Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sometimes Friends Are Blue

I was walking around the backyard today when something landed on my back.  I couldn't see what it was but I felt its soft feet land on my fur.  

"Who is it, Momma?" I shouted at the top of my lungs.  

"It's Blue the butterfly.  She flew here all the way from Oregon to spend the day with you" Momma told me.  


Blue wasted no time checking out the yard after she arrived.  She fluttered here and there searching for the perfect flowers to land on.  She told me she was hungry after her long journey.  I watched as her graceful wings effortlessly flapped in the summer breeze.  As I watched her I wondered what it would be like to be a butterfly.

This lone pink flower is all that's left on this plant.  All the other flowers have returned to Mother Earth where they will nourish her so the plant can bloom again next spring.  Blue sipped the last energy from this flower, savoring it as she did.

Blue was very attracted to the newly blooming mum.  I explained to her that the mums now bloom in August due to global climate change.  She told me she knew all about this crisis as she flew to the mum to say hi.  

"Over here, Blue.  These purple cone flowers have been blooming all summer, providing food for all the pollinators.  Would you like to taste them?"

"I'm a Sunflower Girl, Blue.  Would you like to be one, too?"  Blue told me that it would be an honor to join such a prestigious club.  She told me that she would spy on the Fire Hydrant Boys every chance she gets.

There were so many bees a buzzing around this beautiful flowering shrub.  I asked her if the bees ever bother her and she told me they do not.  They are all friends who love each other.  I told her that I love bees, too.

After a while, Blue decided to rest on my back.  I tried to sit so very still while she rested but her antennae tickled my neck.  Before I knew it she was up and flying around my head again.

I was a little embarrassed when Blue landed on these Black Eyed Susans.  Do you see all the white stuff on the leaves?  That's bird poop.  This plant is right underneath a bird feeder so the birdies poop as they eat.  Luckily, the poop didn't bother Blue one bit as she gazed at the flowers.

Blue loves gazing balls!  She found ours and landed on a nearby flower to gaze into the ball.  She told me she was making a wish but that she couldn't tell me what it was or it wouldn't come true.  

I asked Blue to swing with me before she left so I could tell her my wish.  I know my wish will come true so I knew I could tell it to Blue.  My wish is for all the creatures of the Earth to live together peacefully forever.  Blue loved my wish and told me that it will indeed come true.

I wished Blue farewell with tears in my eyes.  I hope she visits me again one day.  I will be waiting for her.


  1. Tiffy! What a beautiful post! How wonderful to share your garden with Blue and spend the day with her! And thanks for sharing this with us. So nice of Tweedles to show Blue the way to your house. We will definitely have to enlist her help spying on those Fire Hydrant Boys! I wish that Blue would visit me too, although right now there's not much for her to enjoy since it's so brown and crispy here!

  2. Tiffy,
    How lucky you are that Blue spent the day with you. We don't get a lot of butterflies in the 'burbs.
    Love Noodles

  3. Tiffy, what a great way to spend a day - out in the yard with a friend! And how nice it is to see Blue visiting you from afar. Have a great week!

  4. What a great new friend, sometimes we see monarch butterflies around here, but blue seems very special

  5. Oh Tiffy
    Blue looks so happy! Isn't it fun to watch her flutter here and flutter there?
    Your story made me happy too!
    So much for Blue to see in your world!
    Your beautiful flowers, shrubs and gazing ball!
    And now that Blue has touched your shoulder,, you can feel exactly what its like to be a butterfly!

  6. Your new blue butterfly friend is adorable. It was nice you have such a great big yard filled with plants for her to flutter around in.

    The girls

  7. Oooohhhh, I like Blue. She seems very special and very wise...

  8. What a wonderful visit!! I hope Blue gets to come back and visit you soon!! It's wonderful that you had so many wonderful plants for her refuel on and enjoy!!



  9. OMP I wish blue could visit me! I would show her my garden and hang outs with her while we swaped stories. Oh Tiffy this is a pawsome post. You know what.... Mum saw a butterfly out front of the house last week. We don't see many near our house so she was so excited when she saw its.


  10. Mother Nature at her finest! Love the pics.

    And you never know, Tiffy, when Blue might come back!


    Sarah and Hank

  11. oh tiffy!

    we love your blue butterfly!

    no one could be blue around you!

    simply magical!


  12. Tiffy this here is your snugbuddy Howie. That blue butterfly looks delishush.
    your good pal,