Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My New Food

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions about food for me last month.  Momma just doesn't know what to do about my itchies so I tried a raw diet for a few days at the end of July.  I loved the food but Momma said it was just a little too expensive.  Too expensive for Tiffy girl?  Momma!

I couldn't talk her out giving up on the raw food so she contacted Auntie Nancy to talk to her about the food I ate when I lived in my foster home.  Auntie Nancy used to make all the puggies food from a recipe from the Canine Epilepsy Anti Seizure website.  I remembered how much I love that food so I begged Momma to give it a try.

The recipe uses regular ingredients that could be purchased from any grocery store.   The best part was that you could make it in the slow cooker.  Momma loves the slow cooker and can't imagine living without it.  So off to the store Momma went to get the ingredients.  When she returned home she pulled out the small slow cooker but it didn't work.  Bummer!  Luckily, we have a big slow cooker so in all the ingredients went and 8 hours later we had this:

Momma thought it looked a little watery but I didn't care.  Momma said she's going to adjust the recipe next time so that there's less water and more meat.  YES!

Looks yummy to me!  And the smell was amazing.  So amazing that I woke up several times during the night to sneak down to the kitchen to check on the slow cooker.  What was Momma thinking letting it cook overnight?

I very patiently waited to try my new food.  
"Hurry up, Momma!  I'm starving and may just pass out from hunger very soon!"

Delicioso!  It was so yummy that I asked for seconds but Momma just shook her head no.  
"I'm still hungry, Momma.  3/4 of a cup didn't even fill my belly!"

Momma wants me to stay nice and trim so I didn't get seconds.  Hopefully, this food will help with my itchies.  Have any of you tried this diet? 


  1. Uhm, my human says that looks like something you'd puke up - not eat! But I think it looks supertasty. What the heck is in that stuff??

    We have a slow-cook thing, but I don't think my human will make food for me 1) because I don't itch and 2) even though we have a slow-cook thing, my human is kind of a no-cook. Can I come live with you??

  2. Tiffy,
    I'm with Pug...that food looks super tasty! You are so lucky to have your momma cook for you. My mom can't get over how well-behaved you are waiting for your food. I would have had my head in that bowl before she even got the camera out. I will definitely have my paws crossed that this new food does the trick and gets rid of those bothersome itches!

  3. I sure hope it works, Tiffy. I agree with Puglet though...it does look pukey!

  4. hi tiffy!
    oh that looks so yummy!
    i am so excited for you!
    i still only get the puppy food but in a few more months i can try it too!
    your momma is the best!

  5. Hope it helps the itchies. And it looks delicious (in a gross, puked-up kind of way.)

  6. Hi Tiffy
    My tummy is growling just looking at your new ANTI_ITCH food. It looks too good to NOT help! I put in an order for some special food for myself but Mommy said no meat in HER slow cooker. I wonder if I can earn enough green papers for a DOGGIE SLOW COOKER? Worth a think, huh?
    Love Noodles

  7. Hi Tiffster!

    Nicki used to eat the pukey looking food 'cause she had itchies and a sensitive belly ~ she was a yellow Lab. She LOVED it! Daddy wanted to know why she ate better than he did...

    Miss Scarlet eats either a boiled chicken or diced pan fried steak with 1/2C of Wysong maintenance food. So far so good! No itchies and a perfect belly :) She snorts and twirls like a mad little lady for it!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. That food looks really yummy!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  9. Mmmmm.....that looks like comfert food tuh me, honey!

    But, yeah....too bad about that 3/4 cup thing.

  10. Looks like my food...all mushie! Tuni food always is super soft. We have never tried this but it looks good. I don't think Sequoia would leave the kitchen while its cooking though...she sits by the oven every time Mom uses it. I like you colorful paw mat you eat on...very cute~


  11. Gosh,, I just know that food smelled so yummy when it was cooking! I would love to eat some too!
    I hope it helps your itchies Tiffy,,,, I have my paws crossed!
    I love your food dish, water bowl and place mat. It is so pretty!

  12. Wow- that's awesome Tiffy...my mom knows how to make toast and that's about it. Maybe I can get her to try this though..what is that stuff?

  13. We have tried a few different foods, including a dehydrated raw that was pretty tasty. Food is a big issue around here, cuz Brigitte is kinda picky, and will only eat hers if she thinks no one has something better. I have to eat separate from everyone, because ever since Sluggo came along I am super protective of my food and will bite your face off if you try to get near mine. Sluggo is. Kinda sensitive and scarfs down his food so fast, sometimes he pukes.
    Mom started using Innova. They have a senior plus with glucosamine and co deli tin for me and Britte. Plus they have a adult small kibble which Sluggo tolerated very well. They both have the same ingredients in different amounts so they smell the same. Brigitte doesn't freak out that way.
    Sluggo does get a lot of itches, and Mom would like to try something different for him but she doesn't want to rock the boat. We all still get real excited about our meals and we have been eating this for over two years now. Plus our fur is very soft with it.
    Your dinna looks real tasty. I hope it helps with the itchies. Please let us know!

  14. Tiffy,

    Mum wants to ask your momma if she could send us the recipe for that foods. We can't make it all out in the photo. I have been suffering from swelling between my toes and Mum and the specialist have been trying to resolve its. The specialist said it could be allergies since us puggers are notorious for them. Mum wants to start trying changing ups my foods to see if it is allergies.

    PS that foods looks super yummy but then I am a typical pug and anything food looks yummy to me!


  15. Tiffy, this here is your snuggypug Howie. Maw still feeds that food to Howie and AnnieBee, but I don't git any anymore. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life? So I am on the greyhound bus heading yer way. I am pretty sure there is a "SPEED THIS HERE COOKER UP" dial on that slow cooker thingy ma bob. When the doorbell rings, tell yer maw that I will be needing a super size bowl cuz I'll be hungree from travelin.

  16. Of Tiffy, that looked so good!! Please let us know how it does with your itchies!! I have lots of itchies too and the momma is going to be looking at food options in the fall. She wants to wait and make sure the itchies aren't seasonal!
    You get 3/4 of a cup?????? I need my momma to talk to your momma! I'm missing out!!



  17. Thanks for saying it first Winston. Could you send the recipe or post it. We cannot see it either and we want to convince Mom to make it.

  18. Tiffy,
    What kind of itchies do you have? My mom has been considering such a diet as yours but doesn't know where to start!

    Love, Marlene