Friday, April 8, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I have decided that I don't like the rain.  It was raining this morning when Momma dragged me out to go potty and I flat out refused to do anything but scratch at the door to get back in.  Bad rain!  I don't like to get my tippy toes wet and it was so wet in the yard that I was sinking in the grass.  Phooey!  Back to one of my many beds I went to wait out this rain business.

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Maybe Momma needs to buy me a raincoat if she thinks she's going to get me to go out when the raindrops are falling.  I may even need some cute pink boots to go along with my raincoat.  Did I mention this raincoat is made from upcycled umbrellas?  Stubby would be so happy to know that Momma is buying this for me.  You are buying me this raincoat, aren't you Momma?

When Momma should have been out shopping for raincoats she was shopping for this.  Even though I love pink and this bikini would look cute on me, it fits too tight in the legs.  It's not that I'm overweight or anything, it's just that its cut wrong.  I guess Momma will be taking it back even though I would look supercute wearing it on the beach this summer.

  I've decided to just hang out with Daddy until the rain stops.  Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it?


  1. Hi Tiffy,
    I am with you when it comes to RAIN. UGH!!! We had some more yesterday and this morning. Not only did I have to do my bidness while dodging raindrops, I also had to endure a complete toweling when I came in!!! EEEK! All I wanted to do was eat my breakfast!
    Rain, rain, go AWAY!!!
    Love Noodles

  2. Tiffy, you are sooo cute in all of your pictures. My momma wants to smooch you.

    Now I am very proud that you are taking a stance against rain. I do not like to get my tootsies wet and I fully support you here!

    The bikini is sooo cute! Sorry it didn't work!

    have a great weekend!


  3. Tiffy,
    You are so cute in anything you are wearing... We hate the rain ,not getting wet for anybody...
    have a great weekend....
    Love Ya

  4. Agreed on the rain. It's raining here, too. Thank Pug for potty pads!

    Our mom made us pugkinis for a swimsuit competition. You should have one custom made for you. It's so hard to find clothes that fit pugs really well. Mom makes a lot of ours.

  5. Oh Tiffy
    I can hear you sing "rain, rain go away, come again another day".
    I don't like to sink away into the grass either.
    I hate sog!
    Are you really getting that pretty pink rain coat?
    It is so cute,, and your are so cute in pink.
    Oh yes.. Stubby would be proud, that it is cycled.
    I bet you and your dad were telling secrets as you both lay on the floor.
    Did you?

  6. I don't likes the rain eithers. And trust me when I say we gets lots of it heres on the coast. But you know that is too bads about that swimsuit not fitting right. You would look totally darn cute in that outfit.


  7. You MUST give us a fashion show one day to show us the clothes that your momma gets fur you!

  8. Tiffy,

    The key is to wear a bikini. Those one pieces never fit! And good luck with the rain. I hate it too!


    Minnie Moo

  9. Hi Tiffy ... it is so nice to meet you! We don't like the rain, either, but we have to admit that it is so much better than all of the white stuff we had around here! Ellen, Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

  10. Tiffy this here is AnnieBee, your snuggysis. I love all your new pink accessories, as well as all the new pink ones yet to arrive. is that another new bed I see? hmmmm?
    enquiring puggy minds want to know!!!

  11. hi tiffy!
    oh that is the perfect rain coat!
    i love the bathing suit, but shopping for them is the worst!
    the cut is never right for people or pugs! :)
    pink is definitely your color!