Monday, April 4, 2011

A Party For Me!

Daddy decided to have some people over yesterday to meet me.  It was my very first party and I was so excited.  I should have been resting up for the big party but I was playing with my stuffies that my foster mom gave me.  I was also working on perfecting my bat girl moves.

The first people to arrive were Tony and Fred.  Tony is Momma's best guy friend and he was soon my favorite party guest.  He wouldn't stop taking photos of me when I was playing in the backyard but I'm so fast that most of them turned out blurry.  He finally got this one when I stopped to reorient myself.

I probably don't have to tell you that I didn't get any of the delicious food that Daddy made.  Nope.  Not one bite of anything.  You can't really see the food in the photo but there's a ham which smelled delicious, Daddy's special party potatoes, rice pilaf, grilled asparagus, and some toasted bread rolls.  I tried my hardest to get some food.  I went from guest to guest pleading my case but nothing came my way.  I thought for sure that someone would drop something on the floor but it never happened.  What kind of party guests were these?

All that non-eating by me just made me kick up my game a notch.  I don't really like to be held but I let Momma pick me up once the party moved into the kitchen for dessert because I figured the closer I was to the table the greater my chances of getting some food.  Even this strategy didn't work and after hours of not really obnoxious begging, I gave up.  I thought the party was for me but none of the food ever made its way to my lips.  Sheesh!

I'm not used to parties so I was exhausted this morning.  Did I mention that Momma bought me another bed?  This pretty little pink number rolls up for easy transport.  And it has a little built in pillow.  Zzzzzzz!  The old bed is in the back of the photo and Momma said I'm going to be just like Tuni soon with all my beds.  Momma visited Tuni's house last month and she said there are beds in every room.  I told her I want to be just like Tuni!

I typically toss and turn until I find just the right spot.  This position is particularly good because I can see everything Momma is doing from this angle.  I need to know if Momma gets up to do anything because she might just be going to the kitchen to get me a snack.

I like to sleep with my face smooshed into my bed.  Momma thinks it's because I'm trying to hide but it's really because it makes my eyes feel good.  So here I will sleep while the wind howls outside.  And maybe, just maybe, I will let Momma hold me for a little while later today.  She needs to hold me to remind herself that everything is okay and to remind me that I am safe.


  1. Oh Tiffy, you're just too cute!

  2. Oh Tiffy, you have had a busy and FUN weekend! I am dying, just DYING over your princess beds! They are divine!

    And the party your Daddy threw for you? The sweetest thing. I bet everyone LOVED you!

    Did you know I don't like to be held either? I wiggle and squirm until I get put down! Good job, Twinner!!!

    I am still just so happy that you have joined your forever family. It's a match made in heaven!


  3. Tiffy oh another bed andits pink and it has a pillow! I need one too! I say you can't have too many beds hee hee :)

    You look so happy with your new family and remeber to give your mom and dad kisses from time to time!

    Tuni woons

  4. Tiffy, what the heck is this kinda party where the guest of honor (YOU!) doesn't get any of the foodables????? I loves your new bed (another? wow!)! It looks sooooo comfy with the built in pillow, and it's nice that it's portable! It can go wherever you go! Yous better have a sit down talk with yous momma about that food situation though.....then give her a kissy for the new bed! :)

  5. Tiffy, Love, Love !!!!!the beds and one with a pillow WOW.. I loves to sleeps on a pillow.. Your momma and dad loves you very much... We are so glad you found them he he...

    Love ya...

  6. I am on board with yous too! I don't like a party either, that doesn't involve ME getting food.

    The beds are perfect! And go for it girl.... get your momma to puts one in every room. That way you don't have to drag your bed from room to room.

    Mum wants me to tells you that I also sleeps with my face in my pillow or blanket. Mum wonders how on earths I breathe likes that as..... "I am already breathing challenged with a pushed in nose". I likes it, it helps to calm me and slow my breath like in yogas.

    WInston WIlburs

  7. Someone is getting spoiled very quickly. Just a pug should be.

    Don't worry, Isabelle doesn't really like to be held either. She's okay being carried, but she doesn't like to be held or sit on laps. We bet you'll start to enjoy being held though. Tell your mom to bribe you with food as she holds you, at least you'll get more food!

  8. I love your bed. It matches you perfectly.


  9. Hola Tiffy!!
    Oh my! a party a no taste test!! You need to approved what everyone's going to eat!
    Ohh Tiffy !! That bed is perfect for you a Princess!
    Spongy & Licky

  10. Oh Tiffy Tiffy
    I can see that brand new pink bed is the softest furry, fluffy kind. I love that shade of pink. I cannot believe you got ANOTHER bed! You are so lucky and I can tell how much fun your mom and dad are having buying you all these new things,, and NOW a party! Wowee I know you were the life of the party.. and had such a good time. Did you do some flirting with everyone?
    And did you say not one little crumb hit the floor? Jeepers,,, what the heck.
    I love the photo of you and your mom,,. and I loved the photo of all your guests.
    You will get so you like to be held Tiffy,, it will come when you are ready,,, in the mean time,.. keep getting kisses,, they heal.

  11. Ok Tiffy, I know you're new to your family, but really you have to work your orbs. I mean really bug them out there, blink and make them glisten. You'll be eating ham in no time! Before you came to live with your 'rents, I met them and I orb'd them good, so it is possible. Don't worry, you'll get it soon enough.
    Love the bed! I have beds all over too, but my favorite bed is the sofa.

  12. OOO Tiffy, hopefully you will soon find that laps are much better that doggie beds. Nothing like a cute, warm pug to hug.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. Dear Tiffs, this here is your foster sissy, AnnieBee, did you use that great POKE MOMMEES LEG move that I taught you? I love your new pink bed, it looks so comfy. Mommy said that seeing you play like that with your toys is a sure sign that Tiffy is Happy. It made her heart happy, too.
    BeeBelly, Your Snuggy Sister

  14. Tiffy - sounds like your pawrents need to go to party bootcamp! If the party is for you, then the food should be all about you. The nerve of them to have a party and not give you any food. I love all your beds. I know what you mean about the many beds...I have 5...most of them Momma had to sneakily buy for me. One time she even told Dad that I messed up the bed in the store so she had to buy it! And I didn't! She lied! Well...she sorta did...I only slobbered on it, but it wasn't like I peed on it. It looks like you've happily settled into your new life. Hold off on the indoor peeing; you want to keep getting those stuffies and treats. I'm hoping to visit you in a couple months...tell your Momma to check her email.

  15. Hi Tiffy! We tried to say hello to you before, but we guess it didn't work! So WELCOME to you now! We can just tell you are going to be a SPOILED princess...just like you deserve! Keep up the good work!

  16. Tiffy tell your Mom thanks for the letting us know about where she found the beds!!!

  17. hi tiffy!
    oh look at all of love surrounding you!
    you are a very special puggy!

  18. Well obviously your momma isn't having the right kind of people over! I have to make sure my guests STOP feeding the pugs :)

    That is such a cute bed, I am not allowed to buy anymore beds but since Gus keeps destroying them.. i get to sneak some cute ones in!

    Indy likes to sleep with her face covered or else just her nose. We think its because she likes to breath in warm air... :)