Thursday, June 2, 2011

Helping Momma in the Garden

Some days Momma lets me lounge around and some days not.  The truth is that I love to be outside except when it's raining.  Lately, we have been spending lots of time in the yard because there is so much work to do.

I spend lots of time in this corner guarding the tomato plants.  Daddy got them planted a couple of weeks ago and they are going strong.  The herbs on top of the planters are slowly growing, too and could probably benefit from a little Tiffy watering if you know what I mean.  Too bad they are way up high.  

I can only do what I can do.  The rest is up to Mother Nature and Momma.

Stubbys' garden needs a lot of work.  Some of the plants are growing good but there are bare spots everywhere.  The ground in this garden is so hard and Momma got a huge blister digging in here the other day.

Some plants are going to be moved around and some new plants are being added.  With the exception of the tree, all the plants in this garden are part shade.  Momma has decided to only plant natives from now on so she has been struggling with what to put here.  What you don't see are all the chotskies Momma has yet to put out in the gardens.  She is a little behind this year so I will have to take more pictures once everything is in place.

Half of the spots in the bird house have activity this year.   We haven't seen any babies yet but I'm sure they will make their appearance soon.

This garden by the gate really needs work, too.  Momma has no idea what to do here but she wants to liven it up.

This is the rest of the garden by the gate.   And that's Stubby's rain barrel.  It's one of my favorite places to pee.  It smells just like him.

More work is needed here, too.  I don't know how Momma is going to get all this done this summer but I have a feeling I will be assisting.  The spring was so short that we are under the gun to get things looking good for the summer.

This garden is a train wreck!  The bench that Daddy built years ago needs to be repainted and there are so many weeds that it is going to take days to pull them all.  The bed edge needs to be cut, too.  

It's hard to see in this picture but there are two butterfly bushes that are slowly coming back to life.  Chasing butterflies was one of Stubby's hobbies in his younger days.  The rest of the plants here arrived by birds and some are wanted while others aren't.

Momma got the veggie garden planted last Saturday.  It may look like only half the garden is planted but the left half was planted with seeds.  My carrots were planted along with Momma's beans.  She's a bean freak and says that she would like an entire garden filled with bean plants.  I have no idea what she's going to do with all the beans but I sure hope she doesn't plan on feeding them to me.

This may just be the only garden that doesn't need any work.  Even though some of the plants could benefit from being split, Momma is going to leave things be here because she needs to concentrate on the other gardens.  The little stepping stone says "Dog Crossing" because that's where I cut through to the patio.

Momma bought a native shade plant, wood poppy, to go in this corner.  The shepherd's hook will eventually hold a hanging basket and a bird house.

Ugh!  Momma says that every time she walks by here.  The daylilies need to be split because they grow but don't bloom.   The splitting may have to wait until later this summer because Momma and I already have lots to do.

Trimming this tree and cleaning up this bed are on our list, too. 

Too bad I can't just sit and enjoy the day. 

I might as well go back to bed because all this work stuff is making me tired.  I think it's time to call the landscapers.


  1. Man Tiffy, you and your mom have a lot of work to do! All I can suggest is that you don't stay in the sun a long time without going in the shade once in a while. You'll get sunburned! Drink lots of water too, so you can water the plants!

  2. I also just noticed you live in the same town one of my friends does! How nice!

  3. TiffyGirl...I think Momma and Daddy should put a nice pink shade umbrella out in the yard for you to lounge under!!!

    Have you been watering Stubby's almond shrub???? Does it still have the pretty pink flowers?

    Love and kisses,

  4. Hi Tiffy,
    Mom says she can identify with your Mom. Everywhere she looks in the yard, she sees something that needs to be done. Plus all the rain brought weeds galore, and bugs. I think things are shaping up quite nice in your yard. Tell your Mom, if she needs anyone to help her consuming beans, I am her girl.

  5. Tiffy Woons...that seems like a lot of work. We are still waiting for two consecutive days at 70 degrees to start planting flowers here. We hope this weekend will be the one! Its been so cold and rainy heres. Tiffy you better show us those yummy green beans you grow this summer mmmm Sequoia loves greenie beanies.

    Tuni Woons

  6. Tiffy
    I had no idea your yard was so BIG! Gosh,, all those flower beds and gardens,,,, wow , you and your momma have so much to do. It all looks perfect to me,, but I know your momma has dreams on how she wants it to be.
    I hope you do get some rest and some ice cream too,,cause ice cream makes everything better.
    I like green beans too,, you should try them Tiffy

  7. You have been really busy! The yard is so big and it is looking wonderful and lush and green. We also have some weeds popping up because of all the rain. Don't work too hard! Puggies need a lot of rest...

    Drools and licks
    Minnie and Mack

  8. I really like Sal's idea of the pink umbrella...and then after that maybe you could talk your parents into a personal fan guy that would feed you treats. That would be the life! I think the entire yard looks perfect as it is, and Tiffy, I have to say that you are exercising incredible restraint by not trying to eat the veggies now. I think I would at least give those carrots a good taste know, for quality control.

  9. Tiffy, you've got a lot of helping to do out in that yard! But it's gonna be getting pretty warm out soon, so make sure you take several breaks, request cool beverages (whippy cream optional) and definitely talk your mama into a nice pink umbrella like Salinger suggested!

  10. Thank you for stopping by Joe's blog, the comments have helped us all so much.

  11. TIffy,

    This weekend it has finally stopped raining here! Mum and I are gardening all weekend longs. We luv seeing the pics of the garden. So pretty. Gardening is such hard work. Us pugs have to sit and direct the momma's where to plant and what to cut back. Barking out directions all day long is tough work! We can't wait to sees what happens next in your garden!


  12. hi tiffy!
    oh what an amazing garden and backyard you have!
    we love seeing all the projects you have done and all the ones you want to do!
    how fun!