Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Very Special Gift

So there I was just hanging out in the kitchen this afternoon waiting for something to happen.  I thought if I sat in front of the pantry door I could will it to open.  That didn't work so I turned my attention to the refrigerator.  That task seemed a bit daunting but I figured it was worth a try.  Nothing happened no matter what I did.  I was feeling a bit discouraged when all of a sudden the doorbell rang and I just knew it was a delivery for me.  I hadn't ordered anything but I just had a feeling.

The delivery was definitely for me and it was from my friends Pug, Dutch, and their human.  Yippee!  Momma couldn't get the box open quick enough for me.  I wanted to see what had traveled all the way from the San Francisco to my house.

My very first turtle!  There was a very sweet card in the box, too.  The card told me that Momma knows all about the baby turtles and that she would teach me all about them.  You mean Momma knows about something other than pugs?  Who knew!  But this turtle didn't look like a baby.  Where are the babies the tag mentioned?

Inside the momma turtle!  The turtle's shell opens to reveal three little baby turtles.  Momma called them hatchlings but I called them fun!  I couldn't wait to play with them but I couldn't figure out how to get them out of the momma turtle so Momma had to help me.

Sweet!  Three little friends to play with!  These little guys even squeak.  Momma promises to tell me all the stories about how she helps the baby turtles on the beach.

I just had to put them in my mouth to introduce myself.  I didn't make them squeak because I didn't want to make a bad first impression.  I will let them get use to me before I terrorize them!

Um, I don't know if Tough Turtle will keep me occupied and eliminate boredom because food is the only thing that does that for me.  As for developing intelligence and puzzle-solving skills, I already have those, thank you very much!

Thank you so much Pug, Dutch, and their human for welcoming me to my forever home.  I hope one day I can meet you just like Stubby did.  Did someone say road trip?


  1. Tiffy,
    That looks like fun!! Boy that Pug and Dutch really know great toys...
    Love Ya

  2. Hi Tiffy,
    Have fun with your new turtle pals - they look super cool. I love Puglet and Dutch too and hope to meet them someday soon. At least I am closer than you - like 50 miles away or so.
    Love Noodles

  3. What cute new play pals!! They look like fun :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  4. I love your new friends. They look cute. Have fun with them, and don't terrorize them too much LOL


  5. Hi Tiffy!
    A pressy for Tiffy! Your friends Pug, Dutch, and their human, just made your day! What awsome friends you have! I love your new turtle toy and her babbies.. I know you can hardly wait to hear all the stories about turtles that your mama will tell you.
    Have fun with your new toys Tiffy,,, what a wonderfulwelcome pressy for you.

  6. YAY! Roadtrip! Indy better be one of the stops! That is a very cool stuffie! I have one but with squirrels. It's a stump with three holes, where you can pull out three lil squirrels. But it's so much more appropriate that you have a turtle one. Yes, your Momma is very knowledgeable about turtles, especially those leatherbacks. She does important work with the turtles, and we're very proud of her for it. Have a great weekend Tiffy!

  7. Holy cow! Those turtles are almost as cute as you Tiffy :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. Dear Tiffsey, this here is your foster sister AnnieBee. Life is very boring now that you are no longer here to chase me while I chase the ball. And every mornin I gets up and reads your bloggy and all the wonderful adventures you are having, and now this, you gots turtles and I don't! *AnnieBee looks pointedly at her Mama* I am so glad Aunty Michele and Unkle Gerry have a baby girl to love, but I miss my TiffySissy. Life is boring now without you. I just got these stinky boys to boss. *sighs dramatically*
    love and kisses,
    SnuggySister Annie

  9. What a great gift!!! Um, I hopes you warned Salinger's Mom before they read this post. You knows she FREAKS out over turtles. Maybe you should not tells her and then bring them outs the next time she comes to visit!


    Glad to see you's getting all spoiled and stuff!


    ***mom runs and hides***

    Enjoy it....I guess!


  11. oh my gosh tiffy!
    that is the most wonderful toy i have ever seen!
    it is perfect both for you and your mom!
    how fun!