Monday, August 29, 2011

Life on the Farm

Life as a farmer isn't going as planned.  I thought this farming business would be a tad bit easier than it has been.  It seems like it's all work and just a little play when it should be the other way around.  In addition to all my farming duties, I have to keep the birdies happy by keeping the feeders filled, the birdbaths clean and full of fresh water, and by allowing this mess to remain intact despite how it looks.  It seems as though the birdies like to 'bathe' in the dirt to remove mites from their feathers.  Every time Momma puts the wood chips and dirt back under the bushes, the birdies move it out to create a dirt birdbath.  Silly birdies!

I knew that not everything would grow as planned in the vegetable garden but I had no idea how fickle some plants would be.  The biggest bright spot has been the beans, specifically the pole beans.  The plants themselves are towering over the heads of everyone who comes to visit not to mention the support structures in place to hold them up.  And the beans are huge!  Momma is so excited because in a few months when they have dried up she is going to make soup out of them.  I personally think we should eat them now but I am too short to reach any.

One of the bush beans is still flowering but even has some small beans already.   I think I may need to get a ladder because these beans are Tiffy size.

We are still getting broccoli shoots every week.  Momma isn't sure if we are going to plant broccoli again next year because it takes up a lot of room for so little reward.  She can always buy it at the farmers' market instead of growing it.

My farming duties don't end with the many flowers in the yard.  This is a total mess but I like it this way because it attracts tons of pollinators.  Different species of bees and butterflies can be seen on the butterfly bush all day long while the American Goldfinches hang out on the sunflowers.  There's even a Black Eyed Susan blooming in the middle of this mess.  Momma tells me that she only planted the butterfly bush.  The rest were planted by the birdies.

The chipmunks are still stealing my strawberries so I check the plants several times a day so I can stay two steps ahead of them.  

Oh, look!  A yummy strawberry just waiting for me!  "Get in my belly, strawberry!  Momma, it's ripe enough so please pick it before the chipmunks have their way with it!"

I must sit patiently while waiting for Momma to pick the strawberry.  Since I can't see the strawberry, Momma has to put it right up against my nose before I realize it's there.

Nom, nom, nom!

I water the Stubby shrub every day.  There have been plans all summer to expand this area of the yard with additional plants but you see how far that's gone.  I like this area nice and simple because it's easier for me to cruise around.

We have an entire zoo full of critters in our gardens.  I am responsible for making sure none of them get out of line.  The turtles in particular have been known to relocate themselves when I'm not looking.  "I'm watching you, turtle.  You better be here when I come back or else!"

I don't know why this ladybug hasn't flown away but she hasn't.  I think she really likes it here standing amongst the mock orange bushes.

This turtle looks like he's ready to swim away but he hasn't been much trouble, either.  Don't think I'm not watching him though because I know how these turtles can be in cahoots with one another.  

Don't even get me started on this guy.  L-A-Z-Y!  He hasn't moved all summer so he's made my job a little easier.  I just wish he wouldn't look like he's going to attack me every time I walk by.  

So back and forth I go all day long.  Checking the beans, keeping the birdies happy, making sure the zoo critters aren't getting out of line, watching the perimeter of the yard for bad guys, etc.  This farming stuff is hard work.

And of course a good garden only grows when you add water so back and forth to the rain barrel I trudge.  Momma helps because the watering can is so heavy.  

When my work is finally done I collapse on the patio.  I usually try to get in a few winks before it all starts all over again but sometimes I fall into a sound sleep and Momma has to shake me awake.

I definitely need a sign that says: "Exhausted pug.  Sleeping due to extreme farming duties.  Please do not wake.  Leave treats and get on your merry way."


  1. Oh, Tiffy, all of those beans look so yummy! Maybe when I visit, you can stand on my back and snag us a few when our parents aren't looking. And I have my paws crossed that a few more strawberries will be ripe (and not stolen by the chipmunks) for us to share! Don't feel bad, mom will have to put it right on my mug too or else I'll just chomp the air.
    I can't believe that the birds planted all those pretty sunflowers and black-eyed susan. I guess they try to make up for the dirt bath area.
    You are such a terrific gardener! It's no wonder that you get tired of the hard work. I'll help you make that sign - such a good idea!

  2. Wow Tiffy! I am impressed by all you do in a day. I mostly do yard duty - you know, picking fruit that falls on the ground and barking at yard intruders. It is tough work and I sleep all day because it wears me out!
    But I love it cuz I do it for my family.
    Love Noodles

  3. Hola Tiffy!!
    That is a Beautiful Garden worth all that work and napping!!
    Spongy & Licky

  4. Hi Tiffy,

    You have been really busy. All the plants look happy, which means you have been doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


  5. Tiffy those critters look pretty sneaky in your yard...keep your eye on that swimming turtle. Was that strawberry delicious? Looked perfect from here!

    Hugs to Farmer Tiffy!

  6. Hi Tiffy
    It was so much fun meandering in your garden.
    Thank you for showing us your garden!
    You have so many farm duties! Your bean plants are huge,, and such big beans. What kind of beans are they Tiffy? Soup sounds good.
    That strawberry made my mouth drool, because you know how much I love strawberrys! And my strawberrrys are all gone.
    What a very big job making sure all those turtles do not travel to far away...
    One thing for sure,, as busy as you are,, you still are soooo adorably cute!
    After working so hard,, you need a nice nap!

  7. Hey Tiffy and folks, thank you for the sweet words about Alfred. We miss him and Emma is a bit confused at certains of the day. We are so blessed to have the little pugs in our life and so sad when they have to leave us. But I love to think of them going to the bridge and getting a new young body and running with the other loved ones that have passed on. I still want to name my next girl Tiffy! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your name one day.

  8. Hi Tiffy! Wow! You are working your butt off down on the farm. I think all that hard work deserves a treat. Like maybe a few beans! I love all the sunflowers, especially since they are volunteers. Everything looks great!

  9. You are one hard working gal. I'm glad you get some R&R sometimes.

    Eat a bean for me.

  10. Such hard work!! I sure hope the momma is paying you well for all that!! She needs to be picking beans for you after such a long, hard day!!



  11. Farming looks really tough. You're doing such a good job watching out for everything. I would totally get distracted if I was you.


    Minnie Moo

  12. My Dogness you work hard! And what a beautiful garden you have, I hope you get more than just strawberries as pay :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. hi tiffy!

    oh your garden is beautiful!

    look at all of those yummy beans and strawberries!

    please have an extra one of each for us!