Sunday, May 29, 2011

Staying In

I'm mad today because I'm stuck in the house yet again.  Can you guess why?  Yep, it's raining, raining, raining.  Thunderstorms and everything.  

Just a couple of days ago I was zooming around my yard.  Momma always has a hard time taking pictures of me because I am so fast.

I'm perfectly happy just hanging out in the yard chilling as long as the grass is not wet.

I take my job as watchpug very seriously.  Someone has to keep the peeps safe, right?

But I can only work for so long before the urge to run comes over me.   I sure wish the rain would go away so I could do something other than sleep all day.

Luckily for me, I received a surprise in the mail yesterday from my friend Payton that is keeping me busy today.  I couldn't believe it when Momma brought the mail in and announced there was something for me.  What could it be?

The box was wrapped up really good.  Payton was smart to wrap it extra secure so all the contents arrived safe and sound.

Momma opened up the card and read it to me.  It was a thank you card thanking me for sending Stubby's medicine to Payton.

Aw Payton, you shouldn't have!  That was so sweet of you.  

Payton also sent me my favorite treat - a bully stick!  Even though it was wrapped up I could still smell it.

There were also some of Payton's favorite cheese treats tucked inside the box.  Yummy!  Momma told me that Stubby used to eat these treats and that he loved them.  

I decided to save the cheese treats for later and dove into the bully stick.

Give it to me!

Must get in the perfect position to properly eat the bully.

Nom, nom, nom!

Thanks so much for the treats, Payton.   They are just what I needed to keep me occupied until the rain stops.


  1. What a sweet friend Payton is TIffy! Oh and you have some long legs when zooming in the backyard...some pugs are jealous over her...heee heee! We hope it stops beingicky outside soon for you.

    Sequoia Tuni and Emma

  2. Hi Tiffy
    I know that you are so tired of the rain.
    And I see that when the timing is right and the sun is shining.. you run as fast as your paws can run.
    You are really stretched out in those photos,,, zoooming across the grass. Great action shots your mom captured.
    Payton was so kind to send you a gift in the mail,and a special card too. Payton is a good friend. Bully sticks and cheese treats ,, YUM.!!!!!!!
    I know what you mean that you must hold that bully stick just right,,,, and then let those little toofys go to town and start chewing!!!!
    chew chew chew nom,,nom,,, nom..
    I guess we can hope for a dry day tomorrow- right? In the mean time - thank goodness for Payton sending you the gift!

  3. Payton is a pretty special pugger! And wow yous is lucky to get that package, how nice.

    Oh boy can I understand the rain bit. We have had so much grey sky and rain since beginning of April. Probably in that time we have has abouts 10 days of sun!!!!!! It is also colder than normal. We did not have much spring. Mum is all freaking outs cuz of the plants and veggies. Today was sunny with clouds but only 15 degrees! It is almost June! But alas tomorrow is suppose to rains again and for the rest of the week. Mum thinks it might be time to trade in the convertible for an ark.

    Dad is all annoyed with the rain cuz I hate going out for walks in it and he says lately it has been like walking an Anvil!!!!!!

    You and me and Tuni and Sequoia needs to plan a trip to Florida and I mean SOON! Tuni and Sequoia have had the same weather as me.


  4. Tiffy, we came over to see you from Tweedles' bloggy and we are so happy that we did! You are just the cutest, lil' puggy!

  5. Payton is such a sweet puggie to share the meds with you. We continue to cross our paws for you to keep those terrible seizures away.

    Hu-mom complained about the rain, but now she has to water the grass and flowers and is complaining again! Mack and I are glad the rain has disappeared from VA.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. Tiffy,
    I'm so glad the treats arrived safe and sound...and that you are really enjoying them!
    The rain has finally stopped here, but now it's so hot to be outside with the 90 degree temps. I would be especially upset if I were you because that yard of yours is so nice. Lush green grass and so many neat areas to explore and guard! You just look extra adorable on patrol.

  7. Tiffy,

    You're such a great guardpug. It's nice your friend Payton sent you a bullystick to relax with.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  8. oh look at the wonderfful gifts you got tiffy!

    i bet all that rain will dry up soon!

    june and summer are almost here little girl!

    in the meantime, free water from the clouds for your beautiful lawn and stubby's tree is a beautiful thing!

    tee hee!

  9. And the judges give you a 10!!! Your bully chewing form is excellent. I say staying in is totally worth a nice bully stick. Hope it dries up so you can do zoomies again.

    Kitty and Coco