Sunday, May 29, 2011

Staying In

I'm mad today because I'm stuck in the house yet again.  Can you guess why?  Yep, it's raining, raining, raining.  Thunderstorms and everything.  

Just a couple of days ago I was zooming around my yard.  Momma always has a hard time taking pictures of me because I am so fast.

I'm perfectly happy just hanging out in the yard chilling as long as the grass is not wet.

I take my job as watchpug very seriously.  Someone has to keep the peeps safe, right?

But I can only work for so long before the urge to run comes over me.   I sure wish the rain would go away so I could do something other than sleep all day.

Luckily for me, I received a surprise in the mail yesterday from my friend Payton that is keeping me busy today.  I couldn't believe it when Momma brought the mail in and announced there was something for me.  What could it be?

The box was wrapped up really good.  Payton was smart to wrap it extra secure so all the contents arrived safe and sound.

Momma opened up the card and read it to me.  It was a thank you card thanking me for sending Stubby's medicine to Payton.

Aw Payton, you shouldn't have!  That was so sweet of you.  

Payton also sent me my favorite treat - a bully stick!  Even though it was wrapped up I could still smell it.

There were also some of Payton's favorite cheese treats tucked inside the box.  Yummy!  Momma told me that Stubby used to eat these treats and that he loved them.  

I decided to save the cheese treats for later and dove into the bully stick.

Give it to me!

Must get in the perfect position to properly eat the bully.

Nom, nom, nom!

Thanks so much for the treats, Payton.   They are just what I needed to keep me occupied until the rain stops.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No More Rain Days

I can't even open my eyes to look outside because I know it's raining.  It's been raining for about 3,256 days and I'm sick of it.  The rain is ruining my plans and forcing me to keep myself entertained in the house.

Do I look can I can entertain myself?  Duh!  I need Momma to entertain me.  

Since we have been stuck in the house for days you'd think Momma would have a) either gotten lots of cleaning done or b) gotten lots of Tiffy stuff done.  Um, neither have happened.  Momma has been busy running here and there, visiting with this person and that person, lunching, shopping, etc. while I've been left at home with Daddy.

I'm protesting all this Momma fun stuff by sleeping all day. 

Sleeping and ignoring everyone.
Just minding my own Tiffy beeswax while the rain falls on Momma's head as she runs from place to place.

I've also been dreaming about what I'm going to do if and when it stops raining.  Have I mentioned that my garden hasn't been planted yet?  All the rain means no gardening so I fear my garden will never get planted.  No garden means no veggie treats.  This does not make me happy.

Momma did manage to finally finish my blanket today.  This quick-to-make blanket took Momma forever to make because she started it and then put it aside.  It's a good thing she finally finished it because it's only 45 degrees here.  I'm seriously considering moving back to Texas where it's not cold.  My hero Howie needs me in Texas because he's had the sickies.  

I had Momma wrap my blanket around me so I could test out its warmth and I give it two paws up!

Momma wanted to put the blanket on the sofa but I refused to take it off.  I am freezing over here!

Momma was sick of hearing me complain about the cold so she wrapped me up.  Ahhhh!  Nice and toasty warm.  Now if I could just figure out how to make the rain stop I'd be in business.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my itchy problems.  Momma took Scarlet's advice and bought me some Zyrtec yesterday morning.  I took a half pill in the morning and it seemed to help for a while but then the itchies started again so I got another pill.  This morning Momma gave me a whole pill so hopefully I will be itch free most of the day.  Keep your paws crossed!

Before the weather turned crazy scary yesterday, it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday.  Momma decided that it was time to give me the special treat I picked out when I went shopping with Salinger last weekend.  I was so excited but I knew I had to sit like a good girl and wait for my treat.

As soon as the treat hit my lips I ran with it.  I had to find just the perfect place to eat it.  And the perfect position.  Momma says it's not very lady like to lay like this but I say if it works than do it!

This thing was so good!  Nom, nom, nom!

For some reason Momma thought I would chew on it for a while and then get bored and run around.  Not!  I chewed and chewed my little tippy toe heart out.

It's important to maintain the correct position while eating.  I was so comfy and warm in my yard, loving life with my treat and with Momma.

While I was busy nom, noming, Momma decided to take some pictures of what's been going on in the backyard.  Her and Daddy had just returned from the nursery with a bunch of herb and vegetable plants.  They finally decided to try to grow some food and are even going to grow some for me.  In addition to the plants, Momma bought some heirloom seeds that will be planted in this thing:

Do not ask me while they built this thing but I keep running into it.  It's right in my path along the fence.  I patrol the perimeter of the yard because that's in my job description.  Sheesh, people!  Move this thing!

Momma bought me some pretty Martha Washington geraniums the other day.  It's hard to see in the photo but they are pink and white.  Momma said that every year she put some flowers in this doggy planter for Stubby and that now the planter is mine.  I must remember to water these flowers every day so they grow big and tall.

These flowers aren't in my way but I don't know why they are slow to bloom.  Momma bought them a couple of week ago and so far there are only two little flowers.  Maybe I need to water them.

Stubby's garden is doing good.  It's a little weedy but Momma will be taking care of that this week.  She's also going to plant some more native perennials in it to fill it out.  

Last night's weather was super crazy and it hailed so hard.  The hail was  falling sideways and when it hit the house it was so loud.  Momma and Daddy had to yell just to hear each other.  Thankfully, the damage outside was minor.  I slept through most of the storm because I needed my beauty sleep.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Itchy Scratchy

I'm sad today because Momma said she's going to change my name to Itchy.  So instead of being Tiffy Block I will be Itchy Scratchy.  Ugh!  What an awful name for a princess!

My allergies are going crazy today.  I don't know if it's because I have been outside a lot or if it's because I am just naturally itchy but Momma is worried about me.  

Momma bought this stuff for me last weekend.  She has been giving it to me orally and she also puts it on a cotton ball and wipes my paws with it.  Unfortunately, nothing stops me from chewing on my tippy toes.

Do you think I need another pawdicure?  My tippy toes are a wreck because they spend a lot of time in my mouth.  Nom, nom, nom!

Momma decided she had had enough of the craziness today so she brought out the big guns.

This is what I was taking before Momma bought the licorice.  I was taking 2 pills a day wrapped in Merkt's cheddar cheese - yummy!  I loved these pills but Momma doesn't like giving me drugs.  Do any of you have allergies and if so, what do you take so you don't get all itchy and scratchy?

I am feeling much better now but soon the drugs will wear off.   What's a Tiffy to do?

Monday, May 16, 2011

What A Weekend!

Momma told me I should be expecting some special visitors on Saturday morning and look who showed up!  I had never met this gal and her pug before but they were very good friends of Stubbys and they were here to see me! 

I finally got to meet Salinger and his pretty momma Auntie Laura.  They drove all the way up from Indy to visit me, Momma, and Daddy and to hang with us all weekend.  Yippee!

Laura couldn't get over how tiny I was.  She kept saying that I was perfect, perfect, perfect!  Duh!  Of course I am!

I just know she wanted to take me back to Indy with her and Salinger but Momma wouldn't give me up for anything. 

I loved hanging out with Laura.  She played with my ears and told me how lucky I was to have found such an awesome home.

Salinger brought me a whole recycled bag full of goodies! I couldn't believe my eyes when I unwrapped all the cool things inside.  These two stuffies were accompanied by two boxes of Lily Pulitzer animal crackers (yummy!), two bottles of special Tippy Toes nail polish, and more.  Auntie Laura even painted my tippy toes Saturday night!

These treats are all mine - it says so right on the package.  I would have shared some treats with Salinger but we were too busy eating people food!

This beautiful pink t-shirt was in the bag along with a cool black one.  Don't I look pretty?

I took Salinger to my favorite dog store, Page's Healthy Pets to get some foodables.  Momma didn't take any pictures of us in the store because I was out of control.  Sorry Momma, it's just that all that food makes me crazy.

I had to ride in the back seat with Momma on that way to the store and I cried the whole way there.  On the way back, Salinger sat in the back with me and I was perfectly quiet.  Hmmmm.  Hint, hint, hint!

I left some treats in Salinger's room but I also gave him a very special gift.  Momma had bought a two pack of tags a while ago and when I saw them I knew I would wear one and share one.  I wondered to myself who I would share the other tag with and there was only one pug who the tag seemed perfect for.  Momma clipped Salinger's tag on his collar and he loved it.  Mine says "Diva", and Salinger's says "Pampered" because he's not spoiled!

The weekend was over way too quick.  This is us chilling on Sunday morning.  I don't think Salinger wanted to leave.  He loves Daddy and the feeling is mutual.  Momma told Auntie Laura that Salinger can stay with us whenever they go on vacation.  I sure hope they go somewhere soon!

Salinger is one chilled out dude!

Before Auntie Laura left she told me that she needed to talk to me.  Daddy was sitting right there but it was okay because she came closer so she could whisper in my ear. 

She bent down and told me that I had really big shoes to fill.  She told me that Stubby was such an awesome pug and that everyone loved him so much.  He was missed so much but that everyone knew he was in a better place.

As Auntie Laura came closer her voice got softer.  Her whispers tickled my little Tiffy ears and I listened intently as she told me that Momma and Daddy loved me so much.  She said that Momma was so happy and was starting to heal, all because of me.

She made me promise to be good and to always listen to Momma and Daddy.  She invited me to visit Salinger in Indy, too.  And then she gave me a kiss on my little head and told me she loved me.  Awwwww!  I love her, too!

And then Auntie Laura and Salinger were in the car headed back to Indy.  I already miss them and hope I can see then again real soon. 

The reason Auntie Laura and Salinger came to visit was to plant a tree in memory of Stubby.  After he left for the Bridge, they promised they would come to visit Momma and Daddy as soon as the weather got warm.  

Momma and Auntie Laura went to the nursery to get a tree but found this beautiful pink flowering sweet almond shrub and thought it would be perfect.  Momma doesn't have any pictures of the actual planting of the tree because her phone wasn't cooperating.  

The shrub is perfect and I am going to water it every day.  It is going to grow big and tall and fill this corner up.  Stubby always played in this corner and so do I which is why Momma thought this would be the perfect place to plant it.

Thank you again, Auntie Laura and Salinger, for giving me such a magical weekend.  The food, the gifts, the shrub, and the time we spent together were awesome.  Your friendship means the world to me and I will never forget this weekend.  Stubby was one lucky pug to have such great friends like you.