Monday, June 20, 2011

Taco Day

Yesterday may have been Father's Day but at our house it was also Taco Day, Taco as in the dog, not the food.  When I found out a dog named Taco was coming to visit I was excited but cautious.  Momma said Taco was puppy and I know how puppies can be.

When Taco first walked into the my house he growled at me.  I tried to be nice and not get mad at him but he was in MY house growling at me!  What kind of dog does that?  Taco's mom kept him on a short lease because he kept growling at me.  I thought maybe he would just hit the road but Momma suggested we go in the yard.

I think Taco just needed some fresh air because once we got outside he was pretty cool.  He ran around like he had forgotten to take his medicine and soon wore himself out.  I took this opportunity to check him out and figure out what the deal was with him.

Taco soon found some energy and decided to check me out while I was checking him out.  Copycat!  

Momma doesn't have any pictures of us playing because we were running too fast for the camera.  Zoom!  That Taco sure can haul butt!  I chased him for a bit but he really wanted to chase me so being the nice hostess I let him.

He chased me and chased me until I ran and hid under the table.  Taco apparently couldn't figure out that I can't see because just when I thought he was done chasing me he would come flying across the yard and run head first into me.  BAM!   He knocked me over again and again until I finally had to put him in his place.

"Chill dude!  I cannot see you coming and you are going to give me brain damage!"

"Yes, I accept your apology but only because you are my guest.  Please don't run into me again or else I'm going to go poodle on you.  Capice?"

Taco tried to make up for his rude behavior by letting me eat his dinner.  I could tell he wasn't a pug from a mile away because he wasn't interested in eating dinner.  WHAT?  What is wrong with this dog?  So while Momma was in the house eating her non-bbq food, I was in the yard eating Taco's dinner.  I had almost finished it all when all of a sudden - busted!  The food police showed up and the kibble party was over.  

I decided that I liked Taco but I don't think he'll be coming back.  I think this was a one time deal and I'm okay with that.  I'm still tired from all the playing because I guess I'm getting old. Maybe I need to take some vitamins.  Geritol, anyone?


  1. Whoa, I'm exhausted just hearing about Taco.

  2. Gosh Tiffy
    I would be worn out too. Where does that Taco kid get his energy?
    You and Taco are so cutes together,,,
    Did you feel like a tumble weed after being rolled around?
    Taco's dinner looked mighty good to me too,, I definatly would have found a way to so some sampling!
    Gee,, why do good things have to come to and end,, especially when it involves food?

  3. Tiffy Taco is a paw full huh! Too bad you didn't get to sneak eat more of Taco's dinner. Mom thinks I get all upset (Fun police she calls it) when Sequoia plays because I can't see her zooming around me but I can hear her having fun. Did you get any BBQ?

    Tuni Woons

  4. Tiffy, how does Taco have all that energy without eating his dinner? I'm so glad that you didn't let that food go to waste...that would've been the real shame of the day. Glad you gave him a talking to also. Sometimes these youngsters need to be put in their place. I can't see very well either, so can you imagine if us old-timers get in the mood and have enough energy to play...we might just keep running into each other! My mom was laughing about that.

  5. Hehe why would Taco not eat?! Um hello, dinner time = the best time!
    Good job being nice to Taco.


    Minnie Moo

  6. Not eat??? That is not even in our vocabulary!!

    Puppies sure are full of energy aren't they!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  7. Man! What a whirlwind Taco is! At least you got his food!

    Jeep keeps escaping out of the kitchen to go play with Minnie and Trixie. This scares me because he's so little, but he won't give up! He reminds me of you - never let anything stand in your way of FUN!

  8. Youngsters these days..Harumpfhhh! He's lucky you are a lady and didn't open up a Can on him. I guess since he shared dinner it all worked out. Go on and take your vitamins honey.

    Kitty (fellow five year old)

  9. You guys look adorable playing. I guess it was exhausting, young hooligans--but since he gave you his food its all good

  10. Holy crap! That Taco Dude sounded like a real spaz! It's probably because he's snouted....those snouty dogs are always the ones with "issues"! ;-)

    We're glad he didn't give you brain damage. That would NOT have been cool!


  11. hi tiffy!
    taco looks like a ball of energy!
    archie is tired just from watching you two play!
    tee hee!
    happy first day of summer to you!
    a & m