Sunday, June 5, 2011

Uninvited Guest

This was the scene when Daddy open up the grill yesterday.  Some little critter made a nest in our grill - yuk!

The nest did not make me happy because it meant that dinner was delayed.  Waaaaaahhhh! 

Daddy thinks it was a mouse nest.  I think it was a pretty sophisticated nest.  It even had insulation!

Momma decided to open the nest up to see if there was anything living in it.  I stayed close by in case I had to catch the perpetrator.  

What a mess!  Who in their right mind lived here?  Maybe I can get the Smilingpug to investigate.

Daddy had to clean out the whole grill after finding the nest.  This delayed dinner even more. 

The critter even chewed through the grill cover.   It's ruined now and buying a new one is going to cut into my treat fund.  What the heck, mouse?

The drip catch was chewed through, too.  Ugh!

I was so disgusted by the whole mess that I almost lost my appetite.  Not!  I love a good BBQ and this one didn't disappoint.  

I am on the hunt to find the critter that almost ruined my grill.  If you think you know who did it please leave me a comment.  This animal needs to be stopped!


  1. My humans says EEEEEEW!

    I say: The grill pan dripping thing looks kinda yummy, but I swear it wasn't me.

  2. Hmmm maybe it was the same mouse the Minnie and Lincoln had at there house? We agree that he was pretty cleaver using insulation. Good luck on your new adventure Tiffy!

    The Girls

  3. yum, barbecued mouse on the menu, I'm thinking. Glad you enjoyed your chow.

  4. Tiffy,
    You look so disappointed and disgusted! And I don't blame you. These other creatures [mice, birds, etc] can live in our yard, but when they start interfering with dinner, that's another story!

  5. Tiffy,

    We had those "things" in our out door shed. They made nests in the artificial Christmas tree box and ate Santa! Hu-mom called them mice...after the shed was destroyed by a large tree falling on it, we haven't had the problem anymore in the new one...yet.

    Hopefully, you finally got dinner, pugs starve to death very easily.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. What the heck is right Tiffy! Who are these creatures who delay our meals?! Talk about sophisticated. When my uncle bought his house, no one had lived in it for 2 years. When he pulled apart the kitchen to remodel, there was evidence of a big rat who lived there. The cute part, if you can imagine, is that he had different rooms. A bedroom, where he made a nice soft bed. A kitchen where he stored potato chips and other snacks. A bathroom, well you can imagine what was in there. He even had a Christmas ornament, and a little toy mouse friend.

  7. Tiff, honey.....I'll betcha anything it's that dang squirrel that keeps tearin' up my mom's swing cushion!

  8. Oh wow Tiffy! Nope I did not finds something like that when I helped cleans our BBQ. I thinks we do need Agent Smilingpug to get over there and investigates! I hope you enjoyed the BBQ I enjoyed mine.... dad and I had smokies!


  9. Hi Tiffy!

    That mouse really did a number on your grill!
    That nest is pretty intense. Daisy and I hope you
    don't have to experience that again.

    -Dana & Daisy

  10. It totally was a mouse. Those mice are evil.


    Minnie Moo

  11. Tiffy
    I saw this post and thought,,,,, oh my gosh, I have to come back and think about all this!
    Oh Tiffy, I know how you feel.. the culprit did all this damage, and now replacements need to be made,,, And I know your worried,, about you treats and food and stuff, but your momma and daddy will make sure you get treats.
    I think you should see the nest on EBAY!