Saturday, April 2, 2011

Momma Loves Me!

Momma decided I needed some training treats today so Daddy scooped me up and we hopped in the car to go to the treat store.   Momma found this store earlier this year when Stubby had the sickies.  She went there to buy devil's claw for him because the Prednisone was bad for his monster but she had to return the devil's claw because Stubby went to sleep.  Momma had no idea that a store like this existed so close to home so when I needed treats she knew exactly where to go.

No photos were taken while we were in the store because I left my manners at home.  I was a tiny bit crazy around all the food so Momma had to shorten my leash several times.  I had never smelled all the smells this store had.  There were rooms of food and some of the food was in refrigerators.  The nice owner came over to meet me and she asked how old I was.  Momma told her I was 5 and she said no way.  Yes way, Momma said.  I just sat there with my lips zipped.

Momma told the lady that I have been eating this food and that I love it.  They don't sell this brand of food at the store but they had lots of other brands.  Did I mention that there was a scale in the store?  No way was I going to get on it because I just got weighed.  There was no way Momma was going to get on it either because she doesn't do scales. 

The nice lady suggested that I stick with grain free food since I really don't need grain.  She recommended this brand and Daddy bought me a small bag.  I had some for dinner and it was pretty good.  It's very small because it's for small breeds but Momma said it looks like kitty food.  The food is made in British Columbia, Canada where my friend Winston lives.  I wonder if he eats it.

I didn't get to pick out my training treats but at least Momma picked out a variety pack.  I've never had freeze dried food before so I will let you know how it taste when I start my training.   I don't know what I'm training to do but Momma says I need to be trained.

The nice lady also gave me sample packs of other foods.  She says I need to rotate the protein I eat.  Um, okay.  She said this will keep me from getting bored with my food.  Bored?  Me?  No way!  I will trying all these foods out over the next few weeks and giving each one either two paws up or two paws down. 

All that shopping made Daddy hungry so we took a spin through the Sonic drive-thru.  Have you guys been to Sonic before?  This was my first time there and it smelled so good.  I didn't really have a good view into the kitchen in order to pick out something good to eat but the girl behind the glass window did give me a dog biscuit.  Too bad Momma only let me eat half.

When we got back home Momma surprised me with a new bed.  She bought it this morning when she was out shopping.  Isn't it pretty?  It's a princess bed for the princess of the house.  Momma loves me so much that she can't stop buying me gifts.  I sure hope Daddy doesn't send her back to work to pay for all these gifts because I need Momma at home with me.   


  1. Oh Tiffy, what an exciting day! New food, new treats, a trip to Sonic AND a new bed? Wow!

  2. Oh gosh! What a wonderful day you had!!! AND a princess bed...very pretty! I think Zoey would like a princess bed....but Kiki eats beds, so we have to wait until she gets over her "ripping things apart" days. We hope you enjoy your training treats and get very smart and show everyone how great you are!

  3. Hi Tiffs, this here is Anniebelly, I love your new bed. It is perfect for you because you are a Princess, just like me. I do not currently have a princess bed. My mom has not bought me one yet. *stares pointedly at her mom* In fact, I don't think my mom has EVER been to a specialty store just to buy food for me. *steam comes out of Annie's cute little ears* I have been on the pug rescue web site today. I cannot find the application a puggy fills out to SEEK OUT new parents. Do you know where I can find that?
    loves and kissies,

  4. oh my dog what a lovely bed you got there =0] .... you just came in the right moment for your pawrents =0] how happy i am for them

    kisses and hugs

  5. Oh My Pug! That is such a cute bed! We have to have three, stat! maybe mom will make us some this summer after she's finished with school this semester.

  6. Tiffy, Tiffy
    You are a princess for sure!
    I am so jealous,,, that you have that pink princess bed.
    And then your mamma and dad took you to the treat store! WOWEE!
    All those smells must have made your head spin in circles. I love to go to stores that have lots of smells. I think those trears looks mighty tasty.. just fit for a princess.
    You are so lucky Tiffy. Your momma and dad are buying you the best goodies there are.
    You are the most adorable little princess that I know!
    Nitey nite Tiffy

  7. Tiffy, you momma sure does love you! Treats and stores and a new bed, oh my! I think your momma and your daddy both love you, and you are healing their hearts every day!

  8. Ooooo....the food store. I LOVE the food store, especially when all the delicious treats are at pug level! Don't worry aboot the training stuff. Mommy and Daddy took me to a school where I did pug stuff like sitting and laying down, and then I got a super delicious treat for doing it! A treat for a sit? I'll take it!

  9. hi tiffy!
    oh my gosh!
    what a magical day you had and then you got home and found out you got the coolest bed we have ever seen!
    it is perfect!
    there is sooooo much love for you!!
    welcome home sweet tiffy!
    we love you tooooo!
    a & m

  10. Woo hoo Tiffy,
    Love the bed, and you are one lucky pug. Your parents love you very much... The training will be easy for you, because you are a princess in every way....
    Love ya Princess Tiffy

  11. Now THATS a bed fit for a queen. You are so lucky to have pawrents that adore you to pieces and they are so lucky to have such a precious puggy in you. Tiffy, you must have your mama send our mama your snail mail addy. Wesa doing our Easter cards and want to send you one. Our mama's e-mails is mindyslimmer AT gmail DOT com.
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  12. Scarlet just told me she wants that bed...

    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. Tiffy! I think I need that BED!!!

  14. Hi Tiffy!! Yoda here.... That food store sounds AWESOME!!!

    Ellie LOVES the princess bed and must know where your momma got it so that she can hint/tell our mom that she wants it.

    We can't wait to meet you!! The weather is starting to be warmer and nicer outside, so hopefully it will be soon :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  15. OMD Tiffy that bed is too freaking cutes! I totally needs know to go with my other 11 beds I have hee hee. You looks cutes with all the foods you got. I rotate food falvors because i get bored really easy Mom says. Catch some sweet dreams in your new bed.

    Tuni Woons

  16. I love pink so I love your Princess bed! What a special day you had and a busy one at that.

    You are such a lucky puggie to find a wonderful Momma and Daddy.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  17. That is a very pretty bed, Tiffy. I think Lucky would like that a lot, as pink is a favorite color of hers. Those are some neat treats you got. I am glad your momma loves you, but we could have told you she does. As for bananas, sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't. Have you tried broccoli?


  18. OMP what a totally cute bed. I think my Tuni would totally looks just as cute as you in it. She needs another beds I think..... she doesn't have enoughs! BOL

    Now that foods, yes Mum has heards of it befores. She spent a long times one day examining its while I waited for her in the pet store. She took a way too long time that I gots tired and had to rest my butt on the store floor. Anyways she met a lady down at the park when we went to the Bellingham pug meet last summer. This lady had two pugs that were seniors. This lady talked non stops about this great foods she was feeding her pugs and how it cames from Canadas. She told Mum it was "NOW" brands. Mum hasn't tried it on me yet but she wants to try the small bites one, it sounds likes that is the one yous gots.

    That cool store you wents to sounds fun. It also sounds like a typical pet food store we have heres. Those kinds are super popular heres more so than the big box store. Anyways I always go to Tisol which is very similar to what yous went to. I can totally relate to forgetting manners in that store, all the food and treats and TOYS OMP totally overwhelming. I actually got into trouble once for helping myself to a squeaky toy and running down the aisle with its getting it all slobbery and squeaking to my heart's content. Mum gots mad and said that "Now we have to buy that toy which you don't really need!" I totally gots a cool toy outta the incident. Mum curses everytime we go into stores that have too many items at my level! BOL.

    You are totally one spoiled girl! Looks like you found the most perfect forever home.

    WInston Wilburs

  19. Hola Tiffy!!
    OMD!! it look's you had a Great Day!! But we think the Best of Best is that Beautifull Princess Bed!! That is better than the Sock Monckey Bed! Love It!
    Spongy & Licky

  20. Wowzers Tiffy! You got mad amounts of treats. Does that mean you need lots of training? I can tell you first hand that those dehydrated treats are deee-licious! Thats what we get as a "special" treat. Mom likes to give them in between our regular training treats so we never know if we get the regular, or super excellent treats. She thinks she's so smart. I love your princess bed. Do they make them in queen?

  21. Tiffy,

    "Queen Peez" as Clementine is called in this house is most jealous of your awesome crown bed. She is disgusted with me that I haven't bought her a similar bed for her castle. I will have to get right on that.