your momma is smart to look out for you and keep you from getting the honkys.
    Your carrier will look so pretty with pink ribbons all over it! And, soon as everyone is well you will get to go!
    I wonder if your going to start working on that pumpkin!

  5. Trust us ... you don't want that nasty cough! We got it last summer and it was awful. Hopefully you will get your adventure once Puglet and Dutch are feeling better!

  6. Oh, Tiffy. You do look pretty bummed and bored. I'm so sorry that your trip had to be cancelled. It would have been so much fun, I'm sure. Maybe you can go later when Pug and Dutch are 100%? And girl, I am so impressed with you getting in that carrier! Wow! 14.5 lbs or not, you deserve some massive treatage for that! I'm getting cabin fever too cause I can't go outside in this cold and I miss sniffing around and guarding my yard. Well, at least it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas before we know it, and then we get to party...together! That will be fun!

  7. Oh poor Baby, maybe you can go another time when Puglet and Dutch are all better

  8. What a disappointment, but you can't be too careful with your health.

    What brand of carrier is that? We're taking at trip to San Jose next fall, and need to get another carrier.

  9. Oh bummer! I am sure you are so disappointed. Definitely demand some special fun adventure around your neck of the woods. I sure hope you can reschedule your trip for when the boys get better. I know she's doing this for your own good, but stuff for your own good always stinks!

  10. Oh Tiffy, we're disappointed that you don't get to meet Puglet and Dutch but the cough is noooooooooo good! Hopefully you'll get to reschedule asap :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  11. Tiffy, you're doing a great job with the travel case and your practice will pay off before you know it. I'm sorry you don't get to see Pug right now but your health is your Pugrent's priority and that is a good thing, please be thankful.


  12. Tiffy! Can you reschedule? I live very close to Puglet and Dutch. I bet we could all meet up somewhere. Keep us posted. If you do end up coming here I definitely NEED to meet you. We are the same weight, you know.
    Love Noodles

  13. Tiffy, this here is your snugbuddy H. PeeMan. I"m sorry to hear you ain't leavin on that jet plane. I'm thinking you should hitch a ride on the gray hound and come see me instead. Maw said we ain't gettin no turkey, but my Aunty Jackie always slips us something illegal at the holiday table, and it's usually got gravy all over it.
    hugs and kisses,

  14. A big, collective PFFFFT to not getting to see Pug and Dutch! Nasty old cough. Um..warning..if you want to get into your carrier just eat a serving or two of the pumpkin. Whew! Goes right through you.


  15. I am so sorry you missed your trip Tiffy but you did get a very nice carrier for when you can go. Now you have a little bit longer to practice going in it. I hope Pug and Dutch are better soon.

  16. Awwwwwwwww, HAIL, Tiff honey!

    I'm real sorry tuh hear that. You keep practicin' with yer carrier. By the time the trip comes, you'll be a prepared enough tuh fly the plane!

  17. Owww No! I can't believe that you are not going on your wonderful adventure on that big plane especially as you practiced so hard with your carrier! You look so stylish, what a wonderful way to travel! I hope you get to see them soon when they are better, we don't want you getting sick too! I look forward to hearing about the big adventure and also if your friends are better! Love, Licks and Phugs Frank x x x x x

  18. Tiffy!!! You were going to come here?? We totally could have ganged up on Pug and bit his back fat for hours!!! Then we could have snuggled with Dutch, and I would have introduced you to my other man Spencer. Phew, I need help with all these men in my life. I hope you come out here soon, then we can play for days and days.

  19. So sorry sweetie, that is a shame you had to miss the adventure. We would love to meet Dutch, Pug, Bellatrix, and Spencer. Our gal Coco would have to fight you for the Pug's affections though.
    Cheer up and stay healthy.

  20. Sorry your trip got cancelled. Hopefully you'll get to go sometime soon. love the blog!

    Maddy and Owen