Sunday, April 17, 2011

Public Enemy Number One

If you're wondering where I've been these past few days I have only one word for you - hiding.  I hate to say this much less think it but I've made an enemy in my new home.  I know what you're thinking - how could I, Tiffy Tippy Toes, have any enemies?  I think once I tell you who the enemy is you'll understand where I'm coming from.  And of course since the enemy was here first, he's here to stay. Ugh!

I met the enemy a couple of weeks ago but then he left for what I thought was for good.  He was so evil that I thought there's no way Momma would let him stay in the house now that I was here.  Surely she would toss him to the curb because of me, right?  Wrong!

If it weren't for this mess in the dining room, which I did not cause, the enemy would have remained hidden.  This mess is a result of the dining room window being open last weekend.  All the dead leaves from the bushes blew into the room and viola, the enemy was called into action.  I pleaded with Momma to leave the mess alone.  No one will notice, I told her.  Her answer?  The mess has been here for several days and it's making her crazy.  What?  It's not making me crazy and surely it's not making Daddy crazy.  Maybe Momma is just crazy! 

The enemy thinks he's very clever.  He's stealthy, I'll give him that, but he's way too loud.  With his whirring motor and his super efficient suction I was liable to get sucked right into his container.  I just got here, enemy!  These people need me!  Go away because it's Tiffy time! 

As soon as the enemy was called into duty I hit the road.  Daddy's office seemed like a good place to hide if only I could figure out how to close the door.  No way was I staying around while the enemy tortured me.  I tried to reason with him but how can you reason with a machine that is out to get you?  Good luck with that one, friends! 

I begged and pleaded with Momma to put him away.  I told her I was so scared that I might accidentally pee right on Daddy's sofa.  All of this fell on deaf ears as the enemy's motor drowned out my cries for help. 

So here I sit, with my little tippy toes ready to run as soon as the coast is clear.  I'm still hiding because I don't know if the coast is clear yet.  The enemy may still be lurking around the corner.  I need your help, friends.  Will you please let me know when it's safe to come out from hiding?


  1. Hi Tiffy,
    I too am terrified of that van-coom guy. But I find when he is quiet I am safe to come out of hiding. Know what else? My scared-I-ness is always good for TREATS!
    Love Noodles

  2. Awww, Tiffy! I don't think your momma is crazy, I think she just wanted the mess cleaned up! I'm sure the enemy won't be around all the time. You'll see it come out, and when it does, that's the time to hide. Other times, it'll be safe to come out and play and be the cute little Tiffy you are! As a side note, I'm with Noodles: use your scarediness to get some treats! :)

  3. Tiffy It is me Kizzy here. Winston and Tika couldn't care less about the "enemy". I on the other paw... am like you. I HATE IT! I run and I mean fast when I see it coming. When Mum leaves it sitting in the hall or room after she is done I walk far far far away from it. Keeping at least a 6 ft distance. It is loud! It is big! It is scary (even when not in action). Like you... this thing lived here long before me. I get mad at Winston for NOT toning it down on the shedding bit. I notice that is when the stupid enemy appears! Mum is obssessed with having no pug fur around. Too bad it didn't suck up Winston (opps did I let that slip out!!) We can band together and fight this enemy. I think we need to start a club "PATE" No not pate as in the liver spread...... but Pets Against The Enemy!


  4. Oh no...that's a vacoom! My Daddy takes it out of hiding, and not even Protecto-Pug has the power to defeat it! I have learned that Daddy would never let it get me, but I don't like it, either. Stay on that sofa, vacooms can't jump, so you'll be safe.

  5. Oh, no one here likes the vacuum either, except that instead of being scared of it, they attack it! No vacuum cleaner in this house is safe!!

    Tell mommy to close the door next time!

  6. We had that enemy in our house, too. I was terrified of him. But then I trained him to toss treats to me while he's making noise, and now I love him.


  7. Well my deaf sister and bro could care less about that monster, but I'm the new brother in the house and I know what you mean. With five of us in the house my mom brings out the monster too often, but I am getting used to it. Sometimes my Daddy takes me outside while my momma wrangles the monster.
    Love to you Tippy,

  8. Hellos Tiffy! Its Tuni heres. Our enemy doesn't bother lil old me...maybe its because I am old and wise. Sequoia on the other hand runs like crazy from that thing. She says you have to watch him go back into the closet before you now its safe to come back out. Good luck!

    Tuni woonies

  9. Dear Tiffies, this here is your pal AnnieBee. Did your mommy ferget to put on your fluffy pink earmuffs before she got the hoovermonster out? Me, I prefers to attack hoovermonster and tell hoovermonster what I think. I hope that Aunty Michele put that scary thing away poste haste and apologized to you! holy cow what was she thinking.
    love and kissies to my sissy,

  10. Poor Tiffy, we understand! The cleaning people ascend on our house every other Wednesday. The kitties hide and don't come out until they are gone. Mack and I like the ladies, but we DO NOT like the machines. After so many years, we just put our ears back and move on. We want you to know that the machines have NEVER hurt us (yet). So it'll be OK.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  11. Hi Tiffy
    Oh my gosh,, I came running to your bloggie, cause I had to read my Tiffy Time news!
    And now to hear there is an enemy lurking in your house,, in the Tiffy house!
    This is what you must do,,,, chew the end of the thing that plugs into the wall ,, but do not tell anyone I told you to do that.
    When the noisy enemy comes out at my house,,, well, I try to scare it,.,. and try to bite it, but so far it does not run away.