Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

There I was taking my mid morning nap yesterday when Momma came into the room and woke me up.  Hello?  I'm sleeping, Momma!  What's that?  Pack my bags?  Why?

I couldn't believe my ears when Momma told me we were going on a road trip.  Yay!  My first real road trip since arriving from Texas.  

I quickly packed my bag and was whisked away into Daddy's car.  I didn't have to sit in my car seat because Momma sat in the back seat with me.

It took me quite some time to calm down in the car.  I cried for about 50 or 60 miles despite having a brand new bully stick.  Even a potty break didn't help so Momma just talked to me to calm me down.

I wanted my window down but it was too hot so I had to look at the passing scenery through a dirty pug smeared window.

All that crying tired me out.  Momma said we would be in the car for at least 6 hours so I decided to take a little nap.

I tossed and turned until I finally got comfortable.  Momma took my harness off and I quickly fell asleep.

I slept for a few hours until my tummy started to growl.  Daddy didn't want to stop so I got to eat dinner while cruising down the highway.  Yippee!

I had no problem eating in motion.  Luckily, I don't get car sick and nothing, no nothing, keeps me from eating.  Nom, nom, nom!

Oops!  I forgot to tell you where we were headed.  Our destination was Minneapolis!  Daddy has business up here and Momma has friends and family up here.  Me?  I tagged along because I've never been to the land of 10,000 lakes.

I wish there were pictures of today's activities but it was so hot that Momma didn't take any pictures.  We attempted to walk around Lake Calhoun but we walked for only about 20 minutes before turning around.  It was about 95 degrees and I was panting like an overheated pug.  

We ended up back at the hotel where we relaxed in the air conditioning.  Ahhhhh!  By the time we left to pick up Daddy from his appointment the temperature was 106.  Yikes!  This is not pug weather at all.

I asked Momma to fan me but she said no.  What the?  Please Momma.

My head is getting crooked from the heat!  I'm melting!

The weather is suppose to be cooler tomorrow so hopefully I can get out and enjoy the day.  Momma is going to lunch with her cousin and I'm hoping I can go with.  Keep your paws crossed that the lunch place is pug friendly.


  1. Yeah, what fun! Road trips are great, but that heat just followed you, huh? Didn't Minneapolis get the news that Tiffy was coming to town? Oh, well. Hotels are still neat to check out - especially with the AC on! My paws are crossed about lunch tomorrow! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.
    PS. I can't believe your mom wouldn't fan you...that look you are giving means BUSINESS!

  2. Wow, a road trip? What a lucky pup you are!! You should stop by and see our new pup. While not a fabulous pug like you, he's close...chihuahua/mini doxie. I think you'd be friends.

    Tell your mama to fan you, you ARE melting!!

    barbara, trixie, minnie and jeep

  3. Oh, Tiffy. You look supercute when your head melts! Sorry your weather is broken, but do you realize where you are??? Minnesota is where SPAM comes from. I bet the SPAM place is air-conditioned, maybe you can talk your momma into having lunch there??

  4. You certainly travel in style, Tiffi. I have to ride in a crate. Every single time. No exceptions.

    I love your pink blanket with the cute little hearts.

    Let us know how your lunch is.

  5. Hi little pink Tiffy
    Look at all your pink!
    I hope you don't melt!
    Gee,, what a road trip for you....
    i get confused about minneapolis and minnesota,,,
    oh well ,, they are close.
    tiffy - you will be a world traveler soon

  6. wow what a road trip. I never been their eithers. Oh I can't wait to hear more about its!


  7. Wow! what a lucky puggie you are Miss Tiffy! Scarlet gets to go to Cape Cod in September; all of the restaurants are doggie friendly so she gets to go everywhere with us :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. OH Tiffy we feel like FOOLS we didn't know you had a blog. You are too cute for words. We have some catching up to do about your life! So happy to see you!

  9. Wow that is hot Poor Tiffy and mom. We dont even go outside if its over 75. Our mom was bron in Brainerd Minnesot but she left when she was a baby, it would be neat to see minneapolis

    Urban Hounds

  10. Tiffy we hope you stay cool!!! That is too hot for a sweet lil pugger like you. Have fun.

  11. hi tiffy!
    oh you are just too cute for words!
    we love hearing about your adventure!