Saturday, May 7, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

 I was sound asleep during my early afternoon nap when all of a sudden I heard Momma squeal.  This woke me up but I had no idea what she was squealing about.  Ugh!   I decided to sit tight and listen in when suddenly I started to squeal.  Momma and Daddy were talking about maybe taking me on a vacation.  WHAT?  A vacation?  Me?  Yippee!

I rushed over to Momma's side and she said that nothing is definite yet.  Her and Daddy need to get away but they don't want to leave me behind so I might get to go with.  Might?  That's good enough for me!  

All that vacation talk got me wondering where we might go.  The beach?  The mountains?  The Great Plains?  Hmmm.  What will I wear?  Up to my faux closet I headed to check out my options.

This green coat is not going to cut it at the beach.  It's more of a cold weather type of coat so it will stay home if we go to the beach.  If we go skiing then I'll definitely take it with but I don't think it's ski season any more.

 I love my striped pink and purple jacket but it's not good for the beach either.  Even since Momma took all my summer clothes back to the store my closet has been pretty empty.  Where once a cute bikini, beach cover-up, and sundress hung now only warm weather clothes frown back at me.  Surely there must be something I could wear on vacation.

 I love, love, love my pink sweater.  It's so me!  I wore it on my first full day home and it fits perfectly.  I think I could wear this if we vacation somewhere cool but I think it would be too hot for the beach.

This cute little sweater still has the tags on it!  I'm not sure why Momma hasn't put it on me yet but lucky for her our weather is still sweater weather.  Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow for Mother's Day.

This little white t-shirt came packaged with my "Adopted" t-shirt.  I've never worn it but it might just be the only thing I have to wear at the beach.  But what if it gets wet?

My foster mom Auntie Nancy gave me this little pink necktie thingy.  Momma wrapped it a little too tight around my neck because it looks like my eyes are going to pop out of my head.  

The problem with wearing this at the beach is that sand will get under it and itch.  Back in the faux closet it goes.

 I was so upset with my clothing situation that I turned my attention to my upstairs stuffies to see which ones I would take with me on vacation.  I just couldn't decide on one so I told Momma to pack all of them.  

I can't wait until Momma and Daddy make their final decision on the vacation.  Keep your paws crossed that yours truly will get to accompany them.  If not, then I guess I'm headed off to hang with the poodles.  Hey, maybe I can talk Momma into sending me to Texas to hang out with my hero Howie while they vacation without me.


  1. Paws are crossed that you get to go with your momma and daddy. Vacation is so much fun!
    PS. I'm jealous of your pretty, pink wardrobe! So cute!

  2. Maybe mama should consider some new "custom" cloths? Maybe a sweet little sundress or something???? Our gang loves going on vacation to the beach! We just don't think the beach house owners would be thrilled with FIVE of us?

  3. Oh Tiffy
    You need your own little suitcase if your going on a vacation! One that all your clothes will fit into of course!
    You might need that swim suit after all!
    I cannot wait to hear more about it. I hope there is more squealing!!

  4. A sundress would be very nice. I have also seen some pugs in pugkinnis. We would love to go on vacation with all five our babies, but cant see convincing any house owners to accept five dogs (and some big ones in the mix at that!)

  5. A vacation sounds like a blast!! I am sure your mama will buy you something appropriate for wherever they decide to vacation.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  6. Oh Tiffy that is just way too much to decide upon! I would be totally stressed. Ohhhhh I wonder where you will visit if you get to go on the vacation with your momma.


  7. Tiffy oh you need a lil sun dress sweetie pie! And maybe a small beach hat to keep the sun out of your eyes!

    Tuni n Sequoia

  8. Dear Tiffs, this here is your hero, HowieMan. Why do womens worry about sech things? Where the heck is the picnic basket? Will there be roasted peppers and mebbe some cheese to nibble on the trip? And crackers with sessseemee seeds? See how nice I yam that I am trying to think veggy-tarian fur your maw? Write soon with details about that food. Pee Ess, maw said yew are always welcome to come hang out with us. I told her I would snuggy yew if you stay here, cuz that's my job. xo
    H PeeMan

  9. Hi Tiffy!

    How fun you get to go on a vacation!
    Whatever you wear on your adventure, you will
    look sexy!

    -Dana & Daisy