Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Feel So Welcomed!

Momma is always taking pictures of me with her phone.  Every time I do something cute - which is, like, all the time - I hear her reach for her phone.  Lucky for me I have excellent hearing so most of the time her plans for a good picture are foiled because I turn my head.  No so today.  She snapped this picture just as she was about to give me my eyedrops.  Have I mentioned that I hate my eyedrops?  That explains the look on my cute face, doesn't it?

In the midst of all the eyedropping and picture taking this morning, Momma finally decided to let me open some packages that arrived for me this week.  It seems as though I'm quite popular here in town already because I've been receiving so many nice gifts.  Shortly after I arrived, my good friend DW sent me a cute pug welcome home card.  I keep it close to my princess bed so I can be reminded of all the love she sent.

Will you look at all this cool stuff?  My good friends Bellatrix & Spencer sent these goodies all the way from California.   I've never had a Himalayan dog chew but it smells delicious.  I will be adding the turtle to my growing collection of stuffies.  This guy is very soft and cuddly.  Momma has claimed the note cards but I've claimed what's inside the greeting card - a PetSmart gift card!  Score!  Thank you so much Bellatrix & Spencer for welcoming me into my forever home. 

The other package arrived a couple of days ago.  I have no idea what Momma was waiting for but when I opened it I smiled from ear to ear.  That's me in my princess bed in a princess picture frame!  What a perfect gift for a perfect princess.  My little pal Archie sent me this package along with a sweet note on one of his momma's note cards.  Did you know that Archie and both arrived at our forever homes on the same weekend?  While Archie's parents were on their way to pick him up my parents were just meeting me.  We are going to have a huge party next year to celebrate our gotcha days!  Thank you, little Archie, for welcoming me to my forever home.

All that package opening made me a little tired.  My after-breakfast-first-morning nap was calling my name so I climbed back into my pretty pink bed.  I let Momma take one last picture before I went back to sleep.  You don't think she takes pictures of me while I'm sleeping, do you?


  1. Tiffy, we're glad your mommy got some pictures of you today because you're adorables!

    What wonderful gifties you got! Very sweet.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  2. Dear Tiffy-nator, this here is your good pal, AnnieBee-nator. I am glad you are receiving plenty of prezzies from your fans and admirers. You deserve them cuz you are Queen TiffyBee! I am going to boss the boys now, so gots to run!
    love and little kissies,

  3. Miss Scarlet isn't a big fan of having her picture taken either, she turns her head too. But she & I agree that you should have your Momma get you sweaters from Archie's Momma ~ Scarlet loves hers.

    You deserve all of the sweet love and presents you get because you are a gift.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. Hey Tiffy! Do you BLINK just as the camera goes off????? I do and Mommy turns red in the face MAD after the third or fourth time. She says I CEASE to be cute at that point.
    Love Noodles

  5. Tiffy oh Tiffy oh I just love the princess frame for your princess bed picture! Do you keep it by your princess crown bed? Um does your little tongue peek out...i thinks I see it in your picture, but then again I don't have the best vision.

    Hugs your Triple T friend
    Tuni woonies

  6. Tiffy,
    Gifts for a Gift Scarlet has it right... Love the princess frame, and all the great gifts.
    Love Ya

  7. Those yak chews are AWESOME! Tallulah really loves them. We get ours from Best Bully Sticks.

  8. Those are some splendid welcoming gifts. Enjoy them all. We are glad you and Archie found your forever homes at the same time. It made your mom and Melissa a whole lot happier.


    PS Parents take tons of photos of us cute pugs while we sleep, so I think you should just accept it and sleep smile.

  9. Hi Tiffy Tiffy ,," puddin pie"
    You are so cute in your pinks!! You are the cutest little puggie girl... and I am admiring those big brown eyes!
    I think you mamma is doing a swell job of getting those cute photos. My mommy does take pictures of me if I am awake or asleep... all the times in the world.
    I am so happy you got to open your cool welcome pressys... You are sooooo loved..
    I love all your pressys...
    and I love that you are a princess.

  10. Woo Hoo!! Glad you like your yummy treats. Spencer and I personally tested all of them out and picked the best they had to offer. Enjoy the yak chew, it's the best thing ever!! I know once we finally meet, we will be the bestest of girlfriends.

  11. Hi Tiffy!

    That's so nice that you got all those presents. You definately have some great friends. And you deserve them after the hard start in life you had. Now you deserve to be pampered and loved, and you have the bestest pawrents that will do that. You look like the perfect diva in that princess bed picture. I have one of the those turtle stuffies too! It's a cheerful pet one isn't it? My Momma loves how it's boiled organic wool and safe to eat. And how nice of them to give you a yak chew. I LOVE them too! Momma thinks they taste like a weird lemonade, but I think they taste GOOD! As for the picture taking...take it all're a superstar now!

    Have a good weekend!
    ~ Apollo

    P.S. My Momma has business in your area twice this summer. We're hoping we can all get together...

  12. Hi Tiffy,
    You are SO cute! We just love all your pictures. And "princess pink" is Definitely your color!! Have a super fun weekend.
    Joan & Little Janie Pug

  13. Hi Tiffy.
    We just wanted to drop by and say hi.
    We are so glad your momma adopted you so you could heal them.
    Lots of love