Thursday, August 11, 2011

Squeaky Clean!

Someone (Momma!) had the bright idea to give me a bath today.  I'm don't know what I did to deserve one but whatever I did I'm never doing it again.  

The first time Momma bathed me back in June, I totally cooperated.  I figured I would humor her and pretend to like baths.  Bad idea.  This time my true colors came out.  I was not a happy camper as I got placed in the bath tub.

"Momma, my toes are getting wet!  Can I get a dry bath, please?"

"Let me out, Momma!  I'm not dirty.  Please go find a dirty pug to bathe!"

None of my yelling did any good.  I was wet and mad.

Momma uses a cup to pour water all over me.  She thinks it's funny to watch me turn into a skeletal pug.  Just look at me!

I tried so very hard to climb out of the tub.  When that didn't work I just shook water everywhere.  Of course there are no pictures of me shaking because Momma was hiding behind a towel. 

"Am I done yet, Momma?  Really, there's no more dirt on my body.  All of it is in a ring around the tub."

I shook a few more times once I was out of the tub just for good measure.  Momma dried me pretty good and luckily she didn't get the blow dryer out to finish me off.

Since I was a semi-good, cooperative girl during my bath, Momma said I could have a special treat.  Even though it was right before dinnertime I figured any old appetizer would do.

A banana all for me!  Yummy!  I love bananas but had never eaten one right out of the peel before.

The banana was like heaven on earth. 

Nom, nom, nom! 

I would almost agree to a bath every week if I could have my very own banana.


  1. Hey, Tiffy girl! I'm the same way with fun at all! I'm not sure us pugs need them anyway. Sheesh! But on second thought, if I can talk my mom into giving me a banana afterward, I may have to change my thinking completely! I'll ask her about that since I bet I'll be getting a bath before heading to Chicago next month. At least that is something to look forward to!

  2. Tiffy, you look so sad taking your bath! But I'm sure your momma loved on you while trying to dry you off some, and that has to be worth something, doesn't it? And then of course there's the banana... yum! I think the bath was a small price to pay for such a big payoff! You look so cute eating that banana!

  3. Tiffy, you don't look sad in your bathtub - you look MAD! Did your momma use the shampoo that makes you smell all girly?

    I think a whole banana is a good trade off. I love them, but no dog here does! How silly they are!

  4. Oh Tiffy,, you looked so sad to me. I know how exactly you feel! Why did your momma think you were dirty? She must have been confused!
    But when you got the nana,, you look all happy!
    So it was worth it?
    I am not going to tell my moms that you got a bath,,,, nope- no ideas for moms.

  5. Tiffy OMP I hate baths too! Mum bathed me a couple of times in the tub but I tried to wiggle out and then the furs clogged the drain so now.... it is in the laundry room sink where I can't get outs at all!!!!!!!!
    Oh my pugness looks at your sad little face. I so totally know how you feels.

    A banana huh! Wow right outta the peel too. I know our friend Sequoia luvs bananas but me for some reason I don't likes them even though it is one of Mum's favourite foods!


  6. I get a bath about once or twice a month Tiffy. I sulk the entire time but I always get something yummy afterwards too! I always do my pug run-off after my baths because I feel frisky and spruced up. So, my mom thinks I secretly like my baths... Plus I'm always jumping in the tub so I let on like I do. You look very snappy yourself so I bet the baths definitely do us some good.

  7. Poor Tiffy!! You look so sad! Momma has only given me one bath since I came home and it was in the kitchen sink. She thought the smaller space would be more comforting!! Yeah Right!! Who was she trying to fool? I played good for a little bit, but then tried to bolt across the counter!!
    To answer your question, I do like pink!! My new harness is a pink plaid!! =)



  8. What the Pug????!!!??? You got a banana? I have been ripped off. All I get is a measly "good girl". Pfft! Good job on giving her dagger eyes.


  9. I am actually best in bath around here. I would say Sluggo probably hates it the most. That banana looks tasty! I never got one like that. Lucky you!

  10. Ok Tiffy....I'm totally glad that you got a banana and everything, but WHAT THE CRAP kind of bath was that???? Where are the cotton candy scented BUBBLES? Where were the candles??? Was there Enya music playing??? I think you got ripped off, sister!!!! Demand better next time!!!


  11. oh my gosh tiffy!
    you are so cute!
    we love your sopping wet and fluffy dry photos!
    you are too cute for words!

  12. Tiffy this here is AnnieBelly. Maw said I haven't had a bath in a month and I smell like a fish house. I am so sorry you had to take a bath, because smellin like a fish house is wonderful. I hope your itchies go away real soon, we know if anybuddy can figure out what to do, it's your mommy cuz she is so smart. PS - that nanner looks good.