Friday, June 17, 2011

Farmer Tiffy

This is how I like to spend my time outside.  I am an expert at relaxing and letting the troubles of the world fly by.  I am not concerned about what is going on anywhere except in my own little piece of the world.  The weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders when I came to live with Momma and Daddy, or so I thought.

What's that, Momma? You want me to help in the garden? I'm not a farmer, Momma!  I'm busy being cute and I cannot get my tippy toes dirty.  Come again?  Help or else?  Momma!

Sheesh!  I guess I have to help or else none of the foodables in the garden will make their way into my belly.  Not that I'm interested in most of them, especially these beans. For those of you that were so excited when I posted pictures of the beans a couple of weeks ago, you will be very disappointed to learn that Momma plans on letting most of the beans dry on the vines. Don't ask me - I just work here.

These are the only beets that have sprouted thus far.  Momma has no idea what happened to the other million so after this picture was taken she dug around in the square and found all the beet seeds missing in action.  Hmmm.  I wonder who or what got to them. 

Not to be deterred, Momma planted more beet seeds but this time she didn't plant them as deep.  Keep your paws crossed that the beets will sprout or Momma is going to be very mad. 

The broccoli is growing like crazy.  Momma is so excited because she loves broccoli so much that she would eat it every day if she could.  My friend Roxy is always talking about how much she loves broccoli so I can't wait to taste it if Momma will share some with me.

This is the biggest pepper in the garden and even though it's green right now it will be purple when it is fully ripe.  I'm not so sure what Momma is going to do with all the peppers but my bowl is always open, waiting for foodables.

The dwarf corn is still small but that's to be expected.  The kernels are going to be blue and figure into my future in about 60 days, give or take.

I think the onions look the same as they did when Momma planted them but she swears they have grown.  I'm not interested in onions since I cannot eat them.  

All the herbs are growing like weeds.   The heirloom tomatoes are doing good, too, much better than the conventional ones.  

Each flower will fruit and viola - a tomato will appear.  I'm not so sure how I feel about tomatoes but I guess I'll try them.

I'm very interested in the strawberries but so are the chipmunks.  They've eaten most of the berries on all six of the plants so Momma has resorted to moving the containers all around the yard.  I sure hope the chipmunks leave them alone because I am definitely interested in some strawberry shortcake.

Two different varieties of hot peppers are growing in these containers.  I don't like hot peppers so Momma will be eating these all by herself.

The stevia plant appears to have grown a little since Momma bought it a couple of weeks ago.  The plan is to dry out the leaves and then use them in place of sugar.  I'm thinking we could harvest a few leaves right now and begin the drying process but Momma says we have to wait  a little while longer.  

Our poor butterfly bushes are being ravaged by some pests.  We haven't figured out who it is yet but I am stepping up my patrols to catch the perpetrators.  If the butterfly bushes don't flower than the butterflies will go elsewhere to feed.  It's just not summer without butterflies.

The mock orange bushes are blooming and are so beautiful.  I wish they bloomed for more than 2 weeks but I am enjoying them so much while they are in bloom.

If you've never smelled a mock orange than you are really missing out.  They really smell like oranges!  Some vendors at the farmers' market even had them in mixed bouquets today.

Stubby's shrub is done blooming for the year but I still water it every day.  Momma is thinking about getting a plaque to rest at the base of the shrub but she's afraid I'll pee on it.

I know this plant doesn't look very interesting but Momma wanted me to post it.  It's a wood poppy and it's native to our area.  It loves the shade and even blooms beautiful yellow flowers.    It's already grown a bunch since Momma planted it last month so hopefully it will spread and fill up this entire corner.

These pretty pink flowers are some of my favorites but Momma said they are practically weeds.  A neighbor gave Momma one plant years ago and now they are everywhere.  I don't care if they are weeds because they are pink.

Momma keeps me so busy in the garden, watching out for pests, keeping an eye on the foodables, and guarding the yard.  It's a lot of work for my tippy toes to do but I do it because I love Momma.

And when all of my hard work is done I am rewarded with a bully stick.  There's nothing better than laying in the grass chewing your worries away.

What's that, Momma?  You bought more plants?  Oh no!  A Tiffy's work is never done!


  1. You are working hard for your kibble! We have some of those pink flowers here, we think. Ours are evening primroses. They are in pots on our deck.
    We are growing mint and lavender this year. The mint is for tea and lavender for drying if it lasts. Both are supposed to help keep fleas and mosquitos away. If that doesn't work, at least they are pretty.

  2. Hey there Farmer T! Your garden is looking yummy. We only have a few plants and flowers here but Emma sure dose love watering them just like a boy would. Mom doesn't mind since its 'organic' hee heee she hopes it keeps bugs away. Have fun in your garden with your bully stick.

    Tuni Sequoia and Emma

  3. Oh, Tiffy, I think you might need to call the child labor hotline! But then again, so many of the plants you are tending to will produce great eats. Just make sure you negotiate a percentage of the harvest and lots more bully sticks!
    PS. Broccoli is divine!

  4. Oh Tiffy, what a fantastic garden your Momma has! I totally think you should get to try some of the foodables from the garden since you're working so hard helping the garden grow! I think next year I'm going to try to do a few things in containers on my balcony. I just need to do a little research on container gardening. Thanks for sharing today's pictures!

  5. Tiffy
    I am so shocked! Your garden is growing! You have foods! And now your momma needs more help from you,,,,, gosh!!!
    You must be up working under the light of the moon!
    So much work for a little puggy to do....
    you should just be looking cute,,,

  6. Thank you for sharing your garden skills with us. Mom and dad just bought a house, and can't wait to start planting things. Too late for veggies this year, but there will be flowers. In the meantime, mom goes to a local market to get fresh veggies. Heirloom tomatoes are her favorite.

  7. E.I.E.I.O!!!'ve been BUSY Farmer Tiffy!!!!

    Momma's veggies are looking FABULOUS! You'll be eating all kinds of yummy stuff soon!

    Wow...Stubby's shrub looked FUNNY without the pink blooms on it! Mom says that momma could get a FIRE HYDRANT (from Hobby Lobby!) and possibly have a small plaque put on THAT and then have the hydrant by Stubby's shrub....that way you can PEE AWAY because that's what it's there for, and Stubby would totally want you to do it!

    Kiss your momma and daddy and your Uncles for me!


  8. Scarlet helped out her Auntie yesterday by watering her strawberries. She has tasted them yet but maybe she'll like them when she does!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  9. Wow, you have a lot in your garden!! Good job for helping your momma take care of all of it :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  10. oh my gosh that is so much work. I thinks I would have collapsed from exhaustion if that was me in the garden. Mum says I am goods at lounging around keeping patches of grass warm and creating pug shadows on the plants. Mum says getting me to help is like getting an anvil to move. Mum says if I keep lounging in that one spot the grass will turn all yellow and die! Our tomatoes are doing well and so are the cucumbers. Mum says that cucumbers need tons of waters so I help water everyday. Our peas are growing like crazy but the beans are a little slower. Oh and that butterfly bush.... we gots one too and we have the same bug eating ours. Our leaves looks just like that. We don't know if it is spiders, slugs or white fly. Mum suspects slugs seeing as they completely crashed in on our original veggie garden!

    Keep up the good works, I am sure that your will be rewarded with foods..... I means veggies are totally goods for us and not fattening!


  11. hi tiffy!
    oh my gosh! look at your amazing garden and backyard!
    your mom has been working so hard on it and it really is amazing!
    i know how thrilled having you for an assistant!
    a & m

  12. your garden looks so good tiffy! i just planted basil this year and it isn't doing so well. i wish i could get my pugs to help me out. they are just interested in laying in the sun.