Monday, April 25, 2011


Momma wasn't the one to get a gift on Earth Day.  Her and Daddy went out on Saturday and came home with this horrible contraption for the Momma Mobile.  I flat out refused to go in it but today I decided I had had enough of hanging out at the house so when Momma told me she needed to take some movies back to the library, I asked if I could go with. 

I'm not really fond of riding in the car.  I don't know why but it makes me kind of nervous.  You'd think I'd be used to it after traveling for 15 hours to get here from Texas but I still don't like it.  Momma thought having my very own car seat might help calm me down but who was she kidding?  This thing is terrible!

Daddy had the harness thingy hooked up the right way but Momma thought hooking it up to the angled part of the seatbelt would give me more freedom.  Oh, I got more freedom but I nearly killed myself.  Back to square one, Momma!

I told you so, Momma!  Next time please leave things alone.

The lack of freedom, despite the safety, made me very mad.  Momma didn't take any video of me while I was in the car but if she had you would have heard me crying.  It got so bad that I refused to look out the window.  Momma felt sorry for me and decided to unhook me from the harness for a few minutes and I went crazy.

I even talked Momma into rolling the window down so that I could get some fresh air.  Ahhhh!  I stretched my long body so that I could see and smell everything that was happening outside.  Momma was afraid that I might try to jump out the window if she lowered it more so I just stuck my cute little nose out.

I would calm down for a minute and then resume my action.  It's very hard to sit still when you're a pug.

 You can see here what one of the biggest problems is with this contraption - the sides are bendy.  I guess they wouldn't be bendy if I was strapped in with my harness and not standing on them but a pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do.  Momma should've bought one with firmer sides.

I give this contraption 2 paws down.  It's the right size and the right height but it's too constricting.  And the bendy sides are very dangerous, especially when you want to stand on them.  I told Momma to take the Snoozer back and get me something better.  She remembers that one of my friends has a car seat thingy but she doesn't remember what brand it is.  Lot of good that does me.

If you have a car seat thingy please leave me a comment and let me know what brand it is.  I hate this thing and am not going to get in it again.  In fact, I would go with Momma to the store to return it but I hear they don't allow dogs in their store.  What kind of store doesn't allow dogs?  Like my hero Howie always asks "Have you ever heard of such hooey?"


  1. We have a Fido Rido and just Love it!! You can check them out at -

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  2. Must be a pug thing, cause I hate riding in the back with my seat belt on - even with someone right next to me. I should always be up front where the action is, but my mom says it's for my own good. Hooey!

  3. My pups won't even get IN the car!!

  4. Tiffs, this here is your good pal Howie. Send that over here right now - I'm gonna pee on it.

  5. Your right Tiffy,, its a bunch of hooey!
    I understand 100 percent about being a pug and wanting to do what a pug wants to do!
    Jeepers,... if you do find one a car seat that you do like,, be sure to tell all of us..
    My moms were thinking of getting something for me tooo... (after Wilma talked about it) but if they do,,, well off it goes in the mail to Howies house,,, and he can take care of it.
    I must say,,, you look like you mean serious business in your car seat,, you want things your way.

  6. Heya Tiffy ~

    I'm sorry you hate the car so much, but at least you get to sit in a real seat like a human! Me and Dutch have to ride behind bars in the waaaay back of the car. My human calls it "The Pod" to make it sound cool, but it's SO not cool.

    Anyway, my cousin Sophie used to hate the car like crazy. I think she rides in a soft crate now - I guess being contained makes her feel safe. Maybe you can try that if the new non-Snoozer seat isn't any better.

    I'd also demand cookies anytime you're in the car and not going berzerk. Just tell your human it's "positive reinforcement" - they fall for that all the time :)

    Hugs + SPAM!

  7. Hellos Tiffy

    I must ride in someone's arms (perfer moms) when rding in the car so I am no helps and Sequoia must be restrained like a manic clown monkey to the back seat hee hee. Good luck Tiffy woons!


  8. I think it looks pretty comfortable. That said the little hounds want to ride in the lap, the big guys are good about staying in their seat belts in the back

  9. I don't know much about car seats, but your harness is gorgeous! We want one!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  10. Consider yourself lucky. I'm stuck in a crate whenever we drive. Usually sharing with Arnie. At least it's comfy for snoozing.

    Girl, is your CAR pink, too?


  11. Tiffy, honey, you won't want to read the rest of this. Mom here: My two truthfully rode in our laps, until finally I couldn't take it any longer. Coco was becoming a danger. We bought the Snoozer beds, and it was a fight at first. She basically went excorcist until we figured out that A)she MUST be buckled in, and B) be given only enough slack to sit. Now, she does much better and even goes and sits in it in the office when not in use. We can't use crates because Kitty gets super car sick. This seems to be the best option we have found so far, but let us know if you find something better.

  12. hi tiffy!
    oh that was an excellent review of the snoozer.
    we will not be getting one of those.
    emmitt was always nervous in the car too so he traveled in his hard sided plastic kennel.
    i am not sure how archie feels about the car yet, but we cannot wait to hear what you think is a cool way to travel.
    we want to be just like you!

  13. We have this one.
    Both Tallulah and Petunia can fit in it. However, the catches that secure the straps aren't that great. They might have been okay with calmer dogs, but we twisted and turned and broke them off. Mom replaced the straps that go around the seat with bungy cords and replaced the piece where our harnesses are connected with carabiner.
    It has worked well for us for a few years now.