Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Beachy

When Momma told me we were going to the beach this past Saturday I thought she was joking.  The weather was less than perfect and the beach we were going to was far away.  But go to the beach we did and what a great time I had.  

I couldn't get enough of the sand.  I loved running in it and feeling its coolness between my toes.   And there were so many dogs at the beach including my new friend Apollo.

Apollo was in town from Indiana for the week.  His mom has super important work business but she decided to let him tag along.  His mom called Momma and invited us to meet up at the beach.

 Apollo and I hit it off right away.  I let him chase me and then I chased him.  He has been to this beach several times so he showed me around.  His mom even brought treats to the beach so I had to sit pretty in order to get some.

It was a little cold at the beach so between running and playing I would hang out with Daddy who would pet me and warm me up.  I didn't go in the water because Momma said I would surely freeze.  Apollo went in the water but only to get a drink.

All that playing at the beach made my ears go all crazy.  Some people think I have big ears but others think I have a small head.  My head and my ears are just perfect, thank you, even if they are a little crazy.  

After spending time at the beach we headed over to a restaurant to have lunch.  Momma didn't take any pictures at lunch because I was a little out of control.  She also didn't order me any food unlike Apollo's mom who ordered him oatmeal with granola and fruit.  Lucky for me, Apollo's mom felt sorry for me and gave me some banana.

I'm so glad to have made a new friend.  I sure hope I can see Apollo again soon.  Since he lives in Indiana I think I should plan a road trip there.  Does anypug want to join me?


  1. oh oh oh I wanna comes!

    Oh Tiffy isn't the beach awesome. We goes every weekend. I just did a post on how I met another pug blogger at the beach! Keep that sand outta your eyes, ears and toes. Mum says it is so gritty and leaves messes in my dog bed that I have to get washed down when I get homes.


  2. Love your beach adventure Tiffy, and I'm glad you have new friend :) Tiffy you are so tiny, and too cute :) I think your ears and your head both are too perfect. Kisses from Poland little girl :)

  3. We love the beach too! The sand is definitely fun between the tootsies Tiffy.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. Welcome Apollo, to the blogger world of Tiffy. You both look great at the beach.

  5. Tiffy, it sure does look like you had an awesome time! I wish I could have been there too. It seems like the pug perfect, cool day to be out and about. The one time that I went to the beach in Chicago it was too hot and the sand hurt my feet!
    Apollo is handsome, but Tiffy, there are few that can outmatch your cuteness with that perfect head and ears!
    I would love to go on a road trip! I love traveling, but we seem to only go to Chicago...which I do love! I have some relatives in Bloomington IN, so I may have to talk to my mom!

  6. Wow Tiffy, you sure get a lot of adventures! Your momma is so nice to you!

    Welcome to Apollo! We like him too!

  7. Yes - a road trip to Indy is a must!! You need to work on your momma on that one :) We would love to meet you!

    That Apollo is such a cool pug isn't he!! Such a fun guy :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  8. There's a bunch of cool pugs in Indiana, we've heard! That sounds like so much fun!
    Let us know if you travel to Virginia! We have a beach, too! With really big waves which kind of freak us out.

  9. Tiffy, I love your ears flapping in the breeze! You had a fantastic time at the beach but I suspect you also enjoyed the few sweet potato fries you got after the beach!

  10. Beach trips r so fun! You get to run wild with the cool ocean breeze across your face. We are excited the warm weather is here and can't wait for our next beach trip. Some of the best times! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

    Lots of Licks,
    Oakley and Swisher

  11. Tiff, honey.....Apollo is one o' my best buds!

    Yep, tell yer mom tuh git her (and yer) buns over here!

  12. Hi Tiffy!!!
    You were at the beach tooooo!! But a different beach than me! Apollo is adorable and I know the two of you had so much fun! I see the wind blowing your ears, and your tail too!
    What fun times. I would like to meet Apollo too!

  13. YAY! Road trip to Indy!!!!!

    Just let us know when and I'll have my Social Director (mom) clear my schedule for you!


  14. hi tiffy!
    oh what a wonderful beachy adventure you had with apollo!
    i so wish i could come too!
    archie poo