Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my itchy problems.  Momma took Scarlet's advice and bought me some Zyrtec yesterday morning.  I took a half pill in the morning and it seemed to help for a while but then the itchies started again so I got another pill.  This morning Momma gave me a whole pill so hopefully I will be itch free most of the day.  Keep your paws crossed!

Before the weather turned crazy scary yesterday, it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday.  Momma decided that it was time to give me the special treat I picked out when I went shopping with Salinger last weekend.  I was so excited but I knew I had to sit like a good girl and wait for my treat.

As soon as the treat hit my lips I ran with it.  I had to find just the perfect place to eat it.  And the perfect position.  Momma says it's not very lady like to lay like this but I say if it works than do it!

This thing was so good!  Nom, nom, nom!

For some reason Momma thought I would chew on it for a while and then get bored and run around.  Not!  I chewed and chewed my little tippy toe heart out.

It's important to maintain the correct position while eating.  I was so comfy and warm in my yard, loving life with my treat and with Momma.

While I was busy nom, noming, Momma decided to take some pictures of what's been going on in the backyard.  Her and Daddy had just returned from the nursery with a bunch of herb and vegetable plants.  They finally decided to try to grow some food and are even going to grow some for me.  In addition to the plants, Momma bought some heirloom seeds that will be planted in this thing:

Do not ask me while they built this thing but I keep running into it.  It's right in my path along the fence.  I patrol the perimeter of the yard because that's in my job description.  Sheesh, people!  Move this thing!

Momma bought me some pretty Martha Washington geraniums the other day.  It's hard to see in the photo but they are pink and white.  Momma said that every year she put some flowers in this doggy planter for Stubby and that now the planter is mine.  I must remember to water these flowers every day so they grow big and tall.

These flowers aren't in my way but I don't know why they are slow to bloom.  Momma bought them a couple of week ago and so far there are only two little flowers.  Maybe I need to water them.

Stubby's garden is doing good.  It's a little weedy but Momma will be taking care of that this week.  She's also going to plant some more native perennials in it to fill it out.  

Last night's weather was super crazy and it hailed so hard.  The hail was  falling sideways and when it hit the house it was so loud.  Momma and Daddy had to yell just to hear each other.  Thankfully, the damage outside was minor.  I slept through most of the storm because I needed my beauty sleep.


  1. I am so glad you and your momma and daddy are ok! I lay with "frog legs" sticking out sometimes, so don't be self-conscious about it. My mom planted some herbs this year too...they smell so yummy! I think next year they are going to try that box thingy too, so I'll make sure to be involved in the placement planning - thanks for the warning, Tiffy! The garden looks so great...what a neat back yard!

  2. Hi Tiffy Twinner!
    Oh you are so cute with your froggy legs! My momma is jealous of your pawrents' gardening skills. Momma has a brown thumb! heehee!

    I just read your itchy post and I am so sorry. :( You know, I have terrible allergies. All year 'round. We have tried a hundred different things, been through various diets, and lots of over-the-counter allergy meds. Nothing, and I mean nothing helps my itchies except STEROIDS from the v-e-t.

    Momma hates hates hates having me on those. So we go back and forth on what we should do... :( It's a hard position...

    Sorry I'm no help! Hopefully the Zyrtec will help you!

    Pearly Twinner

  3. I think you are sitting very nicely! All your bits are covered! That treat looked very tasty. I'm glad the hail didn't bother you and hope your itchies go away soon!

  4. Hi Tiffy,
    Your grass is sooo nice and thick and green. What a nice place to chew!
    Mack has itchies too and only Steroids help him but hu-mom doesn't like to use them either like Pearl. We are also hopeful that a miracle cure will come along.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. Oh Tiffy, we're glad the Zyrtec seems to help even if you have to take a whole pill. Scarlet sure loves the wee bit of hotdog too as a bedtime snack.

    Keep us updated!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  6. Ms. Tiffy,
    I Toby "used-to-be" itchy man must do a post soon about how I got my itchies to stop. It requires injections...but you don't feel them and you get treatables.
    Your furiend,
    Toby Moses of The Slimmer Puggums

  7. Hi Tiffy!
    What a nice day you had! Warm sunshine and a Bully Stick! Life is sooooooo sweet.
    Love Noodles

  8. hi tiffy!
    oh yours and stubby's gardens look so beeeautiful!
    i love all of the flowers and plants your pawrents picked out for you!
    so fun!
    enjoy your treat little girl!
    you are a special puggy!

  9. Your yard looks lovely, Tiffy! I sure hope nothing there was damaged by yesterday's storm - I was in Georgia watching the Joplin coverage on TV but they kept mentioning that there were bad storms in the Chicago area and the radar showed they were just north of the city.

    You sure have the positioning right for special treat eating!

  10. OMP TIffy those chewies are totally pawsome! I luvs them. Mum has to monitor me when I get one though cuz i go a little crazy and try to eat the whole thing in very few chews.

    Oh the garden is looking lovely. You are doing a goods job attending to it. Keep up with the watering I am sure it will helps. We had a bit of a catastrophe with our veggie garden. We will be posting about it in the upcoming weeks. Mum was not happy with what happened.


  11. Oooohhh such pretty plants!! Be sure to water them often!

    I had one of my duck feet the other day as a nom out in the yard too!!!! I can't make my legs do that frog thing that you do though! That is cool...maybe you can teach me next time we get to hang out!

    Kiss your mom and dad from us, ok?


  12. Oh Tiffy
    I have been trying to leave a coment and I cant!

  13. Oh gosh,,,
    I panicked..
    I need to stop before I mess something up....
    I was soooooo afraid,, but everything looks okay now,,,, i guess.
    Tiffy I hope your itchies get better from that medicines,,,,
    what's a Tiffy to do?
    I love your garden area,,, and that planter box is terrific,,, my moms want one JUST LIKE IT.
    I am glad the big boomers went away,, and I see you had sun today. And what a beautiful frog pose.
    nitey nite

  14. Oh Tiffy,

    I totally understand about the allergies. Lincoln has the worst allergies. That grass you were rolling around in probably didn't help but Mama can't stop Lincoln from doing it either.


    Minnie Moo

  15. Dear Tiffy, this here is Howie. I was real interested in that treat yew got. I noticed in yer frog leg pictures you weren't itchin atall. Tell yer maw if she keeps you busy with them treats, that will take care of the itchies. Let me know if you need halp with anything else. *makes call me sign by his ear*
    H. Pee, Your Snuggy Man

  16. What a nice yard--We have a cement back yard, one of the downsides of being an urban hound