Monday, August 22, 2011

Itchies, Supplements, Food - Oh My!

Thanks for all the comments about my new food.  I appreciate all the feedback because Momma doesn't think the new food is working.  Working how, I don't know but I'm still itching, scratching, and chewing.

Here's the link to the recipe:

Auntie Nancy contacted Momma today and suggested she use fish instead of chicken in my food.  Um, I don't know if that is going to happen because it's hard enough for Momma to cook chicken much less fish.  So for now she is looking into supplemental options, specifically some natural ones. 

I already take 1/2 tablet of this stuff every morning for my joints.  Stubby started taking it last year when his disc got angry.  The sports medicine vet recommends starting puppies on it when they are 6 months old but I guess it's never too late to start.

Thanks to the Urban Hounds, Momma found these oil capsules for me.  They are a combination of fish, flax seed, and borage oils with some vitamin E thrown in for good measure.  Momma coats the top of the gel cap with peanut butter and down it goes. 
Apollo's mom recommended the Azmira line of supplements to Momma last year for Stubby.  Unfortunately, Momma didn't purchase them in time to help him but she kept the brochure and referred to it a couple of weeks ago when searching for help with my issues.

Aller'g Free is an Ephedra-free Herbal Antihistamine.  They come in capsule form so more peanut butter for me.  This is what the Azmira brochure says about it:

"Azmira's hottest item to "cool" your animal's allergy reactions.  Works wonders for scratching, rubbing, foot chewing, fur pulling, rashes, throat, nose, ear and eye irritation.  Clinically proven in eliminating most allergy sensitivities when combined with Yucca Intensive (steroid alternative), Mega Pet Daily, Super C 2000 and Garlic Daily Aid.  Additional B vitamins (as found in Mega Pet Daily) are recommended by veterinarians to be used with high-strung pets or those with very poor coats.  Safe to use with veterinary medications to lessen the need for drugs.  These easy to feed dry herb capsules, which support Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle approach to allergy elimination by systematically reducing acute symptoms while foundation supplements can build up the immune system, have supported even the most serious 

Momma thinks giving me 5 additional supplements each day is a bit excessive but she's willing to give them a try.  This standardized extract could be added to my food.  And the great thing is that it works like a steroid without the side effects.

I should be on a multi vitamin now anyway since I'm eating homemade food.  Another capsule = more peanut butter!

This supplement comes in a powder formula that could be added to my food.

Momma is a garlic freak but she doesn't take any garlic supplements because she eats enough garlic for the whole town.  This gel cap might just tasty enough to not require a peanut butter coating.

The Azmira website doesn't state recommended dosage(s) of each but assuming one pill, drop, or teaspoon of powder of each daily, here's the breakdown for a three month supply:

Aller'G Free - 90 capsules = $19.50
Yucca Intensive - 2 oz bottle = $16.25
Mega Pet Daily - 90 capsules = $29.50
Super C 2000 - 4 oz. powder = $14.00
Garlic Daily Aid - 90 gel caps = $14.00

I'm bad at math but even I know that these supplements are a lot of money.  I know I'm worth it but I wonder if any of you are taking or have taken any of these supplements.  Do/did they work? 

Momma said that if she buys them it won't cut into my treat money (thankfully).  I'm all about getting better because I hate to scratch, itch, and chew all day long.


  1. We use these for happy skin:

    My human used to work for a dog skin doctor and he always recommended them. I don't think they are any sort of miracle cure for allergies, but might make your happier.

    Tell your human to send my human a reminder email and we'll send a sample for you to try.

    PS : pls put your address in the email. The speedbump of trying to find it will kill Gimpy's chance of this actually making this happen :)

  2. Gosh, Tiffy, I had my paws crossed so tight that your new food would work. Unfortunately based on the advise of our vets, we have to agree with Auntie Nancy about the white fish - at least they told us no poultry. We were going to try a similar diet to yours...a liver cleansing diet that is made with white fish (I can get the URL if you are interested), but mom didn't want to mess with the fish all the time and making my food would have been time consuming. So that's why we opted for the grain-free Honest Kitchen Zeal. It's more expensive than most foods, but may come out even if your mom is going to get all those supplements. It's $108 for a 10 lb box that makes 43 lbs of fresh food. I eat a cup dry (2 cups wet/fresh) a day (over 3 meals). One 10 lb box lasts me just over 2 months. I sent you a coupon by "referring a friend" from their website in case you want to check it out. They have sample sizes too. You may be able to find it cheaper in a dog store near you. Good luck, Tiffy. I'll be praying for you!

  3. Tiffy, we've been where you are. Has your momma read a book called Pets at Risk by Alfred Plechner? We've been on his protocol since March 2010 and itch free for a year now. We made it through a summer with no hot spots, no crazy itching and scratching and crying. Shoot, we even play more and play nicer now. Our problem turned out to be hormone imbalances that caused our immune system to over react to allergens. The actual treatment of the problem is inexpensive. What's expensive is the blood test. Thank goodness for pet insurance. In fact, if your mom is considering this treatment, we recommend you look into insurance. If you've been treated for allergies before, "allergies" won't be covered. However, since we were diagnosed with hormone problems, we are covered for endocriopathy. So our Plechner tests are covered.
    Ask your mom to read the book first, see what she thinks. If she has questions, have her email our mom.
    Good luck. Those itchies are miserable.

  4. Hi Tiffy!
    Itsa Toby Moses Slimmer here to talk with you about allergies. Isa have terrible allergies...the kind that make you chew your paws, leave rashes and little postules on your belly and leave you all kinds of miserable. I'm on something called injection given once a month by my mommy. It is about $200 but last about 6-9 months. First, you go to your vet and ask them about it. Second, they take a blood sample. Third, the VARL company contacts your vet with a list of everything you are allergic too and then they rundown that list to the basics of what grows and is in your immediate environment. Then they make the solution special to just you...A few weeks later you have to go in quite a bit to the vet at first to make sure there are no reactions and eventually your mama after a month or two will take over the shots. They don't really hurt and you get treats!! (Plent of em' especially if you act brave or look pathetic...whichever route you choose...cuz' the mamas always act guilty about meds...injectable or not)...and this VARL has been a lifesaver...before that I was on steroid shots, topicals, and pills...and it was just wrecking my health and the itchies would still come back. With the VARL treatment, I have been 3 years full of health, vigor, and vitality. It is worth the money to not be itchy. I agree that you should use this as a last resort...but if your mama is pulling our her hair already...then it's time.
    I hope that I helped you and your mama consider a different treatment option available.
    Much luvums,
    Toby Moses Mans

  5. Oh Tiffy
    I know your itchies are sooooo terrible! Your momma has tried just everything!
    There just must be an solution for you!
    If your going to take all those vities and stuff,, I hope they work!

  6. Sweet Tiffy- I don't know much about the itchies or scratchies. Mom gives me a bath quite a bit and she worries she may irritate my skin but, so far, I have been ok. I know fish oil is supposed to be really helpful (fish, blah!) ..I wish I knew more on the supplements though. Poor thing...keep us posted on the vitamins. Love ya sweetness.

  7. Oh my gosh-I hope all of this helps.

    I really hope the fish oil helps too.

    I have heard that sometimes feeding raw helps dogs with allergies, but Im not sure how well. Tubby and Ping have been eating Honest Kitchen (a freeze dried raw food you add water too) they have a fish version.

    The supplements do add up, particularly with big dogs. At least you are a petite little puggy

    Feel better

  8. Dang, that is quite the issue there. Thankfully, we only have minor allergies, and removing the carpet from our home worked wonders. I wish we had more advice for you. I think the Slimmers have really found an effective treatment, and the Honest Kitchen foods sounds promising. We hope you get better soon Tiffy!


  9. Poor Tiffy!! I'm so sorry your new food didn't work. I was so hoping it would make you feel better. I have itchies too, but momma wants to wait a little bit to see if they are just seasonal like Maddie or if it is something more serious. After everything Lilo went through, she's trying really hard not to over react and to take things slowly. So we'll see. Please let us know how your supplements do!!



  10. Oh I see the raw food didnt work-maybe the all fish raw deyhyrdrated food from honest kitchen would work, they will give samples

  11. uses spring tonic for my allergies (but those are seasonal and of the nasal kind). For skin/coat I'm doing the coconut thing, which those all seem to help. My food is also grain free, just veggie and protein based.
    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. I thank God and my lucky stars ... four pugs and we don't have any health issues! I hope your mama finds something that works for you. Pug Hugs, Ellen

  13. Tiffy...I can sooooo relate with what you are dealing with right now.

    Not sure if this would be of help or not but come check our pug Riggs out at:

    The Misadventures of Riggs the Pug -

    Find a post that has a label of "allergies" and click on the word allergies and you can see every blog post I have done on Riggs for the past 2 1/2 years trying to figure out and get his allergies under control. Might be some useful info there for you. Best of luck Tiffy.

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