Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Itchy Scratchy

I'm sad today because Momma said she's going to change my name to Itchy.  So instead of being Tiffy Block I will be Itchy Scratchy.  Ugh!  What an awful name for a princess!

My allergies are going crazy today.  I don't know if it's because I have been outside a lot or if it's because I am just naturally itchy but Momma is worried about me.  

Momma bought this stuff for me last weekend.  She has been giving it to me orally and she also puts it on a cotton ball and wipes my paws with it.  Unfortunately, nothing stops me from chewing on my tippy toes.

Do you think I need another pawdicure?  My tippy toes are a wreck because they spend a lot of time in my mouth.  Nom, nom, nom!

Momma decided she had had enough of the craziness today so she brought out the big guns.

This is what I was taking before Momma bought the licorice.  I was taking 2 pills a day wrapped in Merkt's cheddar cheese - yummy!  I loved these pills but Momma doesn't like giving me drugs.  Do any of you have allergies and if so, what do you take so you don't get all itchy and scratchy?

I am feeling much better now but soon the drugs will wear off.   What's a Tiffy to do?


  1. Aww, Tiffy, that stinks! I've been having lots of sinus drainage, but thankfully, no itches. Maybe you could try oatmeal baths for non-drug relief? You just got to get better...we can't have Tiffy Tip Toes ruining her precious paws!

  2. Awww Tiffy we are sorry you are itchy. We hope you find something that helps you feel better soon.

    Lots of Licks,

    Oak and Swish

  3. Jeepers Tiffy,
    Do you think your name will really change?
    I have itchies sometimes... I just itch al over and then moms say,, "ok that's it,, time for a bath"
    I think a bath does help,, but sometimes it feels good to itch,, especially in the morning.
    My feet do not bother me... but mama said,,, "I wonder if Tiffy has a yeast infection between her toes"
    I guess moms other puggy had that one time.
    I hope someone has some suggestions,,, someone MUST know what to do.

  4. Dear Sweet Tiffy I take those pink pills sometimes too. Make me sleeeeeepppiesss. But I take them for food allergies. We hope you find a fix soon because our Mom loves your tippy toes.


  5. hi tiffy!
    oh i am so sorry you are feeling itchy!
    your momma took such pretty pictures of you!
    i bet one of our pug friends will have an answer for the itchies.
    i think lots of puggies and doggies have that feeling at sometime.
    sending you huge hugs!
    a & m

  6. Gee, Tiffy, we are sorry to hear that you are itchy. We've never had that problem, so we wouldn't be any help to you or your mom. We just hope you feel better.

    Roxy & Lucky

  7. Hi Tiffy,

    Mack is suffering from the same problem. and he is even on allergy shots! Right now the only thing hu-mom has found is the dreaded prescriptions from the vet. But she's like your mom and doesn't like to give us chemicals, but sometimes there aren't any better solutions. So if you find something that works, let us know and we'll keep you posted, too.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  8. Oh no Tiffy! It's itchy dog week! I've been itchy & weird too. We use Ark Naturals Neem Protect Spray for itchies which usually helps. But Mommy took me to see Dr. Hatch, who is super duper nice, cause I was kinda off my game. I have pollen allergies too from the bee-u-Tiff-ful flowers. So I get 1/2 a zyrtec in an organic hotdog sniglet at night (they're Daddies hotdogs but he said he'd share).

    Mommy doesn't like giving my icky medicine either but I am feeling loads better!

    OK, gotta run...bogging is exhausting & Mommy wants the computer back! Definitely tell you're Daddy to keep reading my blog, it's help is patience for sure.

    Super Scarlet

  9. Oh no--we are so sorry you are feeling itchy.

    There was an article in teh whole dog journal that had a lot of stuff about allergies. The new article isnt available online for free yet- but here is a link to an older article

  10. Hi sweet Itchy Tiffy Tippy Toes!!!! Oh no...we were really hoping that liquorice stuff from Page's would have helped!

    What about aloe? You could have mom and dad grow a pot of it for you and break off pieces of the plant to rub the goo on your tippy toes????

    In the meantime...enjoy your DRUUUUUUGS!

    Love and kisses,


  11. Aw, Tiffy. Sometimes you just gotta bring the big guns in if it helps! Itchy scratchy puggies, especially an itchy scratchy Tiffy (!) is not a good thing! Hope your momma finds something that works that she can be happy with!

  12. Miss Rosie has been having a crazy itching time too! We were also giving her the allergy meds, but hated giving them to her all the time! 12 days ago we switched foods and are giving all the gang a more basic food with no crazy additives, no wheat, eggs, etc. I am told it can take up to a month to see if it is really working, but we think it has gotten MUCH better already! Hope yours gets better soon!

  13. Poor baby TiffyToes! Annie and Howie's breeder said that most allergies are food related, and usually protein related. She feeds her babies exotic dog foods like venison and says that helps.... xoxoxox

  14. Hi Tiffy,
    You may not know me but I have been around along time. I read your Angel brother Stubby's blog for about a year and I have been reading yours since you found Stubby's partents as your wonderful forever home! I have never posted but my name is Trunks, I am 9 years old and I live in sunny south florida. My mommy has been dealing with my itchy feet and face for years!!! So here are a few tips, since she doesn't like to give me drugs.

    Mom here:
    From the photos it looks like Tiffy's toes are a bit brown which usually means yeast. Is her under belly or arm pits a bit darker also? If so the best way to keep that under control is bathing in a yeast shampooo from the vet. Trunks can't use Malaseb shampoo but I have been using one that's in a yellow bottle. Sometimes I just let him set with the shampoo on his feet for like 10 minutes once a week and it makes a world of difference, but if she has darker skin on her underbell then you may have to use it all over for alittle while until it get better. I have alot more advise since I have been battling this for a really long time so if you have questions let me know and we can email and talk.

    So glad you found a great forever home. I loved Stubby so much I cried for like two days after readying your tribute!

    Trunks and Mom (Demarus)

  15. We are a little late commenting, but Kitty also has feets problems. She licks and licks and gnaws until she has what looks like blisters come up. The Vet says it is yeast, which is treated with an antibiotic. I've also resorted to covering her feet and forbidding her from licking them. One big irritant for Kitty is CARPET. It sets off all of her allergies including the feet. I also strongly agree about food allergies. Maybe you could try some specialty foods? Hope you get rid of the itchies Tiffy!