Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Love It When We're Cruising Together

It's not my fault that I haven't been blogging lately.  Momma has been busy with blah, blah, blah so I spend my days waiting for her to turn on the computer.  Days go by as I wait and wait and wait.  But today when I woke up I told Momma that I wanted to tell everyone about the fun I had on Sunday.  

Sunday was a perfect summer day so Momma and Daddy decided that we should take a little cruise in Cheeto.  Unfortunately, I had to sit in back in my car seat.  Even though I don't mind my car seat, I hate to sit in the back.  I'm a front seat kind of pug.  The back seat is for sissies!

To show my disgust for being forced in the back seat I decided to play sick.  I slumped down in my seat, put my head on the edge facing Momma, and pouted.  

When the pouting didn't work I sat up and looked confused.  Note my left ear is sticking up.  This is my sick look.  Too bad it didn't work.

I tried to enjoy the ride as best I could.  With the wind blowing my ears to and fro, I wondered where the heck we were going.  No one said a word until we drove past a welcome sign.

We were in Lake Geneva, WI!  Momma and Daddy thought it would be the perfect place to spend the day.  I couldn't agree more!

The first place I headed for was the beach.  I wondered why this silly fence was wrapped around the beach.  What's the deal, people?

"Let me in beach people!  I want to run on the beach, play in the water, and lounge like a lizard.  Open up!"

The beach people totally ignored me!  I was so mad and then Momma told me that dogs weren't allowed on the beach.  "Excuse me?  No dogs?  What kind of beach is this?  I'm outta here!"

Since the beach was a no go, I decided to head over to Dogs in the Park.  Now this looked like my type of place except that they weren't open.  And it wasn't a dog restaurant.  Waaaaahhhhh!

It was a good thing that Daddy stopped for bagels because I was starving.  

"Still starving down here!"

Too bad I didn't even get a bite of a bagel.  But when Momma said we were heading over to Popeyes I knew I'd be in business.

Too bad it was the wrong Popeyes!  Waaaaahhhhh!

Momma and Daddy decided we should walk around the town since the beach was off limits.   Daddy was scoping out all the motorcycles as we walked.  There were lots of them and he was upset that he didn't have his that day.

Momma scoped out this cute little scooter.  Since there wasn't room for me to cruise with her I told her to keep walking.

Then I scoped out this store.  YAY!  I pulled Momma in there because I knew there'd be something with my name on it.

Ooh la la!  I wanted one of each but Momma said I could only buy one.  I picked the biggest one available, the 3 foot tall pork stick.  The sales lady had to break it in half so it would fit in Cheeto.  I told Momma I would eat a foot so it would fit but to no avail.

Next to the food store was a gift shop.   This sign was in the window and after I saw the beast named Zoey there was no way I was saying hi.

I don't know what kind of work Zoey does but she sure was mean.  I think she was in charge of security because all she did was bark and growl.  No one could even walk past her to go into the shop!

Soon it was time to head home so I bid farewell to Lake Geneva.  Ears up, toes down, and in the front seat, I headed out of town, next destination home sweet home.

It wasn't long before I was asleep on Momma's lap in the front seat. 
I sure hope I can go back to Lake Geneva before the summer is over because I had a great time.  Or maybe we can take a nice autumn drive up there to check out all the fall colors.  Either way, I will be back!


  1. I noticed that you are originally from Oklahoma? My kiddos George, Gracie, and Toby came from Claremore, OK and Mimi came from Pryor, OK...could y'all possibly be related? You are cute just like my Gracie...just wonderin'.
    Much luvums,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

  2. I don't understand how Lake Geneva can get away with not letting dogs on the beach, and having a foodable place called Dogs in the Park that isn't open, and isn't even for dogs! And your dad didn't even share any bagels???? And not a real Popeye's? At least you got a treat out of it, and a rather big one at that!! I think you do need to go back and check that town out again! It needs to be Tiffified!

  3. Slimmers - I am from Oklahoma City. Maybe we are kissing cousins?

  4. Hi Tiffy! I'm so glad that you made your momma help you blog today cause I was missing your cute face. There are so many great, adorable pictures of you! Sorry there were so many disappointments in Lake Geneva, but I bet it was still so much fun hanging with your momma and daddy...and that treat store looks awesome. So cool that you have a convertible (that's what Cheeto is, right?). When my mom rolls down the window in the car I stick my head out and bite at the you do that?

  5. Payton - You are right that Cheeto is a convertible. Stubby used to drive it but I'm not old enough yet. I don't bite at the air but I sniff, sniff, sniff!

  6. We loved hearing about your adventure even with no dogs allowed on the beach, a Popeyes that wasn't!

    We're happy that you didn't starve to death and found
    Paws for Treats!

    You are just the cutest little puggie!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. Tiffy oh so many things...first your 'sick' ears look like Tuni's 'what's that' ears! Second no bagels for sweet Tiffy...oh we will send you one with cream cheese ASAP! Third you are so cute in your love collar...we love it.

    The Girls

  8. Hi Tiffy
    Yeaaa,, you got your momma to help you get on the key board!
    Oh that trip to Lake Geneva riding in Cheeto sounded like an advernture!
    But you did look sad and sick ,, sitting in the back! Gosh,, but your sick look did not work. Hummm, I would be disappointed also about the fences guarding dogs from the beach!
    I hope sometime you will find a beach that you can go down and sink your tippy toes into the sand!
    But ohhh, the ocean was so blue, and the sand so white. It was beautiful.
    Thank goodness your found the shop with the treats in it. You must have felt like you won the jack pot when you got the giant pork strip.
    I love to think of you riding in Cheeto, with the top down and your ears flapping, and your nose sniffing!
    And I loved the photo of you and your sweet momma.
    I hope you get to go again on another adventuree again,, real soon.

  9. Hi, Tiff! You sure are getting to be a well-traveled pug!

    And you do an excellent job of pouting. ;)

  10. OMG Tiffy...BOTH of our moms are all hot in the A with their "blah blah blah" all the time!!!!

    I was OUTRAGED reading about your trip to "Lake GotTheShaft" (haha) until you got to the part about the 3 foot pork stick!!!!

    Ok, next time mom brings me up for a visit, we're totally going cruising in Cheeto!!! I can drive really well and have great periphial vision!

    Kiss momma and dad and the Gunkles for me, ok???


  11. Oh Tiffy, I love your collar! You look so pretty!!

  12. what a great day you had tiffy! and what a bummer that dogs aren't allowed on the beach!

  13. oh my gosh tiffy!
    what a wonderful day you all had!
    you are so beeeautiful!
    i love seeing all pictures of you!
    they make my heart just melt!
    hugs to you, mom & dad!
    a & m

  14. OMP that was totally funs! It is an adventure likes my pawrents take me on. Oh and for the record.... that dogs and the beach issue, well it is all over the place heres. Holy pugs Mum tooks me out to this gorgeous beach call "white rock beach" in White Rock near the USA border..... well we were pretty bent outta shape whens the sign said no dogs and there was a guy enforcing it!!!!!!! Someone forgot to tell hims that a pug is not just any kinda dog. A dog is a dog a pug is a pug!

    Can't wait to hear about the next adventure. Oh and how is that issue with the berry thief coming along? Catch him yet?


  15. Tiffy you are so cute! We miss you cutey!

  16. Hi Tiffy,
    What a great adventure! Guess what?!... My Mom's been to Lake Genevia before & even ate at Popeye's as well a boat cruise on the Lake. I haven't been yet myself, but maybe one day. It's a small world, my human Uncle lives on the IL and WI border.