Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Momma has been talking about Earth Day since I met her.  I knew I had to do something special for Momma today after Daddy told me it would be a hard day for her. When I asked him why, he answered me with one word - Stubby.

Earth Day was Stubby's favorite day of the year.  He loved how people took the whole day to celebrate their love for the Earth.  Stubby even helped his friend Puglet make an Earth Day video last year and it was a huge success.  I watched the video today and it was amazing.  I just know that Stubby is smiling down at everyone from the bridge because he's so happy at all the positive changes they've made in their lives.  Stubby and Puglet did their parts to change the world and Puglet continues the work that he and Stubby started.  So today, Earth Day 2011, I honored Stubby.

This was Stubby last Earth Day when he visited his magical forest preserve.  Momma showed me all the pictures from that day and I could see the love for the Earth in his eyes.  He could still walk pretty good back then but he couldn't walk very far so Momma had to carry him for a bit.  When Momma talks about this day she gets choked up because she knew it would be Stubby's last Earth Day.  When I asked her how she knew she told me it was just a feeling she had.  She wanted to make sure that Stubby's last Earth Day was his best ever.  And it was.

Momma and Stubby even spent time on the swing at the forest preserve.  Daddy pushed them as they reached for the sky, gazing up at the sun that shone down on their faces.  When they were through swinging Momma asked Daddy to take a special picture of them.  This picture is one of Momm'a favorite and even though it makes her cry to look at it, she remembers that day through the tears and she smiles.  Happy memories were made that day.  Memories that will live in Momma's heart forever.

Stubby wanted to give Momma a birthday present before he left for the bridge.  He didn't know how much time he had left so he picked out the perfect gift and sent Daddy to the store to get it.  Unfortunately, the store was out of the gift because it was right after Christmas.  Stubby was crushed but asked Daddy to buy something else for Momma.  Momma loved the gift -  a little diamond necklace - and it reminds her of Stubby every time she wears it.  Daddy told Stubby that as soon as the original gift was back in stock he would go get it but well,  you know what happened. 

When Daddy told me this story it made me cry.  Stubby wanted Momma to have this most perfect gift so I would give it to her from him.  Daddy called the store yesterday and yes, it was back in stock.  Yes!  Early this morning, Daddy and I snuck out of the house to go the store so we could make this Earth Day the second best ever.

 Momma was so surprised when we arrived back home.  She saw the little blue box and started crying.  She just knew what was in it.  She hugged me and thanked me for doing this for her.  I told her that Stubby wanted her to have it and that it was meant to be.

As Momma untied the bow, Daddy started telling the story of the peace necklace.  Stubby wanted Momma to have the necklace so that she could be at peace with what was happening with him.  He wanted Momma to find peace within her to move on with her life after he was gone.  He also wanted her to seek out peace in another dog.  And that dog is me.  Stubby knew he would soon be leaving for the bridge but he knew that if Momma wore the peace necklace she would be okay. 

So Momma put the necklace on me and looked toward the sky with a smile.  She kissed me and told me that she was at peace. 

Since the peace necklace was really from Stubby, I had to get something for Momma from me.  I think this pug print says it all, don't you think?  Even though Momma got all the gifts, I really got everything I wanted on this Earth Day and more.   Peace, a happy Daddy, and a grateful Momma.  What more could a pug ask for?


  1. Oh Tiffy! I got all leaky reading this post. I know your momma loved Stubby so much and I know how important Earth Day was to both of them. I am so glad that you and your Daddy were able to fulfill Stubby's wish for your momma to have the peace necklace. I really hope she's found some peace, and I know she has a very special little girl in you! Happy Earth Day! Great puggie print you got for her, btw!

  2. What a beautiful way to continue to make Earth Day such a wonderful day for your mama. You brought magic back into your mama's life. Stubby continues his work from above.

    LOVE the gifts!!!!!

  3. Tiffy we think Stubby is a very happy guy today how you honored him and helped give the neckalce to your Momma. We love that lil puggy print too.

    Many hugs to you, Mother Eartha and you Momma!

  4. oh tiffy!
    what a beautiful, beautiful earth day you, daddy, momma and angel stubby all had together.
    thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    you are a true gift to all of us and we love you with all of our hearts.
    a & m

  5. Oh Tiffy, your story made me cry! What a wonderful present from Stubby, you and your daddy..the necklace AND the pug print that looks like you! I think you honored this day so well! I know Stubby is looking down and smiling. You are such a heart healer!!

  6. Sweetest Tiffy
    I knew before I came to visit you tonight that this post would be more than special.
    It is so heart felt,,, that I can hardly see through the tear drops as they fall...

    Tiffy- you painted a beautiful portrait of love as you shared this special Earth Day with all of us.
    Knowing your mamma has peace,,, is so important.
    Knowing you daddy is happy,,, is important.
    And knowing you are happy and loved is so important too.
    You are right Tiffy,, the pug print says it all and so does the peace necklace and the story behind it.
    I knew this Earth Day would be so hard for your mamma,,, and hard for me too.
    My Earth Friend Stubby is in all of our hearts,,,,
    And,,,,,, you my friend "Tippy Toes", we will walk paw in paw, because you are healing all of us,

  7. Oh Tiffy, we are crying and crying. We are crying from happiness after reading this. What a lovely outcome. I miss Stubby too. Today we worked in our garden and yesterday we took a stroll around the lake. I have pictures to post abouts it. Mum said we were celebrating earth day but in my heart I was celebrating Stubby too!

    Winston Wilbur

  8. What a beautiful story. You can see how loved Stubby was and how much joy he had in his time with you.

  9. That is so beautiful.
    With lots of love,
    Christy and Payton from Mascoutah

  10. Hi Tiffy,
    What a very special day you had. I am so proud of you for being such a healing pug and what beautiful gifts for your Momma. My Moms leaking all over the place. She says they are mostly happy tears, then she gave me a big mushy hug and kiss.So emotional. I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Now Sluggo wants to tell you something...

    Hi Tiffy. It's Sluggo. I wanted to tell you that I asked my Mom to update my Earth day Challenge post. She didn't include everything I asked her too. Hmpf...too tired. Blah, blah, blah. Well anyway, I dedicated it to your guardian angel in the sky, Stubby.