Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Ice Cream Social Time!

It's been so boring around here lately.  Momma's been working on a research paper this week and even though I've been trying to help her, I much prefer to nap.  So while Momma works I keep her tootsies comfortable under the desk.  It's hard work but somepug's gotta do it!

I was checking out the bloggys and my emails yesterday while Momma did her thing.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the invitation to the Sunflower Girl's Club ice cream social.  Yippee!   A party just for us girls!  Finally, something fun for me to do.

I knew Momma would be upset that she wasn't invited so I decided to take her for ice cream.  Aren't I a nice pug?  For some reason Momma wouldn't let me drive so Daddy drove while Momma and I enjoyed the ride.

It was my first time riding in Momma Mobile 2 and boy was it fun!  Daddy put the top down while I tried to stick my whole body out of the car.  The air smelled so good with the scent of freshly cut grass tickling my nostrils.

The wind was flapping my little ears all around but I loved every minute of it.  Momma was afraid I was going to fall out of the car but I was perfectly safe.

Even though I don't typically like riding in the car, this car had my name all over it.  Maybe I'm just a convertible girl!  Too bad Momma's car isn't pink or it would be perfect!

Even though I couldn't see the sign to the ice cream shop I knew we were close when I smelled it.  Momma doesn't know it but I've had ice cream before.  Yep, it's true.  I've vanilla, tutti frutti, pistachio, and sherbet.  I take my ice cream eating very seriously!

Even though it was my first time at the ice cream shop I felt really welcomed.  The line was too long for me to wait in so I pulled Momma out of line so we could explore while Daddy waited.  I gave Daddy my order and we were off!

After about 5,673 hours, Daddy arrived at the table with my ice cream.  I couldn't wait to taste it so I dove right in.  Yummy goodness, just like I remembered.

I tried to remember my manners but it's hard to do when an ice cream cone is in your face.  I licked and licked my way around the cone, savoring the vanilla goodness.

I really didn't care that I was getting ice cream all over my face because I knew it was just temporary.  Besides, no one was watching, were they Momma?  I didn't think so.  Everyone was busy with their own cones so no one noticed the mess I made.

Momma kept asking Daddy if he was going to let me eat the whole thing and if I had been able to talk through the ice cream I would have told her to zip it. 

Daddy held the cone steady while I made my way around the point.  I didn't want any to melt because that would have been a waste.  Soon enough Momma said enough was enough.  What?  I didn't even get down to the cone!  Sheesh!

I hope Momma had fun at the ice cream shop because I'm off to have fun at the Sunflower Girl's  Club ice cream social.  Thanks Wilma, for throwing this great bash. I can't wait to party with all my new friends!


  1. hi tiffy!
    oh yummy!
    you look so cute enjoying your ice cream cone and riding around in your convertible!

    i think they should name a flavor of ice cream after you!
    Tiffy, Tippy, Tippy Toes-futti!

    i'll take 6 please! ;)

    have fun at the party!

    archie poo

  2. Tiffy, ice cream is just the best! It was very nice of your Daddy to get the ice cream for you so you didn't have to wait in line, and for him to hold the cone for you (but not getting to eat the whole thing? what's up with that??). It sure was a great day for a convertible yesterday, wasn't it? Thanks for sharing your fantastic day!

  3. Welcome to the Dream!?!?

    Did you just hear a huge sigh coming California? That was me. We have no Dreams here.

  4. Tiffy,
    That is so cool, two ice cream trips in one day! I should have mentioned that idea to my parents. I wish I could be lady like when I eat an ice cream cone, but I just attack it (like me at the table at the Sunflower social) like I'll never be fed again. Oh, well. It's so cool hanging out together at the party!

  5. Tiffy!!! Oh my gosh,,, look at you riding in the convertible car with the top down! I can only imagine how fun that must have been to have your ears flapping in the wind!
    We do not have a Diary Dream Drive in either, but I think it could turn into being a favorite hang out.
    All that ice cream all over your face,, not a problem at all..... you can clean that later...
    the idea is to enjoy the moment,...
    well what happened to the rest of your cone?
    Did your mamma eat it?
    I will meet you over at Wilmas icecream party.. see you soon,.

  6. That looks yummy-We love ice cream too. Its good you didnt have to wait in the line, too bad you couldnt finish the cone but it might have given you a sore tummy

  7. cream....must tug at Daddy's leg...gimmie ice cream...snorts...

  8. Dear Tiffy, this here is Howie, your snugbuddy. I am jest now learning of your ice cream social and I couldn't believe when I saw how daintily yew was eating that ice cream cone. Call me cuz I gotta tell yew that cone wudda been gone in one bite if Ida been there to help. We wanna see pictures of yew in your converty-bull, too, and Annie wants to know if you gots outfits that match your converty-bull.
    hugs from PeeMan who got in trouble yesterday for indoor peein,